Biological Polymers

Biological Polymers
What are they?
Biological Polymers are
large molecules formed
by many monomers
joined together.
Polymers in us
Carbohydrates: Made by joining together
monosaccharides (single sugars).
Fats: Made by joining fatty acids to glycerol.
Proteins: Made by joining amino acids together.
Health and social education is basically how
one can make healthy decisions. It focuses on
how we can mentally and physically develop.
How the AOI relates to
Biological polymers are all about healthy diets. This
unit shows how each healthy polymer is formed and
what it uses to be formed.
It relates to the AOI because it talks about the
nutrition we take in everyday. Tells us how each
polymer affects our body.
AOI and Biological Polymers
The AOI affects the unit of Biological Polymers.
This is because it makes us find out which polymers are
more useful for us at this age and how each is useful in
every way.
The AOI helps us make different decisions about how
we can balance these polymers in out diets.

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