Dean Phillips_ATP Cyber Education Project (CEP).

Columbia, MD
Nov 4-5, 2014
What is the goal of CEP?
To facilitate an effort to …
1. create broad/inclusive guidance for the
development of “Cyber Science” curricula, and
2. foster the development of a new ABET program
specific accreditation criteria for Cyber Science
Academic institutions are asking for …
◦ Guidelines for Cyber curriculum development
◦ Something that says “this Cyber program has merit”
Industry continues to demand more Cyber
professionals, and they ALSO want a
mechanism to know what they are getting
Anyone …
You … us … others who express an interest
◦ Academia, industry, government, …
We are NOT sponsored by anyone
◦ But we are happy to receive support from the
profession … and we will actively seek that
Inclusivity … broad based … “big tent”
Arlington, VA meeting on July 9
◦ Coincident with ABET Commission meetings
◦ 50+ participants
◦ Following the model used 10 years ago for IT
Annapolis, MD meeting on Sept 26
◦ A small leadership team to plan for this meeting
◦ 10 participants
Blair-Parrish report
Columbia, MD … right now
3 sub-groups are leading the effort
◦ Learning Outcomes
◦ Accreditation Processes
◦ Stakeholders
We seek help in all three areas – a MAIN goal
of this meeting is to solicit members for each
◦ David “Hoot” Gibson, United States Air Force Academy
◦ Beth Hawthorne, Union County College & ACM Ed Council
◦ Provide the cyber education community with useful
guidance (via student learning outcomes) on developing
cyber science curricula.
◦ Use the outcomes to guide the development of criteria for
cyber science program accreditation.
◦ Ray Greenlaw, United States Naval Academy
◦ Develop draft ABET Program Criteria for Cyber Science.
◦ Encourage one or more professional societies (ACM?, IEEECS?, others?) to endorse / adopt these Criteria (and modify
them as appropriate), and then facilitate the development
of an accreditation pathway thru ABET.
◦ Allen Parrish, The University of Alabama
◦ Sue Fitzgerald, Metropolitan State University & ACM Ed
◦ Define and engage stakeholders/constituencies associated
with the cyber science discipline, and identify paths for
disseminating the results of the project.
Increase awareness of the CEP project - across academia,
industry, and as appropriate, professional societies.
Recruit subcommittee level volunteers to support the
various tasks laid out in the overall CEP plan (as authored by
Jean Blair and Allen Parrish, dated 25 August 2014, updated
in October). See the Blair-Parrish report.
Refine and achieve nominal agreement on the scope of the
effort ("Cyber Science").
Make substantive progress as time and circumstances allow
in accomplishing the tasks laid out in the overall CEP plan.
NSF/CAE and Victor Piotrowski
NIST/NICE and Bill Newhouse
YOU for dedicating your time and
energy to this project

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