Progressive Movement

Progressive Movement Spiral Review
1. Progressive movement workers tried to
reform the workplace by:
A. Increasing safety conditions. (Correct
B. Continuing child labor
C. Increasing work hours
D. Helping owners fight off labor unions
3. What era is represented by the desire for
improved safety conditions, reduced work
hours, and restrictions on child labor?
A. Progressive Movement (Correct Answer)
B. Civil Rights Movement
C. Realism Movement
D. Modern Social Movement
2. The needs of which group of Americans
were NOT specifically addressed by the
reforming efforts of the Progressive
A. Black Americans (Correct Answer)
B. Women
C. Children
D. Labor forces
4. Which statement best summarizes the goals
of the women’s suffrage movement?
A. Women fought for educational
opportunities and the right to vote to improve
their lives. (Correct Answer)
B. Women worked to help children by fighting
to end the use of child labor.
C. Women traveled from city to city around the
country promote alcohol prohibition
D. Women accepted low wages for their work
and fought against workplace reform.
A. Speaker 1 (Correct Answer)
B. Speaker 2
C. Speaker 3
D. Speaker 4
A. Progressive Reforms (Correct Answer)
B. Assembly Line
C. Women’s Suffrage Movement
D. Mechanization of agriculture
7. What were two methods that workers used
to help improve working conditions?
A. Labor Union and Strikes (Correct Answer)
B. Labor Unions and Political Machines
C. Hull Houses and Labor Unions
D. Strikes and Political Machines
8. Negative effects of industrialization were all
of the following except:
A. High pay (Correct Answer)
B. Unsafe working conditions
C. Child labor
D. Long hours
“Eight hours for work, Eight hours for rest,
Eight hours for what we will”
-American Federation of Labor (AFL) song
10. In singing this song, what were union
members asking for?
A. Safer factories
B. Higher wages
C. Shorter workdays (Correct Answer)
D. Fewer work holidays
9. Which of the following was put in place to
help solve problems with industrialization?
A. Child labor restrictions
B. Improved safety conditions in the
C. Reduced work hours
D. All of the above. (Correct Answer)

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