IMC Example

As part of your Marketing Plan, you are required to create
a promotional plan as described in the instructions. There
are two parts:
1. A chart that explains the action item as shown in
the following slide
2. Mock-ups of your ads or promotional materials as
shown in the following examples
As you’ll see, most of these are nothing more than
PowerPoint slides created by students like yourself taking
MKT 301. You are not expected to be design experts or
graphic artists. Your instructor simply wants to see that
you can demonstrate the concept of matching message,
imagery, and choice of media to your target audience. Be
creative and have some fun with this!
Action Item Name
Action Item
What is the action item? Usually a sentence will be adequate.
This should be a very specific and detailed description of the action
item including, but not limited to, the medium, message, theme,
visuals, activities and any other relevant information. The description
should be sufficiently detailed that the item could be implemented
based solely this information. The description of your action item is the
most important part of the action plan. For example, writing that you
are going to run a TV commercial is not acceptable. You must describe
in detail what the commercial will be about, the theme, length, style
and general content. This would apply to other mediums as well.
What do you hope to accomplish with this action item. Be specific.
Target Market
What segment are you targeting? You need to be specific but concise.
How much will this action item cost your firm? This need not be exact
as this can be complicated. However, if you search the Net you will find
examples of advertising costs.
How will you measure the success of the action item?
The first three are for a non-profit providing low
cost spay and neuter services.
She has Mother’s Day four times a year
Print ad
Most of these kittens will die before
their first birthday. All will be
homeless, sick, and hungry.
Help us stop overpopulation by
donating your time and skills to
Animal Coalition of Tampa. With your
help, we can save a mom cat from
being a mom cat.
Mom cats can produce up to four litters a year.
Which is four too many
Contact information
Animal Coalition of Lutz
It’s Cinco de Meow at ACT
Direct mail postcard
Tampa Animal Coalition performed
over 5000 cat and dog sterilizations
last year. But the need is so much
greater. Your corporate table can
help subsidize spay and neuter
services to Tampa’s unprivileged
kitties and puppies.
Call 813-555-1212 to reserve your
Join Mewguel and his friends for an
evening of music, food, drink and
prizes to help end pet overpopulation.
Date, time, place
Animal Coalition of Lutz
Low Cost Spay and Neuter
Animal Coalition of Lutz
The next two are for Elder Care, an in-home
service for retirees.
Print ad
Taking care of our
Elder Care
“Say No to nursing homes
and YES to in-home care”
Call us at 1 800 555 1234
Elder Care
We’ll do
everything, so
you don’t have
Phone number
The next two are for Kid Keeper, a device that
allows parents to keep track of their kids in busy
public places
Print ad, billboard or online ad
Kid Keeper, the latest in child tracking technology.
Not only will it keep them safe, but they will love the fun
colors and designs.
Call today to receive special pricing!
Print ad or movie theatre slide
The next one is a bit unique. It is a hand drawn
storyboard for a YouTube video promoting a
summer camps for aspiring film makers. You are
not expected to do anything this involved, but
feel free to give it try.
The one that follows it is a print or online ad for
the same camp.
This could be you one day…
A summer camp to bring out your creative film
aspects and unique ideas. Visit our twitter
This is an amusing print ad or billboard for a pet
boarding or daycare business. Note the cute
The last three are ads for Officer Friendly, a nonprofit associated with a police department.
The last of the three is another hand drawn

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