Welcome to Honiton Sixth Form

Why join us?
• Subject choice/class size/facilities
• Practicalities- can they get there?
Cost? Length of day?
• Pastoral support while they learn
• Help to make the next steps
• ‘Feels right’ – will they fit in? Will
they enjoy it?
• Why wouldn’t they come here?
• It’s no different from Year 11
• Facilities aren’t as good as some
• I need to be more of a grown up
• I want a change of teachers/surroundings
• Honiton wouldn’t support me in my
• I want to take subjects Honiton
doesn’t offer.
• Support from tutor, teacher, Andrea, myself, Mr
Holt… Student Contract
• Bulletin and emails to communicate
• Parent links- via Progress Day, Subject meetings,
emails, phone calls: Student, tutor and
parent/carer sign a Contract.
• System of close monitoring of
attendance/progress via tutor/Contact
Meetings/Subject and Progress Reviews
• Student is expected to take more responsibility
as an independent learner over these very fast
two years.
• Support with UCAS and aspirational career paths eg 2012
Tommy Shepherd Nottingham
Maths A* A* A* A
Jess Doe
Medicine A B C
Annie Frost
Adult Nursing A A Dist D
Sam Loescher
Elect/Comm Engineering A*A A B
Kayleigh Pearse Reading History and Economics A B B
Claire Baily (ABCD) Keele English Literature
Tasha Haward (A* B B) National Youth Theatre/ski season
Lauren Facey (A* Dist B) Art Foundation degree
2011: Aaron King (Edinburgh; Chemistry), George Taylor (Leeds;
Geophysics), Emma Weir (Bristol; Biochemistry)
Apprenticeships- Rhys McGrath, Corrie Payne
Our ALUMNI are very precious to us!
• Nuffield Bursaries, Engineering Educational
• Sutton Trust
• Debating Matters, BASE contest, Oxbridge and
ATOM conference, Medical Society, Newsletter,
Volunteering experiences abroad and at home,
RAG, APAUSE, mentoring, Cool to be Clever,
Community- Mayor Making, Radio Station, SET,
work experience, paid work….
• Much of this is communicated in Bulletin
Maybe why we have very few NEET students…..?
• Inter-tutor set competitions eg Quiz
• Leavers’ Day, Activities Week, Prom,
Christmas event, trips, skiing, Poland,
dry slope skiing, cinema, singing group,
music and drama
• Friendship groups…but we don’t
organise these!
• Chris-ATOM Med, Nuffield Bursary, Medical application, work
• Kate- Canadian- new to sixth form, APAUSE, Oxbridge
Engineering Project, Nuffield Bursary…
• Andy- Law, Debating, Krakow, Sutton Trust.
• Alex- Theatre, Music, SET Chairperson, Mayor Making, cleaner
• Tara- non-Uni, Mayor making, Ethiopia, subject support
• Dale – Fundraising Chair, RAG Chairperson, our Totaliser!
What makes the Honiton experience different?
• Small enough to be able to care about the
• Good teaching in small groups in a wide range of
• Will they enjoy it, build confidence and be well
prepared for their next step?

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