Veterans -

Veterans’ Program Staff Training
Roles, Responsibilities & Programs
 Awareness of the Veterans’ Program Mission
 Comprehension of Veterans’ Staff Roles &
 Awareness of U.S. Department of Labor, Veterans’
Training Service (USDOL/VETS) Expectations
 Awareness of Organizational Relationships
 Awareness of Additional Veterans Programs
Employment and
Title 38, United States Code Section 101(2)
(38 U.S.C. 101(2)); 38 U.S.C.; 38 U.S.C.,
Chapters 41 and 42
Jobs for Veterans Act (JVA) – P.L. 107-288
Veterans’ Program Letter No. 07-10
(Refocused Roles DVOP/LVER)
DEO Veterans Program Mission
To promote and maximize the employment of
Florida's veterans, especially veterans with barriers
to employment, utilizing the complete menu of
One-Stop Career Center resources.
 USDOL/VETS funded programs are those authorized under Title
38, as amended by P.L. 107-288 and
through the Jobs for Veterans
Act (JVA)
 Offer a noncompetitive Jobs for Veterans State
program to eligible veterans
 Offer competitive grants for veterans with special
Grants (JVSG)
 Provide Veterans’ program monitoring and training through service
reporting, desk audit tool, and Technical Assistance Visits to
provide guidance
Roles and Responsibilities
 Florida’s Veterans Employment Program is Jointly
managed by DEO and Regional Workforce Boards
 Local Veterans’ Employment Representatives (LVERs)
and Disabled Veteran Outreach Program specialists (DVOPs)
fill a particular niche in the overall set of services for Veterans
and should be used to provide specialized services
Organizational Relationships
•Plan Approval
•Budget Approval
•Memorandums of Understanding
•Notice of Financial Award
Jobs for Vets State Grant
• Funding Agreements
•Program Monitoring
• Budget Approval
•Grant Compliance
• State Plan Approval
• Financial Monitoring
• Performance Oversight
•Program & Financial Monitoring
•Performance Contracts & Oversight
24 Regional
Workforce Boards
*Service Providers*
*Training Providers*
*One-Stop Career Centers*
•Local Policies
•Day to Day Duties
•Performance Oversight
Outreach to Employers
Intensive Services
(Case Management)
Training & Employment
Services for Veterans
Outreach to Veterans
Preparing Quarterly
Manager’s Reports
Full Range of Employment &
Training Services to Veterans
DVOP Roles & Responsibilities
Disabled Veterans Outreach Program (DVOP) staff focus on
providing intensive services to veterans with priority to Special
Disabled, Disabled veterans and other eligible veterans.
DVOP staff will facilitate services to veterans with barriers to
employment and with special workforce needs through case
DVOP Activities & Services
To prepare disabled veterans for employment, match them with support
services and reduce or eliminate barriers to employment DVOPs provide:
 Assessment, Counseling, Intensive Services & Case
 Referral to supportive services & jobtraining, certification, etc.
 Job development services and employer visits
 Job Referrals
 Maintain up-to-date Network Guide
 Organizational Outreach
DVOP Organizational Outreach
DVOP staff will conduct outreach to locate economically or educationally
disadvantaged veterans & veterans with barriers to employment, especially veterans
with special needs & homeless veterans through the following organizations and/or
Vet Centers, VA Medical Centers and Outpatient Clinics
Satellite offices
HVRP Projects: Tampa, Cocoa Beach and Tallahassee
Homeless Shelters
Community based and civic organizations
Veterans' Service Organizations
Veteran Service Officers (VSO) offices
DVOP Outreach Locations
 Workforce Partners and Service Providers
 Veterans’ Affairs Educational Coordinators
 Faith-Based Organizations
 Reserve and National Guard units
 Venues and locations where veterans
 Universities, Colleges and Community Colleges to solicit
Veterans Administration (VA) Work-Study Assistants
LVER Roles & Responsibilities
Local Veterans Employment Representatives (LVERs) will
ensure that veterans are provided the full range of priority
workforce services in the One-Stop Career Center, providing
functional oversight over the Veteran's Program.
LVERs also serve as advocates for employment and training
opportunities with businesses, industries and community
LVER Activities & Services
LVERs will accomplish their mission of supporting veterans’ and
employer’s employment goals in the following ways:
Conduct Job Search Workshops
Provide job development and job referrals
Provide career and vocational guidance
Provide Labor Market Information (LMI)
Refer veterans to supportive or remedial services
Provide services to recently separated veterans
LVER Activities & Services
 Conduct Veterans' Program training for all
Career Center associates
 Refer veterans to job-focused and outcome- driven training,
certification, etc.
 Develop and maintain updated (quarterly)
Contractor List
LVER Advocacy Role
As an employment and career advocate for veterans, the LVER is expected to:
 Plan, conduct and participate in Job Fairs for veterans
 Contact Unions, Apprenticeship Programs, Chambers of
Commerce, Economic Development Units, etc.
 Contact employers to develop employment opportunities for veterans
 Coordinate with Business Services staff and participate
outreach activities
in employer
LVER Advocacy Role
 Facilitate and participate in Employer Mass Recruitments for new
and expanding firms
 Facilitate and maintain Employer Recruiting Agreements
 Conduct presentations on Florida’s Veterans' Program
to veterans at the RWB meetings
and services
 Contact Reserve and National Guard Units
 Contact other venues and organizations providing
services to veterans.
DVOP/LVER Staff Training
All DVOP and LVER staff will complete National Veterans’ Training Institute
(NVTI) required courses within 18 months of hire.
 Orientation to Veteran Services (LES Prerequisite)
 USERRA 101 & 102 (Recommended) userra101 userra102
 Veterans’ Benefits Online (Highly Recommended)
 Labor & Employment Specialist (LES) Required for all staff
 Case Management (CM) Required for DVOPs
 Promoting Partnerships for Employment (PPE)
Required for LVERs
Additional Veterans Programs
 Homeless Veterans’ Reintegration Program (HVRP)
 Homeless Female & Family Veteran Reintegration Program
 Veterans’ Workforce Investment Program (VWIP)
 Military Family Employment Advocacy (MFEA) program
 Transitioning Incarcerated Veterans’ Program (TIVP)
 REALifelines
 VA work study program
 Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment (VR & E) program
 Transition Assistance Program (TAP)
Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment
Five VR&E office locations in Florida:
 Toni Washington, VR&E Lead DVOP, provides state- wide
coordination of program reporting and awareness training on the VA’s
VR&E program
 Regional VR&E locations with VR&E DVOPs:
St. Petersburg
Ft. Lauderdale
Transition Assistance Program
TAP: Assists separating military members and their spouses in their
transition to civilian society, at 12 TAP sites in Florida.
Pensacola NAS
Eglin AFB
Hurlburt AFB
Tyndall AFB
Mayport NAS
Jacksonville NAS
Patrick AFB
MacDill AFB
U.S. Southern Command
Key West NS
U.S. Coast Guard (Miami)
Facilitators must be certified through NVTI
2011-12 New Veterans Initiatives
With the expected return of Soldiers, Sailors and National Guard
members from Iraq and Afghanistan as well as an increase in
Military draw downs for all services (BRAC planned in 2013 & 2015),
New initiatives have been established both at the National and
State levels to promote the continued employment of our Veterans
Veteran Employment Tax Credits
VOW to Hire Heroes Act of 2011, enacted 21 NOV 2011, provides an expanded
Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) to businesses (including non-profits) that
hire eligible unemployed veterans.
DEO Communiqué The Vow to Hire Act 2011–WOTC Benefit for Hiring Veterans
On 9 FEB The IRS released guidance and forms for employers to use when claiming
the newly-expanded tax credit for hiring veterans.
For more information, including how to claim the credit refer to:,,id=253949,00.html
 DEO Veterans Program Mission
 USDOL/VETS Jobs for Veterans Grant
 Organizational Relationships
 Roles and responsibilities of the LVER/DVOP staff
 Additional veterans programs
Contact Information
Shawn Forehand
Paul Furbush
State Veterans’ Program Coordinator
Asst. Veterans’ Program Coordinator
Phone:(850) 245- 7424 /Fax: (850) 921-3495 Phone:(850) 921-3867
[email protected]
[email protected]
Additional Resources:
DEO Veterans’ Workforce program Resources
DOL Vets Veterans Program Letters
DVOP/LVER Assistance | Laws, Rules & Regulations
An equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. All voice telephone numbers on this
document may be reached by persons using TTY/TDD equipment via the Florida Relay Service at 711.

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