AFL Techniques

AFL Techniques –
Performing Arts
AFL Strategies
In Performing arts the continuous forms of assessment for
learning that underpin all our SOW are verbal feedback
and Peer and Self Assessment through process and
performance of practical work.
We have also started to develop further a wider range of
AFL techniques across all three Key Stages in order to
develop both written skills and speaking and listening skills
in line with the examination criteria.
Across Performing arts we are using googledocs to
track Free School Meals students and High
Attainers specifically at KS3, as well as Rag Rated
trackers at KS4 and KS5. We update these on a
regular basis with tried and tested interventions and
they are the basis for our progress meetings
Within Drama we use a ‘Student Friendly’ APP to
self and peer access and set specific targets at the
start and end of each KS3 SOW
We use a range of subject specific analysis forms and
writing frameworks in each KS3 and KS4 SOW to
guide students written feedback in line with exam
The use of tracking sheets at KS4 and KS5 to allow
students the ability to clearly see through a range of
mock performances their progress across a unit, and
in turn improve through specific personalised
Clear marking and targets for homework in KS3
books to allow students to see clearly how to
improve and allow for peer marking across the class
The use of RAG rated tracking sheets at BTEC,
focusing on each individual, specific skill to track
progress. These can be accessed by students and are
also used to inform parents of progress.

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