CMOS Inverter Using PSpice

CMOS Inverter Using PSpice
Which doesn’t look like the I-V curve of a typical CMOS inverter.
MOSFET Models:
Threshold Voltage
• IRF150
– Vto = 2.831
• IRF9140
– Vto = -3.67
• They overlap when Vin is limited to 0-5V.
– There is never a value of input voltage where both
transistors are in pinch-off/saturation or
What to do?
• To get a more common voltage transfer
characteristic for a CMOS inverter:
– you need to use a higher voltage range for
Vin and VDD
• Older CMOS used 7.5,12,15V, and even +/- 15V.
• or
– you change Vto in the device model when Vin
is between 0-5V and VDD = 5V.
Changed Vto = 1V for IRF150 and Vto = -1V for IRF9140.
Why is the peak current not a VDD/2?
• IRF150
– Kp=20.53u
– W=.3
– L=2u
• IRF9140
– Kp=10.15u
– W=1.9
– L=2u
• IRF150
– Kn = 5.05mA/V2
• IRF 9140
– Kp = 9.64mA/V2
Closer to Ideal
• Still have differences between
– the NMOS and PMOS PSpice models
• and
– differences between the two PSpice models
and our piecewise models

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