Personal Project Written Essay Template

Personal Project Written Essay
Draft due: Feb 27
Final Report Due: March 6
Write for a formal audience!
Must use in text citations!
Must have page numbers!
Must have heading to separate each section –
it’s a report!
• Word Count Limits:
• Min – 1500
• Max - 3500
Title Page
• Includes the following items:
– Student name
– Title of project
– Word count
– School name
– year
Table of Contents
• Include the following items with page
– Goal
– Selection of sources
– Application of information
– Achieving the goal
– Reflection on Learning
– Works cited
– Appendices
• Explain why you chose this goal – what does it
mean to you personally?
• Describe the area of interaction in relation to
your project
• Outline the goal of the project and explain
why it is challenging
• Insert specifications bullet points –
specifications should be relevant and detailed
Selection of Sources
• Discuss a wide variety of your sources
(surveys, interviews, websites, images, etc.)
and evaluate them according to your project
• Talk about how useful/not useful it is or how it
sparked further investigation/ideas
• Justify why you chose certain sources
• Include an example of what your product
should be
Application of Information
• Discuss any decisions you made and why you
made them
• Were there any problems you had to solve?
And how did you solve them?
• Did your goal evolve as a result of your
Achieving the Goal
• Evaluate your product according to your
design specifications
• Write a paragraph explaining why it was
successful or not
Reflection on Learning
• How have you grown as a learner through this
process? For example, your time
management, motivation, independences,
research skills, writing skills, people skills,
computer skills, etc.
• What do understand more about your AOI and
Works Cited
• Put in MLA format
• Alphabetical order
• Must have in text citations in the body of the
report e.g.. (Farrol, 2012)
• Any additional materials that supports your
project and must be made reference to in the
• Include some of the following:
Photos from process journal
Emails, letters, correspondence

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