Nigel Hopkinson - Padlet - 3 mins

AFL (Electronic Post It Note style
What can I do with it?
• Various things from a mini white board
substitute/to an alternative to paper post it
notes. An opportunity for Teachers to
feedback instantly to posts made by students.
Year 11 - revision
• Before/After
Click on a Post to see it in a large Dialogue
How Do I set up a board?
• Go to and click build a wall.
• It will provide you with a unique web address that
you share with the students.
• (I Shorten the URL to something easy) which is
another Teach Meet skill I can discuss with anyone.
(using )
• Students load up the ‘wall’ and double click to post a
Is it open to Misuse?
• Unfortunately Yes – students will use it for
posting silly things – so choose which groups
use it as they can post anon.

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