California WIC
Business-Community Alliance
Why Are We Doing This?
 WIC Funding Challenges
 NOT an entitlement program
 Full funding guaranteed only through FY 2013
 Damaging sequestration cuts in FY 2014 and
beyond – time for action.
 WIC Needs Bipartisan Support in Congress
 Our ties to business resonate with Members
of Congress who may not be our usual allies.
 “All politics is local.”
How Are We Doing This?
 The BCA is an Endorsement Strategy to Show Wider
Support for WIC
 Ask WIC business and community partners to sign a simple
WIC Support Statement. It is NOT a lobbying statement–
and you are not lobbying.
 The BCA Campaign will (1) educate our partners about WIC;
and (2) let Congress know that business and community
leaders support full funding for WIC.
How Are We Doing This?
“ We the undersigned see firsthand the benefits of the WIC
program in our community every day. WIC creates jobs and
generates millions of dollars for California’s economy while
promoting healthy families. We understand that cuts in WIC
funding would mean depriving our state's young children the
opportunity of a healthy start in life, taking away purchasing
power in local economies, and increasing long-term health
care costs. We are proud to be a supporter of the WIC
program and a partner in California's WIC-BusinessCommunity Alliance.”
How Will This Work?
Four Easy Steps!
1. Join Up!
2. Think Up!
3. Divvy Up!
4. Follow Up!
1. Join Up!
 All Hands On Deck! We need every
Local Agency to identify a BCA
“point person” to link with us.
 BCA Point Person- Return the
Commitment Form and you’ll be
entered to win exciting prizes!
 It’s simple, easy and fun – just a
few minutes a day.
2. Think Up!
 Brainstorm a list of potential
supporters with your colleagues and
 Think of all the businesses and
community partners that you have
worked with over the years…
 Exception: Do not contact WICAuthorized Grocers due to conflict-ofinterest rules!
Who Should You Contact?
 Focus on businesses and non-profits, NOT individuals
 Office vendors, such as landlords, janitors, office supply
vendors, caterers, IT and banking providers, etc.
 Local medical offices, community clinics, hospitals, and public
health departments.
 Local/regional military associations and support groups.
 Local farmers, associations, farmer’s markets.
 Local Chapters of State associations (ACS, AHA, ALA, etc.)
 Boards of Supervisors, City Councils, Chambers of Commerce
2. Think Up! Tips
 Use existing
relationships and
known supporters.
 Don’t waste effort on
contacts that are not
going anywhere.
 Seek endorsements
when you do WIC
outreach or partnering.
3. Divvy Up!
 Once you have initial list, divide it
up between your staff- remember
to use personal contacts if they
 Get everyone involved! Incorporate
brief check-ins at staff meetings.
 Need Help? Contact Michelle Turner
at [email protected]
3. Divvy Up: CWA On-LineToolkit
Step-by-Step “How To” Guide
WIC BCA Messaging Sheet
Email Outreach Templates
Scripts for Phone Calls
FAQ’s- Send CWA questions as
you get them.
4. Follow Up!
 Be persistent! Follow-up calls and e-mails.
 Endorsers can electronically sign on at
 OR: use paper endorsement forms.
 Make sure endorsers are authorized to sign on behalf
of their business or organization.
 Collect photos as you get signatures and share with
us on Facebook!
Concerns: Can We Do This?
 YES! This is NOT lobbying!
 Lobbying = Directly urging legislators
to vote a certain way on a bill.
 BCA Campaign= Asking our partners
to endorse the Statement in support
of WIC.
WIC BCA Timeline
 Goal= 500 endorsements statewide by end of
 June: Rally the troops (Join Up & Think Up!)
 July-August: Action (Divvy Up & Follow Up!)
 CWA Weekly “Theme” emails
 Use these for ideas on who to contact
 Raffle Contest- every agency sign up! First Prize:
$200 in healthy snacks for the office, plus one trip
to DC for NWA’s 2014 Leadership Conference
WIC BCA: Use Social Media!
 “Like” CWA on
Facebook for more
 Do you tweet? Use the
Twitter hashtags
#WeNeedWIC and
#WICBCA, and tag
@calwic to talk about
your progress!
Who Can Help Me?
 All Materials on CWA’s Website:
 Michelle Turner and Donna
Hoffman at CWA:
[email protected] &
[email protected]
 Michelle can help you follow up!
She is here to help and be your
resource on the ground. Consider
her your “WIC BCA Community
Now…Get started!
 Ready, Set…GO!
 Questions? Contact your local agency office lead, or
Michelle Turner and Donna Hoffman at the California
WIC Association.
 And…THANKS!!!

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