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Classics and ICT
Helen Lowe and Ana Martin
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ICT resources and tools
• There are so many materials, learning
resources and teaching tools available that it
is impossible to provide a definitive list.
• The following is a selection of websites,
computer programs and iPad apps that might
be of some interest and help to you
• Practical / technical issues are addressed here
Just a few popular websites
• ARLT – of course!
• The Classics Library
• Perseus Digital Library
• Cambridge Latin Course^t
Classics resources
• The Latin Library – for texts
• Panoply – vase animations (as seen at ARLT!)
• Theoi – quality copyright free images & more
• British Museum
Classics resources
• Eton Greek Project
• Athenaze Greek Exercises
• Ariadne: Resources for Athenaze
• Open University – introducing Ancient Greek and
Reading Classical Greek with Reading Greek textbook
Online courses – active
• MOOC – Massive Open Online Courses:
good for blending with your own teaching
• Coursera – online courses with international
• edX – online courses from top universities
Podcasts and lectures – passive
• In Our Time, AHOW – two BBC radio series available as
podcasts – thousands of programmes to choose from
• iTunesU - podcasts, e.g. Stanford Virgil (Susanna
Braund), Ancient Greek History (Donald Kagan)
Content from iTunes Store, app from App Store
• ClickView – online video library (subsription required)
Recording computer actions –
Record your actions on the computer screen, with
sound (computer-based as they don’t work without
Java on iPads – but see also apps):
• Jing
• Screencast-o-matic
• Screenr – instant screencasts (no need to sign up)
Presenting work
• Prezi
A different kind of presentation experience –
avoid “death by PowerPoint”
• eXeLearning
Allows you to collate work and display as a
website without any web designing skills
File sharing
“Cloud-based” or virtual file storage is good for
saving and sharing teaching files and student work
Here are just a few options (in no particular order):
• Dropbox
• Google Drive
• iCloud – Apple’s virtual storage system
File sharing
• SkyDrive – Microsoft’s version
• Google+ has loads of different tools
• Wiggio – create groups for emailing and file sharing
• WordPress – free online blog or website, plus other functions
• Google Blogger
• Tumblr
Collaboration and tracking
• MoPad – Mozilla collaborative site
– set up for student collaboration
– track contributions
• OneNote – online and a free app
run collaborative projects and track changes
make notes with images, handwriting, text, etc
can be shared via an embedded link on a school intranet
no account required
Classroom tools
For dividing students into randomly selected groups or
producing shuffled lists
• Timer – there are many available, e.g.
• Padlet – use for plenary or AfL – like digital Post It notes
• IHMC CmapTools – create concept maps
Sound and vision
Video and audio programs for PC
• MovieMaker – Microsoft film editing software
• Audacity – free sound recording and editing
Sound and vision
Video and audio programs for Mac
Both programs are also available as iPhone /
iPad apps:
• iMovie – Apple’s film editor
• GarageBand – Apple’s music recording and
editing progam
Image manipulation and comic strips
• Pixlr – free online image editing software
• Make Believe Comics – make your own comic
• Comic Life – another one for making comic
Content curation
• Pinterest – online pinboard website:
Select, edit and share content from around the
web – use for directed tasks, preparation /
research, plenary exercises, AfL, feedback etc
• Scoop It! – also use this as a virtual pinboard for
gathering together online articles
• Spotify – useful for creating a playlist to suit
works, characters etc
Online resources for teachers…
Puzzle and quiz creation tools for teachers, e.g.
• The Whiteboard Blog – 12 puzzle and quiz creation tools for
• Teachers Direct – Blockbusters, word searches etc
• Quia Web – educational games, quizzes etc – choose from existing
(Latin and Classics categories) or make your own (subscription
necessary) – requires Java
• PowerPoint, of course!
…forms, questionnaires, quizzes…
• Google forms – create your own forms / surveys (just one of the
Google apps available)
• Survey Monkey – free online survey and questionnaire tool
• Socrative – classroom quizzes with immediate feedback
• Mentimeter – create online questions
with immediate / live answers and feedback
• Piazza – “ask, answer, explore…”
• Quizlet – simple free learning tools for students & teachers
quizzes, puzzles, games…
• Wordle – make your own word clouds
• Tagxedo – another word cloud site
• Memrise – quizzes etc for languages – existing or make your own (there is
also an app)
• What2Learn – online games and quizzes
• Microsoft Excel – functionality for creating quizzes
• e-Chalk – online teaching resources for IWBs
• Discovery Education – Free Puzzlemaker
Social media sites
You may find these useful for research, sharing
resources / information etc, but always check
school data / child protection guidelines before
using – these are just a few of the better-known:
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Instagram
There’s an app for that!
Apps for teaching and learning
using iPads
There’s an app for that!
• There are thousands of apps available (plus
you can make your own) and there are new
ones being released all the time, so the ones
that follow represent just a small selection
• All of those shown are suitable for iOS / Apple
devices (owing to their increasing presence in
schools) but not necessarily for the Android
platform – and there are plenty that are
available for Android and not Apple devices!
Getting hold of apps
• The vast majority of the apps shown are
available via iTunes, but some require a visit to
the relevant website (all icons are linked to a
source webpage)
• Apple operate a Volume Purchase Programme
(VPP) for schools which offers discounts for
purchases of 20+ copies, e.g. Pipiatum at half
Latin apps
GCSE Latin
Speed Latin (free version or paid upgrade)
Learn Latin
LatinOWL iPad
Imperium Word Tools
CLC (currently only available on US iTunes)
More Latin, Greek etc…
Latin I – Common Entrance to GCSE
Pipiatum – three Common Entrance Levels
Ancient Greek
Ancient Greek [vocab tester]
Pompeii HD
Display tools - AirPlay
Display your iPad screen on the interactive
whiteboard (IWB), record input or turn an iPad
into an IWB:
Apple AirPlay is not actually an app, but is
integral to many portable Apple devices
Mirrors your iPad (with iOS7 or later),
iPhone, iPod Touch on another screen,
whiteboard, Apple TV, HDTV and speakers
(via Apple TV)
Display tools
Doceri – displays an iPad screen on an IWB with AirPlay or
through a Mac / PC
– Control a computer through your iPad
– Connect wirelessly to an associated computer – with
the download US$30 but a teacher rebate is available
(conditions apply – of course!)
Reflector – also an AirPlay receiver and (like AirPlay) it is
not an app, but:
– Mirrors an iPad or iPhone to a Mac or PC
– Enables your iPad to communicate wirelessly with any
computer connected to the IWB – free trial for 10
mins / US$12.99
Class / student management
iDoceo – teacher’s assistant: set up class lists
for recording attendance, achievement, etc;
timetable, resource manager (costs £4.99)
TeacherKit – personal organiser for classes &
student: attendance, grades, behaviour etc
(similar to iDoceo – free)
ClassDojo – use to show immediate feedback
on student effort and achievement – most
effective with younger pupils
Workflow, file sharing, collaboration
Manage workflow, distribute information, share
work with students – and vice versa, enable
collaborative group work, allow students to submit
work and receive feedback
Available for computer or as a free app:
• iCloud – Apple’s “cloud-based” storage system
Evernote – versatile management and
organisational tool
Workflow, collaborating and sharing
Dropbox – cloud-based file storage and
Skype / Facetime (on Apple devices) for online
collaboration (computer or app)
Edmodo – closed social network, post / share
assignments, receive grades, track progress,
share content
Screencasting and whiteboards
Explain Everything – screencasting, interactive
whiteboard and more (£1.99)
Educreations – turns an iPad into a recordable
ShowMe – personal interactive whiteboard –
records a limited amount of in-app writing /
Jot! – simple whiteboard, live sketch sharing
Splashtop Whiteboard (£6.99)
More whiteboards…
Screenchomp – record annotations &
Whiteboard HD £2.99 – whiteboard app
Smart Whiteboard HD – simple whiteboard
SyncSpace – collaborative zoomable
Groupboard – collaborative whiteboard
BaiBoard – collaborative whiteboard
Quizzes, flashcards, presentations –
create and share (app / computer)
Memrise – for learning languages including Latin;
existing quizzes or make your own; with live
interactivity; teacher and student apps but you /
students can also interact via the website
Socrative – access existing and set up your own (easier
on computer) interactive quizzes etc with immediate
feedback – requires teacher and student apps
Nearpod – access existing public interactive
presentations, quizzes, tests etc and create your own –
with live feedback, no student sign up required
Cram – create and access a huge range of existing
flashcards for students – requires student sign up
Presentations / mind maps
Keynote – Apple’s presentation app £6.99
SlideShark – project presentations on IWB
– retains functional external web links
Prezi – alternative to PowerPoint (but
clunky compared to the computer-based
Popplet – also for presentations or mind
maps (free “lite” version available)
Get creative!
Wordsalad – makes a “word cloud” from
any given text
Morfo – create “talking heads” with facial
images / photos and recorded audio
Puppet pals – make your own puppet
shows (limited range of characters in free
Marking work
Markup – grade, annotate and mark up
DocAs – record actions and audio, mark up
files, share on SMARTBoard, convert files
to pdf, (also available as a free “lite”
version )
Showbie – collect, review and annotate
student work
Word processing and note taking
There are dozens of WP and note-taking apps out there,
including Notes that comes free on every iPad.
These are just some of the best known of the rest:
Pages – the Apple version (£6.99)
Evernote – organisational tool, also for note taking
neu.Notes+ – note taking, drawing – like a miniwhiteboard – the free app is no longer available
Notes Plus – for the serious note-taker (£6.99)
Online “curation”
•! – online curation for web articles
Pinterest – develop online “pinboards” of
images by linking to other sites – can be
used for research / feedback with students
Flipboard – develop an online “magazine”
by linking to articles on the web
Video and audio apps
iMovie – create and edit your own videos
Garage Band – create and edit your own
sound tracks
Lovely knowledge…
British Library 19th century books
TED – videos of lectures by a host of
people on a whole range of different topics
iTunesU – a wealth of resources from
international universities on an enormous
range of subjects
Coursera – free online courses from over
100 universities in more than 20 subject
Programming your own…
Here are just a few of options if you want to make your own apps for
computers or mobile devices. It takes time and patience but mostly a lot of
attention to detail, and will cost you money if you get serious, but once you
have made an app – or got a student to do it for you! – you can modify it:
• LiveCode – for designing quizzes, apps and more
• AppShed – make your own apps for teaching tools and learning resources
without the programming required for LiveCode
• HyperNext Android Creator – for building Android apps
• MIT App Inventor
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• Ana Martin
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