WV Geographic Regions

WV’s Four
Potomac Section
• Home to many apple
and peach orchards
• Where the Golden
Delicious Apple
• Home of the first “spa”
• Close to nation’s capital
• Includes Harpers Ferry
• Fairfax Stone located
Potomac Section
• Name 3 festivals held here
• What historical figures spent time in this
region of WV?
• Identify one form of transportation that
attracts many travelers
Allegheny Highlands
• Gave WV its nickname
• Home of many natural
• Contains Spruce Knob
• Some areas over 4,000
feet high
• Sparsely populated
• Home of the Mountain
State Forest Festival
Allegheny Highlands
• Identify three tourist attractions
• Name two immigrant groups who settled in
the region
• Find the two WV counties who are considered
the largest and are located here
• Give three natural wonders you can visit in
this region
Allegheny Plateau
• Home of the New River
• Also contains WV’s
largest man-made lake;
Summersville Lake
• Contains lots of shale,
limestone, sandstone
• WV’s largest tourist
• Diverse heritage
Allegheny Plateau
Identify three ethnic groups who settled here
Is the capital of WV in this region?
When was the New River Bridge completed?
What is the regions largest tourist attraction?
Who was the lady who took a great “leap” and
Ohio River Valley
• Home to cities such as
Huntington, Wheeling
• Blennerhasset Island
• Glass, steel, textile
production big here
• Location of several
wildlife management
• Contains several islands
Ohio River Valley
• Explain the story behind the Blennerhasset
• Name two festivals in the region
• Identify three counties found here
• Was this the home to WV’s first capital?
Southern vs. Northern
• More rural
• Most jobs center
around coal mining
• Less populated
• Different traditions and
ways of life
• Home of MU
• A more negative
Larger cities
More populated
Different accents
Focus on production of
• Home of WVU
• Say they are the most
“civilized” of WV
Southern vs. Northern

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