Robotic Optical Inspection for Mechanical Assembly

NaDIA p-10
No Defect Is Acceptable
Robotic Optical Inspection for Mechanical Assembly
Enterasys OneFabric™ Solutions
Modular and flexible approach to solving network challenges
OneFabric Control Center
(Unified security and management)
OneFabric Data Center
OneFabric Edge
OneFabric Security
One piece at a time. Evolve to a fabric-based network at your speed.
Assembly Complexity
 Complex Assembly up to 9 Printed circuit
 20 Layer Printed Circuit Boards
 As high as 50,000 solder connections per board
 As high as 17,000 discrete components in the
 Very tight tolerances and clearance
Enterasys Innovation creates the Solution:
Mechanical Automated Optical Inspection
PAST Process Control
Electronic Assembly
Defect containment & rapid feedback
through Automated Optical Inspection and
Automated X-Ray Inspection
Mechanical assembly
Mechanical assembly has not benefited from
the high levels of automation already
achieved in electronic assembly
• Manual inspection is less reliable
• Customer satisfaction issues
• Costly escapes
Design and deployment of Mechanical AOI
System for Box Build Assembly
• High resolution Cognex camera mounted
to a 6 axis articulated robot arm
• Programed to automatically inspect and
accept/reject assembly attributes
System Design Process
Feasibility Studies and
System Architecture
Design and
Robotic Optical Inspection
Advanced Manufacturing Quality Improvements
Enterasys NDIA P10 “No Defect Is Acceptable” Perfect 10
 Revolutionary Robotic Mechanical Optical Inspection Test
Process implemented Flextronics Romania
 Will identify then prevent mechanical assembly issues
 Will improve Enterasys Quality for our Partners & Customers
“There is Nothing More Important Than Our Customers!”
Return on Investment – ROI
Continue to Raise the Bar in Product Quality Improvement!
 Improved Product Quality
• 46% improvement in average monthly return rate since implementation
• 78% improvement in average monthly DoA (Dead on Arrival) rate since
 Cost Savings
• >$200K annual reduction in RMA costs
• Logistics, Inventory, Customer support
• >$30K/year rework reduction
• Defect prevention, Improved first pass yield, Reduced number of returns
• >$30K/year pin virus prevention
• Defect detection and prevention, Rapid response and process
 Improved Customer Perception
• Quality is defined by customer experience
Thank you!
Brad Martin
VP Engineering Operations & Quality
Twitter @Brad_W_Martin
cell# 1-603-682-0727
[email protected]

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