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Echo360 Personal Capture
Randy Newbrough
Principal Instructional and Collaborative Technologist
UITS Learning Technologies
What is Echo360?
• Echo360 is the lecture and personal capture
solution at IU.
• The service captures audio, video and
computer content in classrooms or on
personal computers and distributes it
through the web or direct download links.
• Tool available for integration into your
Oncourse section.
Why Lecture Capture?
Missed class
Review of class lecture/materials
Review in preparation for exams
Capture special guest presenters
Pre-recorded lecture for when instructor is gone
Introduction of basic concepts prior to class (Flipped
Concerns About Lecture Capture
Fear of decreased student attendance
Intellectual property
Fear of “forever”
System breakdowns
Echo360 IU Student Survey Results
Echo360 IU Faculty Survey Results
Echo360 @Indiana University
• Last 3yrs, about 25 rooms at IUB, IUPUI, IUN, IUK
• June 2013, Open Licenses Agreement
• Includes all IU campuses
Classroom Capture vs. Personal Capture?
• Classroom Capture is software or hardware
installed in a classroom at IU. It can capture a
variety of inputs in the classroom, including audio,
video, computer content, and document cameras.
(PC only at this time.)
• Personal Capture is software installed on a
personal Windows or Macintosh computer. It
allows the user to capture audio, video, and
computer content on a personal computer.
Classroom Capture
• How to request a recording?
• What rooms are available to record?
All Bursar controlled rooms at your campus.
Classroom Capture
• Scheduled Recordings
A recording that is scheduled that starts and
stops at a specific time. All Automated.
• Ad-hoc Recordings
Manually start and stop a recording from the
main computer in the classroom.
Personal Capture
• Recordings can be made from PC or Mac.
• Only Ad-hoc recordings.
• Request will need to be made for an account
and software download.
• Edit Recordings on your machine before
View Recordings
Echo Center
• Available/Unavailable Recordings
• Analytics
• Discussions
• Bookmarks
• Editing
• Downloadable Podcast/Vodcasts
Need Help?
• Teaching center consultants
• Randy Newbrough – UITS Learning
Technologies – [email protected]
• kb.iu.edu
• [email protected]
• Nate Pairitz – Collaboration Technologies
• [email protected]
Let’s Take a Look at the Echo Portal
Echo360 Lecture Capture
• Echo Personal Capture
Echo360 Lecture Capture
• Echo Personal Capture
Echo360 Lecture Capture
• Echo Personal Capture
Echo360 Lecture Capture
• Echo Personal Capture
Echo360 Lecture Capture
• Echo Personal Capture
Echo360 Lecture Capture
• Echo Personal Capture
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