2014-05 Phoenix WGM IEEE 11073-10101a Amendment

IEEE P11073-10101a Update
HL7 DEV SIG and IEEE 11073 GC Meetings, Phoenix, AZ
Tuesday Q2 and Q3, May 6, 2014
Paul Schluter, GE Healthcare
Jan Wittenber and Todd Cooper, C4MI
HL7 DEV SIG and IEEE 11073 GC
IEEE P11073-10101a-D0.1g Term Status
Resp, Vent, Anesth
Essentially complete (97 terms)
Other Parameters
Complete (57 terms)
ACM Attrs & Enums
Paul, Monroe
RTM and ACM done
WCM Attrs & Enums Paul, Ken
Define new SCADA attr or use aECG?
Infusion Terms
Todd, Jeff
In progress using NIST RTMMS
NIST, Paul
RTM and NIST RTMMS, ready to publish
PHD (Personal
Health Devices)
List compiled, need feedback
Include new PHD MDC_PART_DIM and
Daidi/Michael, Jan
Goal: Draft -10101a standard ready by end May 2014
 Reconciling vent terms with ISO/CD 19223 (ISO/TC121/SC4)
 Need infusion terms and enumerations (Todd, Jeff)
HL7 DEV SIG and IEEE 11073 GC
Changes since January 2014
1. Reconciliation between IEEE 11073-10101a and with
ISO/CD 19223 – added markup and mappings.
2. Added new infusion units (arb’U, USP’U, caloric).
3. Added IHE PCD ACM alert attributes.
4. Updated column headings and clause ordering to
match ISO/IEEE Std 11073-10101-2004 format.
HL7 DEV SIG and IEEE 11073 GC
Remaining items
1. Add new WCM waveform attributes
- or simply re-use aECG REFIDs and codes?
2. Add new MDS/VMD/CHAN identifiers based in IHE PCD
- requested feedback last February; have not received any
3. Add PHD SCADA terms
- have complete list, just need a few blanks filled in
4. Merge in infusion pump terms
- to be provided by Todd Cooper, Jeff Rinda and PCD infusion WG
5. Incorporate other recommendations
- based on discussion at this meeting
HL7 DEV SIG and IEEE 11073 GC
New WCM attributes [1]
A comprehensive list of waveform attributes used by IEEE Std 1107310102-2012 Annotated ECG (aECG) and attributes used in the IHE
PCD DEC “Waveform Content Module” (WCM) have been compiled
by Paul Schluter and Ken Fuchs.
Need twelve codes in part=1 for these attributes to complete; otherwise,
use aECG attributes (in a different partition).
HL7 DEV SIG and IEEE 11073 GC
New MDS/VMD/CHAN terms [2]
A comprehensive list of all “old” and “new” MDS/VMD/CHANs
from RTM and other sources was sent out for review on 2/13/2014
at 9:40 AM CST as file «MedDevsOnly.2b.2014-02-13T09.xlsx» ;
have not received any replies.
• Terms from ISO/IEEE Std 11073-10101 Annex A (light-grey)
• Terms from ISO/IEEE Std 11073-10101 Annex B
• New MDS/VMD/CHAN terms from the IHE PCD domain (with proposed
Systematic Names and Definitions, need numeric codes) (light-yellow)
• Infusion MDS/VMD/CHAN terms (from Todd and Jeff, most require
Systematic Names and Definitions, already have numeric codes)
Based on information provided by John and Nicolas, this list contains all
MDC_DEV VMD terms found in all messages of the Cycle 8 testing (all profiles).
Will assign codes for non-infusion MDS/VMD/CHAN terms using next available.
HL7 DEV SIG and IEEE 11073 GC
New PHD SCADA terms [3]
Published SCADA terms defined by IEEE Std 11073-20601a and the
11073-104xx Personal Health Device (PHD) device specializations
have been compiled and updated with Systematic Names and
Definitions for inclusion in IEEE P11073-10101a by Daidi Zhong and
Michael Kirwan. They are listed in:
«PHD nomenclature_20140307.xlsx»
These are ready to include as a separate table in IEEE P11073-10101a.
[The PHD SCADA term codes were ‘protected’ during the code assignment
process used for RTM SCADA term code assignment.]
HL7 DEV SIG and IEEE 11073 GC
ISO/CD 19223 Reconciliation and Mapping
The RTM and IEEE 11073-10101a “old” and “new” respiratory,
ventilator and anesthesia terms are currently being “reconciled”
with ISO/CD 19223 to ensure semantic harmonization.
Note: The -10101a extension will not include ISO/CD 19223 ventilator
modes and breath-by-breath annotations; these will be added to -10101b.
The reconciliation and mapping provides the following benefits:
• defines an informative mapping the IEEE 11073 terms and ISO/CD 19223
“identifier phrases”
• improves the clarity of the IEEE 11073 definitions and systematic names
• indicates the most preferred and/or frequently used IEEE 11073 terms
• improves the harmonization between the two standards and their respective
Norman Jones, Steven Dain, Jan Wittenber, Paul Schluter and others have contributed
to this effort, expected to conclude by the 3rd week of May 2014.
Note: To date we have not materially changed any existing IEEE 11073-10101 definitions;
if there was any risk of doing that, we would create a new term. HL7 DEV SIG and IEEE 11073 GC8
How will we show changes?
IEEE P11073-10101a
IEEE requires the use of underscores and strikethroughs to indicate
text changes but these are difficult to review and extract from a pdf.
Color highlighting will be used to indicate changes for pre-ballot
review and as an html table to show informative mappings.
light blue
light green
light pink
indicates text insertions, deletions and substitutions
Indicates _SETTINGs using the über-discriminator
Indicates REFIDs that will have a REFID-synonym
«XSL Output.2014-05-04T20.html»
Unlike IEEE P11073-10101a, the html table will show the informative
mappings to ISO/CD 19223 “identifier phrases” and additional
information to facilitate review.
HL7 DEV SIG and IEEE 11073 GC

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