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Purchasing – New Ways of
Working Together – The Launch!
“Providing Value for Patients”
Effective as of:
19th January 2015
Procurement Hierarchy
Cathy Ellis
Non-Executive Director
(Procurement Lead)
Pete Cross
Director of Finance
Sharon Murphy
Deputy Director of Finance
Sarah Holliehead
Head of Strategic Sourcing
Jackie Moore
Financial Controller
Jennifer Holloway
Transactional Procurement
Strategic Sourcing Team
Sarah Holliehead
Head of Strategic Sourcing
Vacant (B6)
Senior Sourcing Specialist
CHS Division
Vacant (B5)
Sourcing Specialist
Mohamed Patel
Analyst & Catalogues
Vacant (B6)
Senior Sourcing Specialist
AMH and FYPC Division
Strategic Sourcing
• CIP Projects
• Competitive Tendering
• £30k to £111k Local Tenders
• £111+ EU Tenders
• All contract management including lease contracts
• NHS Supply Chain Contract Management
• E-Catalogue Management
• Data production to inform high value projects
• Reporting to all divisions
• CE Waiver Approval
• Procurement Partners Management
• Customer Account Management (non-LPT)
• Procurement Strategy for the Trust
• Supplier Relationship Management
Transactional Procurement Team
Jackie Moore
Financial Controller
Jennifer Holloway
Transactional Procurement Manager
Matthew Buxton
Senior Buyer
Chris Blake / Tracy Bryan
Senior Buyer
Mukesh Patel
Urmila Zinzuwadia
Lorraine Newstead
Assistant Finance Manager
Accounts Payable
Tr a n s a c t i o n a l P r o c u r e m e n t
• Customer service
• Raising of Purchase Orders via iProc
• Governance – assurance that ad-hoc procurement is in accordance with Trust
rules and regulations
• NHS Supply Chain transactional management
• Quotation Exercises (£10k - £30k)
• Sourcing assistance (£1 - £30k)
• Purchasing Card management and administration
• Lease asset management (photocopiers, franking machines, etc)
• Reporting – iProc and Supply Chain
• Standardisation Projects
Procurement Initiatives
• Task and Finish Group instigated by Director of Finance. Initiatives include:
 Improve official order coverage of Trust non-pay spend
 Training
 Commodity reporting
 Standardisation
 Review of use of purchasing cards
 Review of policies – e.g. internet shopping
• Strategic Sourcing Initiatives committed to delivering £500k - £1m savings
throughout 2015/16.
• Strategic Sourcing review of processes and contract documentation

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