Qualtrics and Mturk Workshop

Qualtrics and Mturk Workshop
Matthew W. Baldwin &
Lucas A. Keefer
• What is Qualtrics?
– An intuitive, online utility for data collection with
a variety of options
• Why use it?
– Online data collection is…
– Fast
– Easy
– Allows you to selectively sample
– Allows you to have more diverse samples
Before you can begin…
• Go to kuclas.qualtrics.com
• Make an account using your KU e-mail address
• Log-in (either from the home page or from the
KU portal)
Front Page
• When you log in, you will have a complete list
of your surveys (if you have made any)
• Plus tabs to
– Create a new survey
– Edit an existing survey
– Distribute
– Look at your data, and more
Piped text allows you to use text given in a previous response
The Rich Text Editor allows you to change font,
text size, bold/italicize/underline, etc. any text
Just write choices in here
Change type of question
(e.g. how many responses)
and appearance
(e.g. vertical v. horizontal
Types of items in the
matrix and appearance
options, like MC Items
If you want a running sum to total
some fixed number (e.g. 100)…
Number of Items
and Labels
If you don’t want
numbers on top
How many items
people rank
Just write the things you want people to rank
Number of statements
and columns
Side by Side items let you put two scales
together (e.g. Y/N & How certain are you?)
Write any items
or group names
to left,
determine how
many of each on
the right
“Participant Defined” allows
participants to create their
own category labels
Other Item Types
• There are many, many other options for items as
well. For example,
• Heat mapping allows participants to click
anywhere on an image and records where people
• Qualtrics can time how long Ps stay on any page
(in seconds)
• Qualtrics can allow you to use parts of images as
response items (or use images as responses to
MC questions)
Under Survey Flow, you can
determine the order in which
items are presented to Ps.
Block labels are important for
keeping track of item placement.
Add new blocks to Survey Editor
Add a branching path to the survey flow
(e.g. different versions for M/F)
Randomize the
presentation of blocks
The Randomizer function
allows you to effectively
create online experiments
For long term data collection (e.g. diary studies)
you can create e-mail lists for surveys
Qualtrics gives you an anonymous link
composed of random letters/numbers
Qualtrics is also wellintegrated with a number
of social networking
platforms, if you would
like to distribute your
survey that way
List of individual responses (with completion times)
You can click here to download your data
General reports
on data (e.g. item means)
and open-ended responses
Completion statistics
You can select only a subset of items or responses
When you are done, your data will
be available anywhere with an internet connection
in either .csv or .sav (SPSS) format
• Key things to remember:
– Browse the list of item types…you’ll find
something to fit your needs
– Label Blocks AND Questions. Block labels are
useful for Flow and Question Labels are used in
your data file
– Collaborate to get feedback from others
• Key things to remember:
– Build a survey library with measures you
frequently use
– Online survey research must be short
– What we gain in sample, we lose in control!

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