Year 5 Professional Responsibilities

Year 5 Information Session
and Professional Responsibilities
Professional Responsibilities
Winter Term Structure
Professional Fridays
Applying to Graduate
MEd Program Overview
Professional Responsibilities
In preparation for graduation, Teacher Candidates have a
number of professional responsibilities
 The ‘Professional Responsibilities’ document outlines
specific responsibilities including applying to graduate,
requesting transcripts, as well as applying to OCT and
Find it here:
Course Registration
It is the student’s responsibility to ensure they are
registered in the proper courses.
 Year 5 Teacher Candidates must be registered in Science,
Phys-Ed, Visual Arts and Observation & Practice Teaching.
 Changes will not be made to the schedule.
 Capacities are firm.
Year 5 Structure
Six weeks of Nipissing courses, followed by 2 block
practicum placements
Please note the following dates:
Monday, January 5th- Friday, February 13th (Nipissing classes)
Tuesday, February 17th-Friday, March 13th (Block 1 Practicum)
Monday, March 23rd- Friday, March 27th (Turn-around week)
Monday, March 30th-Friday, April 24th (Block 2 Practicum)
Please note that the Turn Around Week is intended for making up missed days during
the first block of practicum as well as preparing for your second block placement.
Professional Fridays
 All graduating students are expected to attend a series of Professional Fridays. A
variety of information sessions and professional development workshops will be
held each week.
 OCT, QECO, Federations, EQAO, Building Futures, etc.
 Please mark the following Fridays on your calendar. Workshops will be held from
approximately 9:00 am – 4:00 pm.
Friday, January 16th, 2015
Friday, January 23rd, 2015
Friday, January 30th, 2015
Friday, February 6th, 2015
 A detailed schedule will be available on the Nipissing website:
 Registration is required. More details will be communicated in December.
Applying for Graduation- Nipissing
*All Teacher Candidates must submit an application for graduation to Nipissing University and
Wilfrid Laurier University.
*You will be notified via e-mail when the June, 2015 Nipissing application is available. Please
do NOT submit your application until further notice.
Nipissing Application:
Apply to graduate via Web Advisor (
Under “Academic Profile”, select “Application for Graduation”
Convocation Fee: $30.00
Deadline to apply: April 1, 2015
Do not list majors, minors or teachables on this application
How do I pay the Nipissing Graduation fee?:
On-line banking (using your 7 digit Nipissing ID number as your account number) OR
Mail a cheque payable to Nipissing University (include your Nipissing Student ID on the cheque) to:
Nipissing University
Attn: Finance Office
100 College Drive, Box5002
North Bay, ON Canada
P1B 8L7
Applying for Graduation- Laurier
Laurier Application:
 Visit LORIS to submit the Graduation Application (Student Services tab)
 Must apply by January 15, 2015 for the Spring 2015 Convocation.
 A fee of $23.15 will be applied to your account.
 Applications will be accepted between Jan. 16, and April 15, but will be assessed a late fee of
$81.10 which will be applied to your account.
 Declare majors
 No applications are accepted after April 15, 2015.
Annual Convocation
June 16, 2015
…Save the date!
• Tuesday June 16, 2015
• Portal:
• Graduate Information, Guest Information, FAQ, RSVP online
• Convocation Advisory Committee
• A self completed application form is required to be considered for
an Award. Submit one application and be considered for all
• Recipients will be determined by the Awards Committee and
• For a full list of 2014-15 Convocation Awards and for printable
application forms, please visit our website:
OCT Application FAQ….
OCT wants a “Report from Faculty” sent to them
as part of the required documentation I must
submit. How do I get this?
Nipissing sends a list of graduates automatically on your behalf, which is
Nipissing’s recommendation to OCT in terms of who is eligible to be
certified as a teacher. You do not need to request this.
 Please enter your OCT number on Web Advisor as soon as you
have completed your registration for membership with OCT. Without
this, we cannot submit your recommendation.
 Recommendations are usually sent in late May.
Police Vulnerable Sector Check Deadline – January 23, 2015
164 Police Background checks outstanding as of today
Several boards require additional requirements regarding PVSCs in order to obtain
placements ex: Toronto District, Peel District, Upper Grand school boards etc…).
Please ensure that you visit the following link to ensure you have all necessary
Why would you not receive a placement?
 No placement received from school board (pending)
 No Police Vulnerable Sector Check received
*Your Faculty Advisor information will be included within your placement
Master of Education
Master of Education in Curriculum Leadership
 Full-time & Part-time
 MEd website:
 Application Deadline:
 January 15, 2015– Full-Time MEd
Full-time vs. Flexible Full-time
 Enrolled in three-four courses in the first two terms
 Geographically available
 Eligible for scholarship funding
 May not work more than 10/hr/wk for NU
Flexible Full-time
 Register as full-time
 Ideal for working professionals engaged in continued employment
 May enrol in fewer courses each term as their work or personal
schedule permits
 Not eligible for scholarship funding
Time to Completion
Full-time ME.d. students must complete all degree requirements
within two years or six terms. They have the option to apply for
up to three one-term degree extensions
Flexible full-time students must complete all degree requirements
within three-four years
Part-Time MEd students must complete all degree requirements
within 6 years.
Program Routes
1) Thesis Route (6 courses + thesis)
 two 3-credit core M.Ed. Courses
 Four additional 3-credit M.Ed. courses*
 Thesis (12 credits)
 30 credits in total required
2) Major Research Paper Route (8 courses + MRP)
 two 3-credit core M.Ed. Courses
 six additional 3-credit M.Ed. courses*
 Major Research Paper (MRP) (6 credits)
 30 credits in total required
Program Routes
3) Research Project Route (9 courses + Research Project &
 two 3-credit core M.Ed. Courses
 seven additional 3-credit M.Ed. courses*
 EDUC-5186 Research Project & Seminar Course (3 credits)
 30 credits in total required
Admission Requirements
Proof of graduation with an approved undergraduate degree
from an accredited university with at least a B standing
Three Confidential Recommendations – two academic
(preferred) and one professional
A résumé detailing educational and professional experience
A statement of interest of approximately 1000 words explaining
the value of undertaking a Master of Education program in your
teaching/learning environment, experience with research, and
research interests
Proof of proficiency in English may be required for graduates of
foreign universities whose first language is not English
MEd Faculty Advisor
Once admitted to M.Ed. program, you are assigned a Faculty
If completing a thesis or research paper, you will need a
supervisor for your research – may be someone other than your
faculty advisor
Financial Support
Financial Support for full-time graduate students:
University and government scholarships are available
Ph.D. Dean’s List Funding - The top six selected applications
(based on graduate level course average and application
package upon entry) will receive a tuition scholarship of the
value of per term tuition (not including ancillary fees)
 or e-mail the School of
Graduate Studies, [email protected]
 or e-mail Financial Aid at
[email protected]
Grad Studies Contacts
Dr. Michelann Parr, Chair – Graduate Studies in Education
[email protected] or ext. 4424
Office: North Bay Campus, A305
Janice Vaillancourt
Secretary – Graduate Studies in Education
Contact for North Bay and Brantford campuses
[email protected], ext. 4378
Office: North Bay Campus, F307
Jessica McMillan
Schulich School of Education
[email protected], ext. 4264
Office: North Bay Campus, F201

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