Fall 2014 Junior Parent Night Powerpoint Presentation

Welcome to
Junior Parent/Student Night!
 Eric
Calloway, Counselor
 Caroline
 Gloria
Rubio, Counselor
DaSilva, Counselor
Dublin High School Statistics
For the Class of 2014 (411 students),
50% attended a four-year college or
 45% attended a two-year community
college (98% in a transfer program)
 11 enlisted in the military
 5 enrolled in vocational programs
 4 worked full time
70 attended CSU campuses (17%)
44 attended UC campuses (9.7%)
92 attended private and out-of-state colleges
University of California
Serves top 1/8 of high school graduates
 MINIMUM GPA of 3.0 to apply
Comprehensive Review includes:
 “a – g” courses in grades 10 – 11
 Number of “a-g” and AP/Honors courses
 SAT or ACT with Writing scores (single best
 Quality of the senior year
 Extra-curricular activities, special talents,
leadership exp., personal statements
UC Eligibility in the Local Context
Top 9% ELC from high school identified
by self-reported grades on UC app and:
Must have completed 11/15 “a-g” courses
 Must have at least a 3.0 GPA
 Must have at least one ACT/SAT score
 Results shown on “Application Status” page
after application deadline and review.
Applications will be automatically screened by
UC system upon submission.
UC Entering Class of 2014
Admit rate ranged from 17% at UCLA to
67% at Merced
 Average GPA range was 3.61 at Merced
to 4.18 at Berkeley
 Average test score range was 24/1638 at
Merced to 31/2071 at Berkeley.
 Average cost of attendance for the UC
system is $33,000
UC best bets…
Do the best you can in “a-g” courses
Take advantage of other academic/
leadership/unique opportunities
Continue to retest to get best scores and
complete testing in Nov/Dec of senior year
Remember SAT Subject Tests no longer
required, suggested for Engineering and
Chemistry majors
Apply to numerous UC campuses
California State University
Serves top 1/3 of high school graduates
Students ranked on Eligibility Index (formula
based on GPA/SAT/ACT calculation)
Requires SAT or ACT without writing
Average cost from $19,628 (Monterey Bay) per
year to $26,158 (SDSU) on-campus
EAP (ELM and EPT) tests taken by all juniors in
Early Start Program - mandatory remediation
during summer after graduation
California State University data:
GPA range was (2013) from 3.09 at
Dominguez Hills to 3.78 - 4.08 at San
Luis Obispo
 ACT range was from 18 at San
Bernadino to 29 at San Luis Obispo
 SAT range (Critical Reading and Math
only) was from 850 at Dominguez Hills to
1227 – 1388 at San Luis Obispo
Impaction means that they have more
applicants than spots available
 Some CSU campuses are impacted for
all majors
 Some campuses rank applicants
(according to EI) by major
 Some campuses are not impacted,
except for Nursing/Pre-Nursing
Best bets…
Apply to local CSU East Bay and
San Francisco State - Alameda County
residents given priority at both
Look at CSU Eligibility-only campuses
such as Stanislaus, Bakersfield,
Dominguez Hills, East Bay, Maritime
Academy, Channel Islands
Western Undergraduate Exchange
Students who are residents of WICHE states
may enroll at participating two- and four-year
college programs outside of their home state
at a reduced tuition rate.
 WICHE states include: Alaska, Arizona,
California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana,
Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon,
South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming.
 Website: wiche.edu/wue
 Some GPA, major, tests score requirements
Private/Independent Colleges
75 Independents in California alone
9 out of 10 receive financial assistance
Most schools guarantee 4 year graduation
Every admission file is personally reviewed
Classes are smaller with actual professors
Personal attention to succeed in college/life
Costs and admissions standards vary widely
Test scores can open access for financial aid
California Community Colleges
All students should take “a-g” requirements,
especially MATH if they wish to be in a
Transfer Program
 DUSD Concurrent Enrollment Program for
10-12 graders-earn HS and College credit
 LPC Early Admissions Program
 Transfer Programs/AA & AS/Certificates
 Average cost $1400/year
 No SAT or ACT testing required
CCC Transfer Agreements
LPC has TAGs with 10 California State
Universities and 6 University of
California campuses. In addition,
agreements are in place for Arizona
State University and University of the
Pacific and St. Mary’s College (Moraga)
 LPC has Concurrent Enrollment
Programs with CSUEB and UC Berkeley
Trade/Technical Schools
Specialty schools such as Heald,
Wyotech, California Culinary Academy,
Dublin Beauty College
 All have different entrance requirements
- check with admissions
 All have financial aid available as well
What should I be doing now???
Earn the strongest grades possible through
summer after junior year
 If wishing to attend a four-year college, make
sure to remediate any D/F grades in courses
that have a (P) on your transcript
 Take SAT and/or ACT multiple times (single
best sitting vs. superscore)
 Consider taking test prep course (possibly
from Catalyst or Revolution Prep)
What should I be doing now???
Visit campuses/attend Open Houses and sign up in
Career Center to hear college presentations from
admissions representatives
Attend Tri-Valley College Fair at Livermore HS on
October 15; attend Financial Aid Night at DHS on
February 4
Discuss finances as a family
Start looking for scholarships now (check on college
and DHS websites)
Start thinking about what you are looking for in a
Thank you for attending!
General Q & A – 10 minutes
 If you have a specific question about
your student, please call Mrs. Campisi
(833-3300, x7050) to set up an
appointment with your student’s

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