EBMUD Job Info presentation(12-6

Maintenance & Trades Careers
Ike Bell
Plant Maintenance Superintendent
December 2011
East Bay Municipal Utility District
EBMUD or The District
East Bay Municipal Utility District:
• Publicly-owned utility
– Water treatment and supply
– Wastewater conveyance and treatment
– Electricity production – Hydro & Methane recovery
• Servicing customers living in Alameda
and Contra Costa counties
EBMUD Service Area
EBMUD Mission Statement
• To manage the natural resources with
which the District is entrusted;
• To provide reliable, high quality water
and wastewater services at fair and
reasonable rates for the people of the
East Bay; and
• To preserve and protect the
environment for future generations.
Workforce Strategy
Ensure ample talent to do the District’s
work today and tomorrow
Blended recruitment at journey and subjourney levels
EBMUD is Seeking Candidates
for these Trainee Jobs
• Water Distribution Plumber I
• Wastewater Operator Trainee
• Electrical Worker II
• Instrument Worker II
• Machine Maintenance Worker II
• Plant Maintenance Worker II
Water Distribution Plumber
Salaries (EBMUD 2011)
• Water Distribution Plumber I
starting salary:
$ 26.10/hour ($54,300 annually)
• Water Distribution Plumber III top base
salary: $36.84/hour ($76,632 annually)
Skilled Trades Salaries
(EBMUD 2011)
• Instrument Worker II starting salary: $30.29/hr. ($63,000/year)
• Instrument Technician top salary: $43.79/hr. ($91,080/year)
• Electrical Worker II starting salary: $28.83/hr. ($59,964/year)
• Electrical Technician top salary: $38.71/hr. ($80,520/year)
• Machining Worker II starting salary: $29.57/hr ($61,500/year)
• Machinist top salary: $42.73/hr. ($88,884/year)
• Plant Worker II starting salary: $29.57/hr. ($61,500/year)
• Plant Mechanic top salary: $39.68/hr. ($82,524/year)
Wastewater Operator Salaries
(EBMUD 2011)
• WW Plant Operator Trainee starting
salary: $29.57/hr. ($61,500 annual)
• WW Plant Operator II top salary:
$41.68/hr. ($86,700 annual)
The Ideal Trainee Candidate
• Knowledge, Skills , and Abilities aligned with job
• Personal commitment to a 3-4 year “Up or Out”
• Proven achievement within trade by completion of a 1
or 2 year curriculum before hire
• Behavioral characteristics that indicate an ability to
function in a structured workplace that would include
reliability, accountability, adaptability, & production
• Problem solving capabilities suitable for entry and
• Ability to develop and maintain strong working
• Desire to make a personal connection to chosen trade
Thank You
Ike Bell
[email protected]
Recruitment Division
Job Hotline

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