Resident Forum Presentation

Involve and Respond
June 2010
Who we are …Did you know?
 The council serves over 230,000 local people, delivering many
services throughout the area.
 Our customers include all those who live, work or learn in
Milton Keynes and those who visit the area.
 Our employees range from teachers and engineers to
planners and social workers who provide vital local services
24 hours a day, seven days a week including:
What we do… did you know?
The council provides 100 s of local services including:
 Supporting older people and people with disabilities to be as
independent as possible.
 Supporting local education through libraries, schools,
nurseries and children’s centres.
 Managing and maintaining our road network.
 Operating waste and recycling services.
 Providing access to decent, affordable housing.
 Registering births, deaths and marriages, as well as civil
weddings and citizenship ceremonies.
Our Aim: Involve and Respond Project
‘To improve local services by involving you, our
customers, listening to your views and ideas and
responding to your concerns’
 As customers who already take part in resident’s
forums we want to hear your ideas about how we can
do this…
So what… the benefits of involving you
 Improved quality of services that meet real needs and
community values.
 New ideas and creative ways of doing things.
 A more vibrant local democracy
 Greater equality
 We can understand and meet the needs of our growing
Involving you:
 Where are we now?
 There are some great ways to get involved in MK including:
 We want to build on this and create more opportunities for you
to have your say.
Our new framework
 How will we improve?
The Involvement Framework:
Setting out our commitment to:
•involving you through feedback,
consultation and participation;
•responding effectively to your concerns.
•telling you the difference your
involvement has made.
MK has a new approach to involving our local
communities and being responsive to your needs
Your views… Tell us so we can improve
Group activity: (flip charts)
– How would you like to get involved in local issues?
– Do you have any new ideas to encourage local people to get involved?
– What stops you from getting involved?
– Do you think getting involved makes a difference?
 Your ideas will help us improve the way we involve our

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