CCP Update for 2014 CTE Conference

Career & College Promise
Career & Technical Education
July 17, 2014
A Quick CCP Review…..
Cooperative Innovative High Schools
Career & College Promise
CCP Eligibility Review
• College Transfer Pathway
High school junior or senior
Weighted 3.0 grade point average
Demonstrate college readiness on an
assessment/placement test OR
Meet provisional eligibility criteria
3.5 GPA; 2 yrs HS English and Algebra II with a C or
better; written permission from HS principal and CC
president; limited to math and ELA courses until college
readiness is established by earning a C or better in
those courses
CCP Eligibility Review
• Career & Technical Education Pathway
• High school junior or senior
• Weighted 3.0 grade point average, OR
• Recommendation of the high school
• Must meet all pre-requisites of the chosen
career pathway
CCP Eligibility Review
• Students must maintain eligibility to continue
in CCP
• Continue making progress toward high
school graduation
• Maintain a 2.0 GPA for college
• GPA requirement effective with the second
college course
• Principals can revoke eligibility at any time
CCP Eligibility Review
• Cooperative Innovative High Schools
• Be enrolled in a Cooperative Innovative
High School
• Early colleges, middle colleges, other
models as well
Why Promote/Use CCP?*
• High school students who take college courses
are more likely to attend and graduate from
• High school students who completed a college
course before graduation were 50% more likely
to earn a college degree w/in 6 years than those
who did not
• These findings held true for all racial groups and
for students from low-income households
* Source: NC New Schools
Why Promote/Use CCP?
• Help change the school culture through
increased rigor and relevance
• Engage students and raise their level of
commitment to their postsecondary goals
• Greater alignment between high school
and postsecondary course expectations
• Reduce the length of time to finance and
earn a college degree
CCP Update Overview
• SBCC changes for CTE
• CTE-related CFNC application process
• Course weighting, the Comprehensive
Articulation Agreement, and CT pathway
• Dual credit
• Course codes update
CTE Program Changes
• Re-authorized enrollment of students into two CTE
programs of study; previously allowed only one.
• CFNC application currently accommodates only
one; NCDPI has requested an update to this
• Addition of a second CTE program of study must
be recorded manually until CFNC can update the
• Students can still enroll in one CT and one CTE
program of study, but not two CT programs of
Course Weighting Reminder
• College courses at the on the CAA currently
earn Honors credit.
– New Comprehensive Articulation Agreement
includes revised transfer course list.
– Generally, CTE courses do not receive extra
• A change to the weighting method will be
approved by the SBE in August or September
– Effective in 2015-16 (possibly 2016-17).
Course Weighting Workgroup
• Changes will include:
– Assigning the same weight for college/dual
enrollment college credit as for AP or IB
– Narrowing the current weighting scale to
the following:
• 4 quality points for standard courses
• 4.5 quality points for Honors courses
• 5.0 quality points for AP, IB, and college
courses (including Project Lead the Way
courses authorized for college credit)
Dual Credit Reminder
• “Dual credit” means HS credit for college
• Principals are not limited to only those
courses (see GCS-M-001).
• Dual credit decisions should always be made
based upon course content
– Does college course approximate or extend
high school content standards?
• Revisions coming, based upon new CAA and
College Transfer pathways
Course Code Reminder
• PowerSchool has 2014-15 course codes
available, including CTE codes
• Code requests are still arriving
• The code assignment process is very
– Plan in advance for what you need!
– “Emergency” requests will follow the standard
code assignment process.
• 2015-16 codes are scheduled to be
available in October/November 2014.
Questions, Comments, Concerns
• Contact Rob Hines
– [email protected]
– 919.807.3244

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