Aptis Conference 16thApril 2013 - Northern Ireland Council for

16thApril 2013
Preparing for Inspection
and Maintaining Excellence
Aptis Conference April 2013 - Mary
Roulston -Millennium IPS
Context and Focus
 Principal
of a relatively young school
going through the inspection process for
the first time
 Role as Associate Assessor
 How do we prepare?
 How do we maintain excellence?
Aptis Conference April 2013 - Mary Roulston Millennium IPS
Starting Points
All leaders – get into the habit of reading inspection
reports – the whole range- Outstanding to
Unsatisfactory- Why?
Keep yourself up to speed with the ETI site- types of
inspections/up to date proformas
Consider doing practice runs of proformas with key
Climate and ethos are crucial across school and in
each and every classroom
Know your staff and their areas of expertise and
areas for development
Use this knowledge to select your coordinators
Develop leadership skills across all staff
Aptis Conference April 2013 - Mary Roulston Millennium IPS
as defined by ETI
Short – evaluates the quality of the ethos of the
school/pastoral care and child
protection/learning and teaching/leadership and
Focused –concentrates on particular aspects of
the school’s provision/leadership and
management/pastoral care and child
protection/all set within the context of the school
as a whole
Unannounced – no prior notice/pastoral care and
child protection as evidenced in the school’s
arrangements and the work observed/self
evaluative profile completed and discussed
Aptis Conference April 2013 - Mary Roulston Millennium IPS
School Development Plan
 Make
sure SDP is compliant with the latest
 Re –read to ensure that it is EVALUATIVE
across the board and not just descriptive
– evaluate and use evidence to verify
your judgements
 SDP and action plans are working
Aptis Conference April 2013 - Mary Roulston Millennium IPS
Action Plans
Action Plans for English, Maths and ICT are a
must on an annual basis
Look at existing ones with a fresh eye – can
they be improved?
Benchmark where you are, by using data and
recording the data on your action plans –
before and when you evaluate progress
Make sure the focus is on improved outcomes
for learning and ultimately standards – not just
a series of actions which are necessary but
won’t lead to improvement
Aptis Conference April 2013 - Mary Roulston Millennium IPS
The Nitty Gritty!!
The highest quality Learning and Teaching
Walt/wilf/AFL/the phases of the lesson including a
well structured plenary
Opportunities for the children to reflect on and
explain their thinking and learning
Levels of engagement
Opportunities for well structured paired and group
work as well as independent
Active learning v busy children!!!
Planning which matches what is happening on the
day and prior planning which is evidenced in
exercise books/photos/displays
Aptis Conference April 2013 - Mary Roulston Millennium IPS
Ensure a consistent approach
 Behaviour
 Marking
 Use
of ICT – Showcase
 Expectations
 Progression well embedded particularly in
English and Mathematics
 Timetables/files/planning formats/
 Organisation of materials for the
inspection itself
Aptis Conference April 2013 - Mary Roulston Millennium IPS
Pastoral Care and Child
 Use
the proforma to guide you for any
holes in your provision- action point any
which need to be done asap so that they
are well embedded
 Constantly ensure whole school
understanding of policy and procedures
 Conversations with staff and children
 School Council – involvement of the
children in decision making processes
Aptis Conference April 2013 - Mary Roulston Millennium IPS
Special Educational Needs
IEPS need to focus on how the child learns –
differentiation- IEPS are changing to learning
Identify the barriers to learning (This should also be
in SDP if relevant)
Incorporate and build on assessment procedures
Children need to be aware of their targets
Are the IEPS making any difference and do you
have evidence to support this?
Usually choose at least 2 children from the SEN
register and track their learning experiences and
their IEPS over the last 2 years or so
Aptis Conference April 2013 - Mary Roulston Millennium IPS
Data/ KS1/KS2 etc.
Know your data inside out – Principal/ VP/Coordinators/SENCO
Data is important but the learning experience in the classroom is
more important
How is the school performing against NI average and FSM
benchmarking criteria over the last 4 years?
How is the school performing, particularly in literacy and numeracy
as evidenced over the last 4 years
How effective is the analysis of data//who is involved?/How is data
used to improve provision/ standards/ How is progress monitored
and evaluated
Be prepared to talk about any underperformance and any value
added on/percentage of children reaching potential
Statements made need to be backed up by statistics
Recent data package sent to Governors and principals is useful
Aptis Conference April 2013 - Mary Roulston Millennium IPS
Quality of Provision for
For all children
Broad and balanced curriculum and extra curricular opportunities
High expectations for all children and challenging thought
provoking investigations/practical and recorded activities
Opportunities to talk about learning, to voice opinions and ideas/to
demonstrate decision making and self management skills
Early screening and additional support both in class and through
Play activities which provide holistic opportunities and especially
the meaningful development and application of literacy and
numeracy skills
Joined up learning
Quality of interactions
Aptis Conference April 2013 - Mary Roulston Millennium IPS
Leadership and Management
Change made recently
On the first day the team of inspectors meet with the
principal and the coordinators and any other relevant
leaders within the school for about an hour – usually 3.15 to
Purpose of the meeting is to enable the school team to
engage in a professional dialogue with the inspectors
The discussion should take place within the context of the
school development plan – Does the school know where it
is? Where it wants to go? Does it have focused areas for
priority? How will the school monitor and evaluate? What
has worked well and produced the best outcomes? What
didn’t work well
This meeting contributes particularly to the evaluation of
leadership and management
Aptis Conference April 2013 - Mary Roulston Millennium IPS
Leadership and management
Not necessarily a powerpoint – looking for a quality
discussion and interaction
Needs to be well planned for and organised so that the
time allocated is used in the most productive way
Topics to be discussed include the current whole school
priorities for development and improvement, the actions
being taken to raise standards, especially in English and
Mathematics, and their impact on teaching and learning
The school’s analysis of trends of performance data over
the most recent 4 year period
How the school is addressing low and underachievement if
Aptis Conference April 2013 - Mary Roulston Millennium IPS
Leadership and Management
The meeting should outline the action the
school proposes to bring about further
development and improvement in both
provision and outcomes and how the impact
of these developments will be monitored and
evaluated for the benefits they bring in
teaching and learning
The principal and the staff should provide the
inspectors with appropriate supporting
documentary evidence from existing
documentation usually or that relevant
sections are signposted
Aptis Conference April 2013 - Mary Roulston Millennium IPS
Board of Governors
Now have a self evaluation questionnaire to
Provided with a set of quality indicators
Questionnaire forms the basis of the discussion
between the inspectors and the governors
5 key questions – governors to rate their
performance level choosing from 3 levels across
each of the key questions
Performance levels are –highly
effective/effective/limited effectiveness
There is an evidence box – perhaps this should be
being populated on a regular basis
Aptis Conference April 2013 - Mary Roulston Millennium IPS
Maintaining Excellence
Keep your finger on the pulse and don’t take
your foot off the pedal!!
Reflect on the early slides
Keep learning and teaching and raising
standards at the heart of what you are trying
to do
Be creative and innovative yourself
Encourage this approach in your staff – they
have some great ideas and you cannot do it
on your own!!!
Aptis Conference April 2013 - Mary Roulston Millennium IPS
Remember inspections are a process which
 Validate all the hard work which has been
going on in the school
 Showcase all the productive, innovative
approaches you are taking to meet the
needs of your children
 Allow inspectors to get a better feel of the
things we value as integrated schools
Aptis Conference April 2013 - Mary Roulston Millennium IPS

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