Feasibility & Readiness Study PowerPoint

La Plata United Methodist Church
2013 Feasibility Study &
Readiness Assessment
Are We Ready?
To Expand our Ministry,
our Facilities and
our Influence
“Grateful to the Past —
Building for Future Generations”
Our Vision
For La Plata United Methodist Church to
be a beacon of service, love and learning for the
community, the county and beyond in the name
of Jesus Christ our Lord.
“Grateful to the Past — Building for Future Generations”
Our Dream
To expand our facilities so that we may provide
sacred space in which to house our ministries, to
be available to the community, and to serve the
needs of our neighbors.
“Grateful to the Past — Building for Future Generations”
Our Methodology
Following the pattern of the Discipleship
Adventure, we will worship whole-heartedly;
fellowship lovingly, and continually include new
friends; learn and grow as modern-day disciples
of Jesus; use our gifts, talents and abilities to serve
the people around us; and share the joy and
triumph of having faith in Jesus Christ.
“Grateful to the Past — Building for Future Generations”
1892 1900
1947 1950
Our History
“Grateful to the Past — Building for Future Generations”
Worship —
Sundays: 8:30 & 11:00 AM
Wednesdays: 6:45 PM
Summer Sundays: 8 & 10 AM
Special Seasonal Services:
Three Christmas Eve Services
Ecumenical Good Friday Pilgrimage
Easter Sunrise Service
Annual Hymn Sing & Song Fest
Ecumenical Appreciation Day Service
Watch Night Service
Prayer Vigils
“Grateful to the Past — Building for Future Generations”
Fellowship —
Birthday Party for Everyone
Annual Talent Show
Lenten Dinners
Summer Fellowship Hours
Blue Crabs Baseball Games
Softball and Kickball Games
Charity Days at Hawthorne Country Club
Church Picnic
“Grateful to the Past — Building for Future Generations”
Discipleship —
Blessed Lambs Preschool
Sunday School for All Ages
The Alpha Course
Daytime & Evening
Andrew’s Circle
Financial Peace University
Wednesday Morning Bible Study
United Methodist Women’s
Book Club
DISCIPLE Bible Studies
I, II, III and IV
Walk Thru the Bible
Old Testament
New Testament
Pastor’s Monday Night Studies
The DiVinity Code
Christian Decision Making
Fruit of the Spirit
Making Good Marriages Better
Advent Studies
Christian Parenting
The Four Gospel Writers
History of La Plata Methodist
World Religions
Protestant Denominations
What Happens When We Die
Missions and Service —
Food Pantry & Safe Nights
Congregational Care Ministry Team
Prayer Chain
Volunteers in Mission Work Trips
Change the World Day
Rebuilding in Nanjemoy
Supporting LifeStyles of Maryland
Support Children’s Aid Society
Global Missions Partnering with Miguel Mariena,
our missionary in Nicaragua
Paying our Apportionments in full every year
School Supplies Drive
S.H.A.R.E. Food Distributions
Church World Service Blanket Tree
Mission 100 Support
Financial Support for local residents
Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts & Boy Scouts
Alcoholics Anonymous & Recovery Groups
Witness &
Sharing our Faith —
The Great Pumpkin Patch
Presence on the World Wide Web
Inviting our FRANs
Friends, Relatives, Associates & Neighbors
Healing Services
County Fair Food Booth
Newspaper Advertising
Christmas & Easter Flyers
Building our Reputation in the Community
“Grateful to the Past — Building for Future Generations”
Getting Us to
This Point
• What to do with the historic bell from Bethel Church?
• Bell Tower Committee Established (2009)
• Presentation to Admin. Council estimating $100,000 for tower
• Request by Council to consider church’s future, to do a Master Plan
• Building Committee established (2010)
• Dreaming – Congregational Focus Groups (January 2011)
• Architectural drawings developed (2012)
• Readiness Assessment and Feasibility
Study (Jan-Feb. 2013)
“Grateful to the Past —
Building for Future Generations”
The Benefits of Building
• Expand our Sunday School spaces to meet our present and future needs.
We are presently out of rooms!
• Expand our Pre-School. They have a waiting list.
• Expand small group bible study programs.
• Increase total number of parking spaces, all would be paved! No more
gravel lot.
• New Fellowship Hall more than doubles present hall, and will allow over
250 people for sit-down dinners, wakes and receptions.
• New Fellowship Hall can create new revenue streams by hosting more
community events like theater plays, speaking engagements, youth sports
“Grateful to the Past — Building for Future Generations”
More Benefits
• New Fellowship Hall at parking lot level, allowing for full handicapped
• Food Pantry will be larger, more easily accessible and manageable,
allowing clients to line up inside, instead of out in the elements.
• Initially, Blessed Lambs Preschool will have seven classrooms, an
increase by two, plus there is room for two more classrooms on the lower
• Dedicated Youth Room - where their space will not be invaded by
community groups and other activities.
• Dedicated Music Room, for the Cherub Choir, for smaller subsets of
preschool children and for piano lessons.
“Grateful to the Past — Building for Future Generations”
More Benefits
• New Church Office suite with reception area near elevator, a pastor’s
study, conference room, and staff offices.
• Larger, nicer parlor, still the Wilbur Hancock Memorial Parlor but upstairs
across from church offices.
• Additional storage in lots of areas of the new space.
• New Chapel that can actually be used, seating about 100. Can be used for
small private weddings, funerals, and will be Rev. Jones’ primary
classroom for his Pastor’s Monday Night Studies.
• The New Chapel will also be at parking lot level allowing for direct access
without steps.
• The Heating and Cooling will be an economical “Geo-Thermal” System.
• Visit the church website and review your dream list…
“Grateful to the Past — Building for Future Generations”
An Opportunity
To expand our ministries,
To grow our church family,
To better serve our community,
To fulfill our calling from God.

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