CH7 LabVIEW複合數據-陣列與叢集
 Array
 Auto-indexing
 Polymorphism
 Cluster
 Bundle
 Unbundle
 Error cluster
 Error handling
7-1 Array
7-2 建立Array
7-3. Auto-Indexing
7-4. 2D Array
Building Arrays with Auto-Indexing
EX 7-1
7-5.Functions for Manipulating Arrays
Initialize Array
Build Array
Array Subset/Index Array
Delete From Array
練習7-2 Array Excersise
7-6. 陣列多態性 Polymorphism
練習 7.3 陣列多態性
練習 7.3 陣列多態性
7-7. 複合運算
7-8. 叢集 Clusters
Creating Cluster Controls and Indicators
Setting the order of cluster elements
Bundle Function
Unbundle Function
練習7-4: Cluster Practice
Bundling and Unbundling by Name
Pop-up menu for Cluster
練習7.5 Cluster
7-9 Interchangeable Arrays and Clusters
Comparison Function Modes for Arrays and Clusters
7-10. Error Clusters and Error-Handling Functions
Error Case Structure
Merge Errors
Generating Errors in SubVIs
Displaying Error Messages
Explain Error dialog
CH8 圖表和圖形
Key Terms
Waveform chart
Plot legend
Scale legend
Graph palette
Strip mode
Scope mode
Sweep mode
Mechanical action
Waveform graph
XY graph
Intensity charts and graphs
3D graphs
Digital waveform graph
Waveform data type
Mixed signal graph
Multi-plot cursor
Dynamic data
8-1.Waveform Charts
Chart Update Modes
Advance->Update mode
Single-Plot Charts
Multiple-Plot Chart
Stacked and Overlaid Plots
Multiple Y Scales
Chart History Length
 By default, a waveform chart can store up to 1,024
data points.
 If you want to store more or fewer data, select Chart
History Length . . . from the pop-up menu and
specify a new value of between 10 and 2,147,483,647
練習8-1. Temperature Monitor
Using Mechanical Action of Boolean Switches
Single-Plot Waveform Graphs
2D Array to Graph
練習 8-2: Graphing a Sine on a Waveform Graph
Multiple-Plot Graphs
XY Graphs
Showing Optional Planes in an XY Graph
Chart and Graph Components
Format and Precision tab
Scale Legend
Plot Legend
練習8-3: Using an XY Graph to Plot a Circle
Graph Palette
Graph Cursors
Graph Annotations
練習 8-4: Temperature Analysis
Intensity Charts and GraphsColor as a
Third Dimension
An intensity graph displaying a 2D array of
intensity values as colors
練習8-5: The Intensity Graph
The Intensity Graph
3D Graphs
Time Stamps, Waveforms, and Dynamic Data
Waveform Functions
Waveform Functions
Digital Waveform Symbol
練習8-6: Generate and Plot a Waveform
Digital Data
Dynamic Data
Mixed Signal Graphs
Mixed Signal Graphs
Multi-Plot Cursor
Exporting Images of Charts and Graphs
Windows .emf, .bmp, and .tif
練習8-7: Temperature Limit

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