WA Ports - Freight and Logistics Council of Western Australia

Overview of Activities
Freight and Logistics Council
Release of Regional and Metropolitan
Freight Strategies
• Regional Freight Transport Network Plan
– Completed and approved by Cabinet
– Timing of release subject to discussions with the Minister
• Metro Freight and Intermodal Plan
– Target for final draft is end of June
– Focus on:
• road freight network and types of vehicles having access
• finalising the freight rail capacity analysis
• finalising strategy for road network development west of
the Kwinana Freeway
• measures to protect the freight network
National Policy Developments
• National Land Freight Strategy
– NLFS commits jurisdictions to a workplan to address key
challenges over the short to medium term
– High level strategy document to be presented to
Standing Council on Transport and Infrastructure for
approval in May 2013
• NLFS seeks to direct and align efforts of jurisdictions and
industry towards a long term national vision, objectives and
• NLFS will complement the existing National Port Strategy
National Policy Developments
National Ports Strategy
• Covers bulk & container ports, but others
encouraged to opt in
• IA & NTC to implement, Steering
Committee established comprising reps
from all Governments
• Independent panel of experts/advisors to
be formed
The vision for Western Australia’s Ports
Since 2000:
• WA’s exports have increased from $25 bn to
$121 bn in 2011-12
• WA’s share of national commodity exports
has increased from 26% to 46%
• WA now exports more than Queensland,
NSW and Victoria combined (44%)
• Despite massive growth in exports, WA has
avoided bottlenecks that afflict other states’
bulk commodity ports
• WA’s model for ports, developed in the 1990’s
and embodied in the Port Authorities Act
1999, has served WA well
WA Ports
Port authority ports
Ports managed by others
and proposed port
precincts of:
• James Price Point
• Anketell
• Ashburton
• Oakajee
• To realise economies of
scale and overcome a
shortage in resources in the
smaller ports, WA’s eight
port authorities are being
amalgamated into five
• Responsibility for Shipping &
Pilotage Act trading ports will
transfer from DoT to the new
port authorities
The vision for Western Australia’s Ports
Kimberley Ports Authority
Broome, Derby, Wyndham, Cockatoo and Koolan Islands, James Price Point
Pilbara Ports Authority
Port Hedland, Dampier, Port Walcott, Cape Preston, Varanus, Barrow, Airlie and
Thevenard Islands, Onslow, Anketell (proposed) and Ashburton (currently within
Port of Dampier)
Mid West Ports Authority
Geraldton, Cape Cuvier, Useless Loop, Oakajee (proposed)
Southern Ports Authority
Bunbury, Albany, Esperance
Fremantle Port Authority
The Vision for Western Australia’s Ports
• 2012 - Consultation and draft legislation
Develop policy framework
• 2013 - Present legislation to Parliament
Consultation continues
• 2014 - Implementation begins
Staged approach dependent on
current contracts
New WA Port Developments
• High levels of resource development have led to substantial increases in
capacity at existing ports and in the planning of new ports.
• Kimberley Ports
• James Price Point – new LNG facility and port planned
• Broome Port – service of Browse Basin, $23m Jetty upgrade
• Pilbara Ports
• Ashburton North – new LNG port under development (Chevron)
• Anketell – planned new iron ore port
• Port Hedland Inner Harbour – BHPB and FMG expansions; Roy Hill
and NWI developments; Lumsden Point
• Port Hedland Outer Harbour (400 mtpa capacity) – to cater for BHPB
and others
• Dampier –Marine Services Facility
Truck Movements at Fremantle Port
Fremantle Container Subsidy
• NQRT rail service central to long-term future of the Inner Harbour
• 5 year ($15.5M) subsidy is assisting rail container transport to
compete with road
• Subsidy currently $40 per container. Annual subsidy reduction will
encourage rail efficiencies
• Rail market share estimated to grow to 30% by 2016/17, with
subsidy assistance
• Rail becomes established in the market with a 30% market share
Grain Logistics
• Road and rail upgrades associated with Government’s
2010 grain transport funding package are progressing well.
– Rail works estimated completion date - April 2014
– State roads estimated completion date - June 2013.
• Government supports retention of rail operations on
commercially viable Tier 3 rail lines
Roe 8
Public comment period for submissions on the Roe Highway Extension
Public Environmental Review (PER) closed on 12 September 2011.
South Metro Connect submitted the response to submissions report in
July 2012 and are working with the Environmental Protection Authority
to finalise the report.
Anticipated that the PER process will be completed in 2013 and that
approvals and clearances required for construction to commence will be
obtained by late 2013.
Timing for construction is dependent on funding.
Perth Airport Gateway
• The Federal and State Governments
have committed to invest around $1
billion to construct the Gateway WA
– Over $680 million of this funding
will be provided by the Federal
Government under its Regional
Infrastructure Fund and Nation
Building Program
• Construction is scheduled to
commence in 2013, with project
completion expected by 2017 prior to
consolidation of the domestic and
international airport terminals.
Perth-Darwin Highway
• Planning and development progressing as a high
• This project, in combination with the Gateway Project,
will significantly improve freight movements.
• Main Roads investigating the use of a site 4 km south
of Muchea town site for a future Freeway Service
• State Government committed $196 towards
construction during election with a timeframe for
construction between 2016 and 2019.
Contact Details:
T: (08) 6551 6111
E: [email protected]

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