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2012 - 2013
Searching for a Student
Using the Search tab:
After logging in on Infinite Campus click
on the Search Tab. Then type in the
Student Name and hit “Go”.
Note: This should be a student who is
on your caseload that you want to
either create an IEP or work on Progress
Using your existing Caseload:
If you are familiar with IC and have
created a caseload before…
After logging in on Infinite Campus
Click on Index, then Student
Information, then on the + next to
Special Education, then on Caseload.
Your existing caseload will show. Select
the student.
Search using your caseload:
Click on:
1. Index
2. Student Information
3. (+) Special Ed *Click the “+” not the
4. Caseload
You should notice the headings for that student have changed to the
You can view old IEPs, create new
ones, generate Progress Reports,
and many other things
Contains the
student’s family
and contact
You can view and add people
to the student’s IEP Team.
You will be starting a new IEP so you will need to create one. From the
Documents tab
Click on
Select the appropriate IEP from the list.
Use this for Graduating Seniors who
do NOT have a current IEP thru EOY
Use this for Dismissals or for Initial
Click to Create
the IEP!
This will bring up all of the sections of the IEP to be entered.
Each section will be discussed below.
(i.e. IEP 11-12 10th to 12th Grade)
The box on the left lists all the sections of the IEP. This is the order
they will appear as you complete the IEP. As you complete each
section of the IEP. This is an example of a 10th-12th grade IEP. The
other plans will contain most of these same headers.
To save information in that section.
You also can click on the:
. If you do not want to go
through the IEP in sequence, you can select which ever
heading you want to work on but be sure to click save when
you have entered the information.
To begin click on the Save tab:
. You will now notice
that several of the headings are now in bold letters. These
sections have been populated with student and family
information. Any section that has been worked on and
saved will be in bold letters.
DO NOT check this box! Rose will check it upon receipt of
your IEP packet and SE Document Checklist. Once the IEP is
locked you will NOT be able to unlock it.
Enrollment Status
Complete the following:
Check your Formula Guide!!
You do not have to fill in the remainder of the page:
Students Demographics and Parent Demographics
These sections are automatically filled in by clicking on
. This information should be checked for accuracy. If the
information is not correct, please correct it in the pull down or contact Rose for
The next step in completing the IEP is creating a Team Meeting List. You
must make sure everyone who needs to be invited to the IEP is added to
your team. A general education teacher associated with the student
should always be added. The Director of Special Education and the
Building Administrator (if needed only).
Click on
You will now see the following new headings:
Find & Link New Team Members: allows you to add team members who
exist in the IC system. This should be used for any family member or
school staff member. You begin filling in each area by clicking on the
Assignment of Rights:
View only – only gives the member the right to know that there is an IEP
Read only – only allows member to see the contents of that IEP
Write – may write in the IEP
Role – titles that you may assign district team members (Case Manager,
Service Provider, or Advisor)
In order to be available on the sign-in portion of the IEP, the person must
be added to the team using Find and Link for family and staff and/or Enter
New for all others.
Once you had added a team member, click save and continue the same
process to add new Team Members.
*NOTE: When assigning a Case Manager and/or Service Provider, please
use the Find & Link or the student might not appear on the assigned
To enter a person who is not in the Infinite Campus system
You manually enter a team member and their contact information.
This should only be used for someone who is part of the team.
Once you have created your Team Members, you must create a
new meeting.
Next fill in all appropriate boxes
Must be checked so that all invited
participants appear on the IEP.
Team Member Name and Role will appear here
If you are returning to an existing meeting listing, double-click on the
date and time listed to re-open the window so you can alter what needs
to be altered. You need not create a second listing with the Create New
Meeting option.
If someone is not listed that you need to appear on the sign-in sheet,
return to the Team Members tab and Find & Link them or Enter New
Member. If they are not on the team, they can not be added in this
Eligibility for SPED
Please select the correct box. The Area of Disability will automatically
pull over from the Enrollment Status page.
Complete as necessary
If the student is determined eligible, identify the area of disability
and continue to develop the IEP.
If the student is determined ineligible for all areas of disability
considered and is documented as not qualifying for programs
and/or services, proceed directly to the Provision of Notice to
Parents with the exception of a Specific Learning Disability. The IEP
team must provide a statement of the basis for this determination
before continuing to Notice.
To create goals:
Click on
It is recommended that you enter the goal manually or from your own
database . NOTE: IC does provide a “goal bank”. This allows you to
select from a large list of pre-set goals. Keep in mind that if you select
from the bank you cannot delete it (only Rose can!). Also, you will
need to check the number of objectives attached to make sure that
they are what you want and that there are not too many of them.
**If you have a goal in the IEP, you MUST report on each objective.**
You may create your own goals but they will not be stored in the Annual Goal
Bank. If you are planning on reusing goals, you should make your own goal
bank which you can cut and paste to the IEP.
Once you have an annual goal you may add specific objectives by clicking on
New Plan Goal Objective.
The Related Services and Special Education Program pages use the same
interface to enter data, so the directions are identical.
You will now see the following page:
ESS will complete their Related Services in this section: Areas marked with an arrow are required
fields for either IC or auditing purposes. Most are self explanatory but some are explained.
Click if student
requires ESY*
Range of Time
Minimum minutes to be seen
Minimum sessions
to be seen and
Check your Formula Guide!
*Note: ESY services must be entered as a separate service/program. The start and end dates, time
and location may differ from the regular school year and must be specified. The ESY box must be
checked in order for it to appear in the ESY section of the IEP.
Complete in the same as above except for areas specified. Complete each area that
is in RED and has an *.
Teachers will complete their Program Services in this section:
Range of
sessions to be
seen and
Minimum minutes to be seen
Note: ESY services must be entered on the Related Services and/or SE
Program Services pages as a separate service/program. The start and end
dates, time and location may differ from the regular school year and must
be specified in detail. The ESY box must be checked if the services are for
ESY in order for it to appear in the ESY section of the IEP.
Educational Setting
This area must now be completed! Please use the Formula Guide to determine
the correct amount of GE Setting (min/wk); SE Setting (min/wk) and the Total
Instructional Time (min/wk) for the student. Educational Setting documents
the time spent in an instructional location. Any time spent in a general
education classroom (including while receiving special education services and
programs) is documented as General Education Setting.
You must note in this section “what is required”. Also, you must list duration if the
start/end dates fall outside the regular duration of the IEP. For example: the
student will have door to door thru the end of year but not next year. Please
specify that in this area! This also has to be communicated to the Parent,
Transportation, Rose and on the IEP!!!
Medicaid Statement
Medicaid Consent: This feature is part of the new eIEP.
Consent should be requested at every IEP meeting for every SE student
(don’t assume that they don’t qualify just because they have other
insurance---please ask for consent anyway!).
At the conclusion of the IEP meeting, have the parent check “yes” and
sign. If the parent did not attend the IEP, send the consent letter home
with their copy of the IEP to look over.
A copy of the new consent letter is available on the HPS Website. Fill in
the top “Student Name” and “Request Date” sections. Include a copy of
the letter with your IEP packet and Checklist that you send to Rose.
Passive consent will be assumed if we do not receive a response to the
contrary after 10 school days. Rose will mark the IEP accordingly.
Notice for Provision of Services and Programs (FAPE)
The purpose of the Notice for Provision of Services and Programs is to inform; it
is also the evidence of the district’s offer of a Free Appropriate Public Education
(FAPE). It is required that the district provide Notice for the Individualized
Education Program (IEP) process. Though the Notice form is not part of the IEP
form, it is an essential part of the IEP process and aligns with the IEP form.
This is a required form that must be completed with every IEP or IEP
amendment. This document is not part of the IEP and therefore must be
attached separately.
•Initial IEPs: Use the Initial FAPE form. A parent signature is required on the
Initial FAPE for all eligible Initial IEPs. Parent signature is not required for
ineligible Initial IEPs.
•Annual Reviews/Re-evaluations/Amendments: Use the regular FAPE form
which does not have a parent signature line.
•Please check out these resources available from our OAISD (Podcast section):
Student Name will auto fill
Check the appropriate box as to why the parent is receiving Notice:
FOR INITIALS: A parent signature is required on the Initial FAPE for all
eligible Initial IEPs. Parent signature is not required for ineligible
Initial IEPs.

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