Project Topics

Project Topics
ECE 591-01
Project 1: Localization through Wi-Fi and
Wireless Camera
WIFI localization:
Wireless Camera:
Goal: Understand RF based localization techniques, and
how to enhance localization through wireless video
streaming and processing
Project 2: Power-efficient MAC layer protocol
for Wireless Cooperative Relay Networks;
Wireless Cooperative
Conventional research mainly focused on relatively simple cooperative relay topologies or
on the cooperation schemes under the existing infrastructure network
Achieving cooperative diversity and multiplexing gain across multiple coexisting multi-hop
cooperation links at Physical Layer
Mobile users serve as both service providers and consumers,
The cooperation provided by mobile users does not have to rely heavily on the
infrastructure networks
distributed medium access control and routing protocol
Network simulation
Goal: NS2 or Qualnet
Project 3: Cross-layer Design and Optimization with
QoS Provisioning for Cooperative Wireless Networking
The user cooperations at different protocol layers have
diverse features and challenges, which motivate crosslayer design to develop optimized cooperation schemes.
Dalei Wu, Song Ci, Haiyan Luo, and Hai-Feng Guo, "A Theoretical Framework for Interaction
Measure and Sensitivity Analysis in Cross-Layer Design," ACM Transactions on Modeling and
Computer Simulation, in press, January, 2011.
Network Simulation
Goal: NS2 or Matlab
Project 4: Rate Adaptation in IEEE 802.11
Project 5: Data Security and Privacy in
Wireless Body Area Networks
M. Li, W. Lou and K. Ren, "Data security and privacy in wireless body area
networks," IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine special issue on Wireless
Technologies for E-healthcare, vol. 17, no. 1, February 2010
M. Li, S.Yu, W. Lou, and K. Ren, "Group device pairing based secure sensor
association and key management for body area networks," IEEE INFOCOM
2010, San Diego, CA, March 2010
Project 6: Security in Cloud Computing
S.Yu, C. Wang, K. Ren, and W. Lou, "'Achieving secure,
scalable, and fine-grained data access control in
cloud computing," IEEE INFOCOM 2010, San Diego,
CA, March 2010
Project 7: Quality-Driven Cross-Layer Optimized
Wireless Multimedia Communications
Dalei Wu, Song Ci, and Haohong Wang, "Cross-layer
optimization for video summary transmission over
wireless networks," IEEE Journal of Selected Areas of
Communications (JSAC), Special Issue on ross-Layer Optimized
Wireless Multimedia Communications, vol.25, no. 4, May
2007, pp. 841-850.
Project 8: Underground Sensor Networks
Channel Modeling
Project 9: Network Solutions for Transport
Applications in Isolated Area
Data Communication Through Telephone
Satellite communications
Project 10: Cognitive Radio Cognitive
Network Simulator
Project 11: Wireless Multimedia Sensor
Networks Testbed
Setup testbed with HP netbooks
Programing for sending video and receiving video
Measure the QoS performance
Other Topics
Any topics related to wireless networks and mobile
Expectation and requirements
Repeat other research by simulation (A)
Improve existing schemes and validate your improvement
Implementation a system(A+)
Survey (A-)

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