E-Governance and a Case Study IS Security Audit of Railways

Presentation on
E-Governance and a Case Study IS
Security Audit of Railways
by SAI-India at the
6th Performance Auditing Seminar
• IT has been playing an important role in our
day to day activities
• Use of IT has increased many folds mainly due
to its advantages like simplicity, speed and
• E-government is just the use of information
and communication technology for providing
improved government services transactions
and interactions for business, citizens and other
arms of government
Types of E-governance
• E-government could be:
• Government to Citizen (G2C)
• Government to Business (G2B)
• Government to Government (G2G)
• Government to Employee (G2E)
Important Activities
• Important activities that take place within each
of these domains are:
• Providing information over the internet (e.g)
regulatory services, general holidays,
• Two way communication between the
government agency and citizens, a business
or another government agency
• Conducting transactions like paying taxes
and applying for services and grants
• Benefits of governance are:
• It is convenient and cost effective for business
• Citizens benefit by getting easy access to the
most current information available without
having to spend time, energy and money to get it
• Anticipated benefits include efficiency, improved
services, better accessibility of public services
and bring in transparency and accountability
• It helps to bring the people together and ensure
greater participation
• E-governance risks:
• Network Security
• Safeguarding IT assets, data and
• Maintaining confidentially and integrity of
• Cyber Security – this gives rise to the need
for IS Security Audit

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