Topic and Introduction
How we use compelling questions to drive inquirybased learning in the English and Arabic language
classrooms at middle and high school stages
Universal American School, Dubai
Overview and Introductions..
Structure of the workshop
The Universal American School
What is concept Based curriculum?
Curriculum Terminology/ jargon
DSIB Indicators for Teaching and Learning…
 Higher order thinking skills/critical thinking skills…
Universal American School, Dubai
The Structure of Knowledge
The student understands
© 2010 H. Lynn Erickson
The Structure of Knowledge
The student understands
that...strong emotions can alter 3
the dynamics of a relationship.
•Relationships • Emotions • Behaviors2
Romeo and Juliet
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Guiding /Compelling Questions
Questions that promote
inquiry based learning…
Universal American
School, Dubai
Types of Compelling/Guiding Questions
Universal American
School, Dubai
Factual Questions
 to ensure the foundation of knowledge is in place.
 provides the evidence for explaining understanding.
Universal American School, Dubai
Provocative Questions
 Provocative questions provoke debates and thinking.
 There are no right or wrong answers
 Two to four provocative questions
 “inch deep mile wide” versus in-depth exploration
Universal American School, Dubai
Conceptual Questions
 challenge students’ thinking beyond the facts.
 reflect an understanding that is transferable
 basically your generalization/BIG IDEA in a question
 How does this transpire in an English classroom?
Universal American School, Dubai
Conceptual Based
English Curriculum
Compelling questions stem from a four part preliminary
 Content
 Core Standards
 Age/Developmentally Appropriate
 Concepts/Conceptual Lens
Universal American School, Dubai
Grade 8 Poetry Unit
SUBJECT: _____ _English__________
YEAR LEVEL: ____8____
CONCEPT: ____Conflict_ ____
Conflict and tension expressed through poetry.
Understanding that poetry can give a
voice to those who don't feel that they
have one
Understanding that language can
convey an intended meaning to the
Understanding that imbalances in power
can lead to conflict
Universal American School, Dubai
Deconstructing texts
Analysis of diction
Analysis of poetic devices
Justification of ideas
Selection of information
Reflective thinking
Construction of texts
 What are the stylistic features found in poetry?
 What is the difference between verse and prose?
Universal American School, Dubai
 Is poetry necessary in today’s society?
 Can poetry make a difference?
Universal American School, Dubai
 How can language convey meaning?
 How can an imbalance in power lead to conflict?
Universal American School, Dubai
Compelling Questions
Lead us towards text
Inspire assessments
Universal American School, Dubai
Arabic conceptual curriculum
in the secondary department
‫قسم اللغة العربية‬
)‫(تعلّم اللغة العربية كلغة أجنبية‬
AFL levels in the secondary school:
Beginners, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate,
Upper-intermediate and Advanced.
:‫المستويات التي يضمها القسم‬
،‫ مستوى ما قبل المتقدم‬،‫ المستوى المتوسط‬،‫ مستوى ما قبل المتوسط‬،‫المستوى المبتدئ‬
.‫المستوى المتقدم‬
Some concepts we are focusing on:
Responsibility, culture, connections, services, food and health,
identity and choices.
:‫من المفاهيم المطروحة للدرس ضمن المنهج‬
.‫ الهوية والخيارات‬،‫ الطعام والصحة‬،‫ الخدمات‬،‫ التواصل‬،‫ الثقافة‬،‫المسؤولية‬
Universal American School, Dubai
Sample of a unit design/ Intermediate
 Unit title: City life and services.
 Conceptual lens: Services
 Sub-concepts: City life (discipline), Transportation,
Services, Shopping.
:‫نموذج من تصميم الوحدة للمستوى المتوسط‬
‫ حياة المدينة والخدمات‬:‫عنوان الوحدة‬
‫ الخدمات‬:‫المفهوم األساسي‬
.‫ التسوق‬،‫ الخدمات‬،‫ المواصالت‬،)‫ حياة المدينة (النظام‬:‫ اإلضافية‬/‫المفاهيم المساندة‬
Universal American School, Dubai
Compelling Questions
 City life: A. Where do you live?/ Factual.
B. Are cities crowded/Conceptual.
C. Does discipline help city life to run
smoothly? Discuss./Provocative.
‫ تعزيز المفهوم‬/‫ حقائقي هل المدن مزدحمة؟‬/‫ أين تعيش؟‬:‫حياة المدينة‬
‫ تحفيزي‬/.‫هل يساعد النظام في المدينة على تسهيل الحياة في المدينة؟ ناقش‬
Universal American School, Dubai
Compelling questions
 Transportation: A. How do you come to
school?/ Factual.
B. What are different types of
transportation means?/Factual.
C. What can you use in Dubai?/ Conceptual
D. Beside the many benefits of transportation, how does it
affect environment? Give solutions./ Provocative.
.‫عدد أنواع المواصالت التي تراها من حولك‬
‫ حقائقي‬/‫ كيف تأتي يوميًاإلى المدرسة؟‬:‫المواصالت‬
‫ تعزيز المفهوم‬/‫ما وسائل المواصالت التي تستخدمها في دبي؟‬
‫ تحفيزي‬/.‫ ناقش ذلك وأعط حلوال من عندك‬.‫ إال أنها تؤثر سلبًا في البيئة‬،‫رغم فوائد وسائل المواصالت‬
Universal American School, Dubai
Compelling Questions
 Shopping: A. How often do you go shopping?/
B. Which market do you go to?/ Factual.
C. Do you prefer bargaining? Why? / Provocative.
D. How can we economize in shopping? Give
examples./ Conceptual.
‫ حقائقي‬/‫إلى أي األسواق تذهب؟‬
Universal American School, Dubai
‫ حقائقي‬/‫ كم مرة تذهب للتسوق في الشهر؟‬:‫التسوق‬
‫ تحفيزي‬/‫هل تفضل المساومة عند التسوق؟ لماذا؟‬
.‫ تعزيز المفهوم‬/‫كيف نقتصد أثناء التسوق؟ أعط أمثلة‬
Compelling questions
 Services: A. What are services we need in a city?/ Factual.
B. Are these services easy to get?/ Conceptual.
C. Compare services and facilities between Dubai and
another city/ your home country. /Provocative.
‫ حقائقي‬/‫ ما الخدمات التي نحتاجها في المدينة؟‬:‫الخدمات‬
‫قارن بين الخدمات‬
‫هل من السهل الحصول على هذه الخدمات؟ تعزيز المفهوم‬
‫ تحفيزي‬/.‫ مدينتك مثال‬/.‫والتسهيالت في دبي ومدينة أخرى‬
Universal American School, Dubai
 Assessments should include questions which reflect deep conceptual
 Assessments should address the three critical unit components:
Understanding, Knowledge, Factual.
 Assessments should address the most important generalization( Key
understanding) for the unit.
.‫يجب أن تضم التقييمات أسئلة تعكس الفهم العميق للمفهوم‬
).‫ الحقيقة‬،‫ المعرفة‬،‫ ( الفهم‬:‫التقييمات يجب أن تعالج مكونات التفكير الناقد في الوحدة‬
.‫التقييمات يجب أن تعالج القواعد العمومية في الوحدة‬
Universal American School, Dubai
 Erickson, L., (2010) Stirring the Head, Heart and Soul
with the concept based curriculum.
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 [email protected][email protected][email protected]
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