Are Bad Addresses Sabotaging Your Mailings?

Are Bad Addresses Sabotaging
Your Mailings?
Getting the most out of your mailing lists
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What is UAA mail?
What are the costs?
Building an address quality process
Additional resources
Selling address quality
What is UAA Mail?
Undeliverable-As-Addressed (UAA) means the
mail piece cannot be delivered to either the
address or the recipient shown on the mail piece
and must be:
• Forwarded to a new address
• Returned to sender
• Disposed as waste
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UAA Mail is Still Common
51.4¢ / pc.
1.496 Billion pieces
$768.9 Million
Original Address
6.1¢ / pc.
4.233 Billion pieces
$257.6 Million
New Address
23.1¢ / pc.
1.055 Billion pieces
$244.1 Million
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What Happens to UAA Mail?
• First-Class Mail®
– Moved addresses forwarded (for 13 months)
– Remainder are returned-to-sender
• Standard Mail®
– Discarded!
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Mail Costs
• Take a step back…what are the obvious costs?
– Printing, paper and labor
– Postage
– Any return service and address correction fees
All JUST mailing-related costs
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Calculating Costs
UAA Result
Cost to USPS
Cost to Mailer
Original postage + cost of mailer +
any return service and address
correction fees
Original postage + cost of mailer
Original postage + cost of mailer +
any address correction fees
Return service and address correction fees are dependent
on the mailing class and service type selected.
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Let’s Do The Math
As an example, let’s say you mail 10,000 pieces
– Each piece costs $1.50 to print and mail
– 2,200 are undeliverable records
$1.50 x 2,200 = $3,300 wasted
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Wasted Budget
$3,300 22%
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Exclude Bad Records, Improve ROI
All Records
Mailing Cost
Just Deliverable Records
Total Sales
Net Gain
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Breaking Down UAA*
Move Related
Other (Deceased, Illegible, Unclaimed, etc.)
Missing/Incorrect Apt/Ste Numbers
Missing/Incorrect Street/Numbers
Rural/Highway Contract Box Numbers
Missing/Incorrect City/St/ZIP
Missing/Incorrect Directionals
Based on a 9.7 Billion UAA Volume, Christensen UAA Study 2004 (All Classes)
*Source: USPS® NPF 2006 List or Lemon Presentation
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Constantly Changing Data
annual moves
*2.5 million businesses
that filed a COA not included
Over 1 million new delivery
points added each year
More than 2.5 million deaths
occur in the US every year
*Source: U. S. Census Bureau
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Solutions to Ensure Address Quality
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• Verify or correct street names
• Ensure accurate ZIP+4® code
and Carrier Route
• Validates accuracy of street and
apartment/suite numbers
• Identify vacant addresses
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Solutions to Ensure Address Quality
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SuiteLink and AEC / AEC II
• SuiteLink appends suites for known businesses
Free with CASS software
• AEC uses USPS algorithms to find more
$21 per 1,000 records
• AEC II uses Delivery Force Knowledge™ to
resolve addresses
$0.32 per corrected/resolved address
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Solutions to Ensure Address Quality
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Use NCOALink Before Mailing
• Update source data before printing
• Automatically “links” several moves together
• 3 “flavors” of NCOALink available:
– Limited Service Provider (LSP)
18 months of move data
– Limited with ANKLink
18 months of move data, identifies moves 18-48 months ago
– Full Service Provider (FSP)
48 months of move data
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Use ACS™ After Mailing
• Traditional ACS™– Manual Return
• Electronic
– Traditional ACS™ – delivered via Electronic Product
Fulfillment (EPF) account
– OneCode ACS® – delivered via EPF
– Full-Service ACS™ – delivered via PostalOne!® after the
records are associated to qualified mail pieces in eDoc
– Single Source ACS™
*Source: USPS® Keeping it Simple Presentation
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Dealing With UAA After Mailing
Address Service
Change Service
Return Service
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What Hasn’t Been Corrected?
The USPS address correction data set has:
– No names
– No apartment numbers
– No other types of appends
The NCOALink service requires an exact match
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Hidden Moves
• Some people don’t provide a forwarding address
• 20 – 30% don’t report anything to USPS®
– It’s not required by law
– They forget, don’t care or don’t want to be found
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Leverage Additional Resources
Locate people who haven’t
filed their move with USPS®
Append Apartment Numbers
An ECOA service compiles
moves from magazines,
utilities, etc.
Complete residential
addresses to reach more
people on your target list
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Leverage Additional Resources
Identify the deceased
Flag those on the “Do Not
Mail” Database
Uses Social Security
Administration Data
Focus on reaching the
people who are receptive to
receiving your message
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Improve the effectiveness of your direct marketing
campaigns with more targeted campaign lists
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Calculating Opportunity Costs
Back to our 2,200 undeliverable records
What if you could reach these contacts?
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Correct Records, Improve ROI
All Records
Just Deliverable Records
Mailing Cost
Total Sales
Correct More Records
Net Gain
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• UAA mail is still out there
• Undelivered mail is costly to USPS and mailers
• Correcting address errors can drastically
increase the value of your mail
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• Thank you — we appreciate your time!
• Kim Mauch
Postal Product Specialist
Satori Software Inc.
[email protected]
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