Cal-X stars Business Accelerator 2013 Portfolio

 4 to 8 companies in 12 week programs 4X a year.
 $6K invested in each full time founder in 12 wk program.
 20 companies in 5 year program.
 Average investment $1 to $7 million per co. 5 yr program.
 Backed primarily by Leonhardt Ventures - $145 mil. put to
work so far.
 50% breakthrough stem cell innovations.
 Allows innovators to focus on innovation.
 Balances long term stem cell developments with cash
producing businesses.
Goal to be the third major exchange in the USA with a focus on
smaller offerings and smaller firms.
 We only accept conscious capitalism companies.
 We feature, promote and facilitate local investing. We are
trying to get all Starbucks and Whole Foods to post local cos
looking for funding as an example.
 We promote social impact investing.
 We promote super high levels of transparency.
 No day trading! No short trading! Sell orders take up to 90
days to fill for price stabilization!
 Comprehensive research on all companies.
 The first NURTURING EXCHANGE - we do not just list
companies we nurture them, mentor them, guide them, help
them - so do all our members.
Bioheart, Inc. - muscle stem cells delivered via
a needle tipped catheter into post heart attack heart tissue to grow
bands of new blood pumping muscle.
Heart failure is the leading cause of hospitalization with more than
50 million people affected.
No other treatment addresses the underlying problem of recovering
post heart attack scar tissue to beating pumping new muscle until
Bioheart’s MyoCell.
4 clinical trials have been completed and published already. The
most recent Phase II/III study demonstrated 95.7 meters
improvement in exercise capacity for Bioheart MyoCell treated
patients over placebo (minus 4 meters decline). This beat our
primary study end point goal of 16 meters improvement by over
$8 billion is spent on heart failure drugs each year which provide
only minus 4 meters decline. CRT Heart Pacers with over $6 billion
in sales provide only 16 meters improvement. No other stem cell
type studied to date has demonstrated an ability to better 53 meters
improvement. Bioheart MyoCell is the only stem cell composition
that has demonstrated an ability to grow new contractile muscle in
heart scar tissue. Cost of product: $1000 Sell Price: $23,000
Market: 50 million heart failure patients worldwide. Expected Sales
After Full Launch: $5 billion annually.
Human Heart, Proof of Concept
Contractile muscle tissue growing in the scarred portion of the heart following treatment with myoblast
* Hagege et al., Viability and Differentiation of Autologous Skeletal Myoblast Grafts in Ischemic Cardiomyopathy,
Lancet, Vol. 361, 2003: 491-492
MyoCell: Heart Failure Treatment Process
following thigh
muscle biopsy
Injection of skeletal
myoblasts into scar
tissue using
Scar tissue
following heart
MARVEL-1: Mean Change in 6-Minute Walk Distance (meters)
 MyoStim Pacers - World’s first
heart failure pacemaker with capability to recruit via a
homing signal stem cells to damaged heart tissue and to
differentiate those stem cells into muscle.
 Boston Scientific bought Guidant for $27 billion a few
years ago to gain access to their heart failure pacemaker
that only increase the pumping ability of un-damaged
heart tissue and does nothing to recover post heart attack
scar tissue. The MyoStim Pacer is the first with the ability
to recover heart scar tissue.
 The company also has a quicker to market electrical
stimulator for diabetic foot ulcer wound healing. Cost of
product: $1000 Sell price: $23,000 for heart product.
Cost of product: $1000 Sell price: $4500 for wound
healing product. Market size: 75 million patients
worldwide. Expect Sales After Full Launch: $2 billion
StemCellBra - The World’s first women’s bra
designed to recruits her own stem cells to her breast tissue to
augment fullness without surgery.
The bra has a conductive gelatin liner and is connect via two small
wires to an electrical stimulator worn at the belt line that is about the
size of a cell phone.
The product is destined to increase breast cup size by one size
every 12 weeks of use.
The StemCell Bra team is working with Dr. Joel Aronowitz arguably
the world’s leading breast reconstruction surgeon. He recently
utilized stem cell based treatments to successfully treat the actress
Suzanne Sommer’s breast in recovery from cancer.
StemCellBra has a working collaboration with BioCell Therapies of
Minneapolis that has developed a method and kits for collecting and
using stem cells extracted from fat tissue combined with fat tissue
for breast reconstruction. Cost of product: $400 Sell price: $2000
Market: Over 1 billion women worldwide. Expected Annual Sales
After Full Launch: $10 billion
Heart Pump Cath – - The company and it’s
affiliated partners have developed three models of heart pumps on
The first is set to go to market in Europe 2Q 2013 and to be approved
for sale in the USA by 3Q 2013. Data from clinical trials in Europe
demonstrate a 33% improvement in cardiac output
an substantial improvement of renal function in treated patients.
This competes against the Abiomed Impella which achieved $160
million in revenues that past 12 months. It also competes the large
Intra Aortic Balloon Pump market that exceeds $500 million.
The 2nd and 3rd generation Heart Pump Caths feature nitinol
assemblies which permit a heart pump to be staged assembled
within an aorta. This design allows for the lowest profile
percutaneous catheter delivery combined with the highest flow rate
pump. We intend to partner with and invest in two related
companies Cardiobridge
 and Procyrion Both
have developed aortic temporary pump systems complimentary to
our own. Cost of product: $1000 Sell Price: $25,000 Market: 25
million advanced heart failure patients worldwide. Expected Annual
Sales After Full Launch: $500 million.
HeartScore – 
Do you know your HeartScore?
The company has developed a composite single number scoring
system for heart disease risk.
The composite components come from a series of genetic tests,
blood tests, a lifestyle questionnaire and monitoring program and an
artery scan. All enrolled into the program receive a SecondBeat
watch which has an infrared scanner that determines blood vessel
inner endothelium wall health on a real time basis.
If you sit all day and eat hamburgers your risk score displayed on
the watch face will go higher and if you exercise and eat healthy
foods your risk score will lower – all real time. We intend to work
with Dr. Clyde Yancy of the Heart Failure Society of America
(HFSA)to implement a compliance monitoring system that ensures
compliance with all HFSA guidelines to reduce un-necessary
hospitalizations from heart failure. We complete this in partnership
with @ home heart failure monitoring technology provided by NI
Medical of Israel. Cost of program: $40 a month. Sell price
program: $100 to $400 a month. Market: 50 million heart failure
patients worldwide and 1 billion people worldwide that can afford to
monitor their heart disease risk with commitment to their own
health. Expected Annual Sales after full launch: $400 million
 BioPace – The World’s first biological pacemaker made of
living cells just the way our natural pacemakers work.
 Natural living cell pacemakers outperform steel can
battery powered electronic pacemakers with implantable
steel leads by a long margin of reliability.
 Over $8 billion of battery powered artificial pacemakers
are sold each year.
 The BioPace technology may also be used to treat A-Fib
as an alternative to burning of freezing tissue ablation
 Approximately $800,000 has been invested to date to
advance this platform to market. A number of patents
have been issued and/or licensed. Cost of Product: $400
Sell Price: $6000 Market: 100 million patients worldwide
Expected Annual Sales After Full Launch: $2 billion
 AortaCell – Utilizing muscle stem cells to strengthen
weakened aortic walls to treat small aneurysms before they
become a rupture risk.
 Treating the necks of aneurysms where stent grafts are
placed to reduce risk of neck dilatation and device leaking.
 A non-invasive electrical signal belt that treats aortic wall
Our core team introduced innovations in this field in the late
1990’s that led to market leadership positions with the
TALENT stent graft. We are now ready to obsolete our own
technologies. Aortic blood vessels are made of living cells
and are best repaired by living cells. Cost of product: $2000
Sell Price: $23,000 Market: 1 million aneurysms diagnoses
worldwide annually. Expected Annual Sales After Full
Launch: $800 million
 EndoCell – Utilizing endothelial progenitor cells derived
from fat tissue to repair damaged artery walls utilizing an
adventia needle delivery catheter.
 Cost of Product: $2000 Sell Price: $6,000 Market: 100
million+ arterial disease patients worldwide. Expected
Annual Sales after Full Launch: $600 million
 CoroStim – Utilizing vibrational energy to avoid arterial
plaque formation in coronar arteries in high risk patients.
 A boat hall vibrated does not have barnacles. The same
principle applies here.
 Cost of product: $1400 Sell Price: $12,000 Market: $10
million+ high risk patients worldwide Expected Annual
Sales after Full Launch: $100 million
 Apparatus and method to remove plaque from heart valve
leaflets, spray on a scaffolding material and cell seed
 Allows patients to keep their own heart valve instead of
getting an artificial implant.
 – College credit for every form of learning.
 – Cause brand marketplace.
 Cheryl Fudge – The build a bear of fashion.
 Kindheart Lionheart – Inspirational books.
 Kindheart Lionheart Adventures – Charity travel co.
 Food Trikes & Scooters – Empowering entrepreneurs.
 Wine Country Baseball – Cape Cod League of West.
 Test Prep Vids – Quick test prep phone downloads.
 – Crowdfunding site.
 SocMe Academy – Teaching social media to companies.
 Cal Xport – California export assistance.
 Live TV crowdfunding.
 Expected to air Tuesday and Thursday primetime on
 Produced by Go Go Luckey
 Format similar to The Voice except Startups.
 3 companies per hour.
 3 mentors, hosts, judges.
 Each mentor introduces a company they are mentoring.
 May forever change television.

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