File - Sierra Water Workgroup

Sierra Water Workgroup Summit
DAC Project Panel
June 13, 2013
80% or less of California Median Household Income
2000: Decennial Census
2010-on: American Community Survey (ACS)
DWR DAC mapping tool:
• Does not include tribal land
• Same limitations as Census/ACS data (come to 2:00 session!)
• Prop. 84 Funding administered by DWR
• $2.5 million made available for projects to help advise DWR on
how to better engage DACs in the IRWM process
• Started as “pilot project” contracts; now are grants
• Started with five grants – five IRWM regions; now two
additional grants
North Coast
Coachella Valley
Imperial Valley
Upper Kings
• Greater Los Angeles
• Santa Cruz

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