Sample of Department Websites

FROG @ Calderstones
Thursday 13th December 2012
John Morris – FROG Co-ordinator
Owen Mayne – Head of ICT
What are we showing today?
How we started with FROG
Our use of FROG as a front end for Pupils and Staff
Google Docs and the integration with FROG
Integration with other 3rd party providers
How we’re involving parents with FROG
Ways we’ve ‘directed’ our staff into FROG
Information about Calderstones
• We are a regular inner city comprehensive school
• Over 1500 pupils currently on roll
• One of the few over subscribed schools in the
Liverpool area
• This building was formerly known as Quarry Bank
School which had a number of famous faces attend
including John Lennon and many others!!
So how did we end up with FROG?
• As most schools in the country did, we started
initially considered the LEA-supplied solution
(Ramesys Assimilate)
• We made the fortunate decision to ditch before we
even started the initial staff training!
• We went through all of the various ‘pitches’ from the
VLE providers out there at the time.
• The last provider we spoke to was FROG!
So how did we end up with FROG?
• FROG gave us the flexibility we wanted from a
Learning Platform.
• It gave us access to technology that the other
providers simply could not match.
• We had a ‘slow’ Internet connection (LEA supplied)
at the time so running off a cloud-based ‘standard’
VLE seemed insane. FROG’s in-school server fixed
that problem for us.
• April 2009 – initial decision
Our initial
timeline of
made to purchase FROG.
May-July 2009 – set up and
installation of the FROG
server and custom templates.
June 2009 – decision made by
SLT to promote me to VLE
September 2009 – initial
introduction to staff.
September-January 2010 –
staff began setting up their
February 2010 – launch of
FROG for pupils.
Our use of FROG as a front
end for Pupils and Staff
How do we use FROG?
• We made the decision to present our resources on
FROG mostly behind website front ends.
• Did not want masses of ‘folders’ like a old ‘intranet’
• Every department has one!
• Initially built on the FROG supplied templates but
nearly all departments now on new/updated sites
mostly built by me in conjunction with departments.
Sample of Department Websites
Pupils access the School Departments page to access the department sites:
Sample of Department Websites
Sample of Department Websites
Sample of Department Websites
Sample of Department Websites
Owen Mayne
Head of ICT
Calderstones School
How FROG is used in ICT
How do we use it?
As a teaching tool
Out of school lesson support
AfL, feeding back comments & displaying progress
Setting Work (Classwork, Homework & Cover)
Improving literacy
How do ICT do it?
We have our own web site in FROG
We break it up into Key Stages (3, 4, & 5)
Each Key Stage is broken into years or courses
Today we are going to look at KS4 Computing
Teaching &
You can arrange the page in such a
way that pupils can follow the
lesson, either in school or if
absent from home.
Setting Work
Work set
When complete, you can download
the whole set in one go!
Student view of set work
Worksheet set
When complete, pupils can upload work
back to FROG
Assessment For Learning
Currently have two ways of displaying feed back to pupils, the first being via the Help
menu with the Flight path as shown. The second being via the Blue and Red progress
This is given based
upon pupils
current assessment
and clear details
are given of how to
achieve the next
One place for all (lessons, feedback, support & progress)
Quick and easy to use
Absent pupils have been provided for
Built in differentiation
Clear reasons for assessment
Clear indication of how to improve
All available for OFSTED to view
• Difficult to identify any major disadvantages.
• Setup time (initially setting up pages was slow, but
becomes much quicker)
• Bit of specialist technical knowledge needed for
feedback section
Services integrated into our
FROG platform
Google Apps for Education
Google Apps in FROG
• Google Apps for Education is free for all schools
• Gives access to Gmail and Google Drive amongst a ton
of other things.
• A very powerful set of tools for schools to use.
• Getting it integrated into your network for Single Signon/AD Password Syncing is quite complicated on its own
• Getting your FROG server to do the hard work is a LOT
Google Apps in FROG
Google Apps in FROG
• Each pupil and teacher is automatically logged into
our Google Apps when they log into FROG.
• You can create and link to Google documents from
within FROG itself.
• We have had it installed and running since October
• Main usage initially for us has been the use of
Forms in Google
Forms in Google
Very flexible and ideal for use in education where there
isn’t the budget to be paying for proper ‘polling’ services.
Services integrated into our
FROG platform
I Am Learning and Kerboodle
I Am Learning
Games-based revision and homework resource
Very highly regarded by pupils and staff
Can be purchased as a standalone resource
Separate username/password required normally
FROG integration eliminates that!
I Am Learning
• Staff and pupils can just click the special button on their
FROG dashboards:
• They are then automatically logged into the IAL website!
• Online resources provided by Nelson Thornes.
• Used primarily here by Science department.
• Previous access was via another username/password
before FROG integration was activated.
• Increased usage as a result of the single sign-on.
• Access is similar to I Am Learning via a home page
‘widget’ logging them into the site once clicked.
Parental involvement in
Parents in FROG
• Main access for parents is via the Parental Engagement
Platform (PEP).
• Our usage of it is not 100% due to ‘technical issues’ with
• Gives our parents full access to Attendance information
and shows them all homework tasks for all their children
in school.
• SIMS schools should have behaviour/assessment info
showing within their PEP.
Parents in FROG
Parents in FROG
• Gives us an area to place materials for
parents/guardians that are not ‘website’ suitable.
• Gives our parents a better overview of what their
child is up to in terms of homework.
• Big logistical exercise for schools on how they
distribute usernames and passwords to their parents.
Tips on how we managed to
build FROG into life at
We wanted to make FROG the first point of call for staff. So we
made their FROG home page contain all of the important links.
They can access staff email, ePortal, cover lists etc via this section.
The school has a policy of asking staff to set ALL independent
learning tasks (Homework/Revision etc.) as a task on FROG. The
task doesn’t have to be returned electronically. It just ensures there
is a record of work for staff, pupils and parents to view.
We wanted to cut down on certain types of emails being sent
round the school. We therefore ask staff to ensure that certain
types of messages only be placed within FROG notices.
These have been very successful ways of engaging pupils and great for
making FROG seem less ‘school’ related. We produce them for certain
big events or major school trips. For example, our Year 7s go to
Disneyland Paris every July. This year, we produced a website with a
Blog built in which kept pupils and parents up to speed on events!!
Putting someone in charge of the platform gives it a better chance
of success. Asking a single teacher to drive development whilst
giving them virtually no time is asking for trouble. If you are
spending £???? on a product, then try and extract the best
productivity from it!
You can download a copy of this presentation via:
If you have any other queries then you can
contact us via:
[email protected]
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