Troop 2012
Annual Plan Committee Revision
August 21, 2012
1. Scribe - Give meeting minutes to Ms. Gina to update website
2. Take attendance
3. Review Activity Budget (see below)
4. Review Annual Plan and Decide on Open Items (see below)
5. General Business (see below)
6. September Event Planning (see below)
• Troop 2012 is a “pay-as-you-go” troop for camping activities.
• Last year’s per scout cost to participate in every campout was almost $800.
• This year’s per scout cost to participate in every campout will be almost $1000.
• The troop charges annual dues of about $50 to pay for council registration fees,
neckerchiefs, patches, handbook, etc.
• The troop has no income outside fundraising to cover other expenses, like:
 Merit Badges ($400 annually)
 Adult Training (partial reimbursement)
 Merit Badge books ($5 ea.)
 Scout Training (hopefully in the future)
 Patrol Camping Gear (hundreds $$)
 Awards (blue cards, totin’ chip cards,
rank patches, parent pins)
 Financial Aid
 Patrol patches
 Troop Flag (one time $140)
 Incidentals like website hosting fees,
bank checks, Blue Card binder, leader
handbooks, gas on road trips, pizza, etc.
2013-2014 Per Scout Campout Cost
How Much
September 2013
October 2013
Wilderness Survival/Greenville Farms
November 2013
December 2013
Cabins/High Roads
January 2014
Cooking/High Roads Cabin
February 2014
ILST/Rock Enon Cabin
March 2014
New Scout/High Roads
$35 (1 night)
April 2014
$0 (canceled)
May 2014
Caving/Seneca Shadows
$70 ($45 just hiking)
June 2014
Tubing/Skyline Ranch
Events: 10 – 1 canceled = 9
Average Cost: $46.05
Total: $414.50
2014 Summer Camp Cost = $363/scout and $145/adult
2014-2015 Per Scout Campout Cost
How Much
September 2014
Shenandoah Park (waterfall)
October 2014
November 2014 (adults pay)
Army/Navy Game, Annapolis
December 2014
January 2015
Goose Creek Freeze-O-Ree
February 2015
ILST @ Highroad (cabin)
March 2015
Caving in West Virginia
$76 ($47 just hiking)
April 2015
Goose Creek Camp-O-Ree
May 2015 (adults pay)
Hershey Park
June 2015
Virginia Beach
Events: 10 (20 nights)
Average Cost: $59.22
Total: $533
2014 Summer Camp Cost = $363/scout and $145/adult
Annual Plan Review
• Committee Review calls for review of:
• Service Projects:
• Change from Honor Flight to Stone Ridge 5K
• Stone Ridge July 4th Parade
• Believers Baptist Church
• Fundraising:
• Spring Fundraiser such as mulch
• Monthly Events:
• Need new December event due to concerns surrounding Antietam outing
• New Scout Campout missing
• Webelos Open House not scheduled
• April Day Trip (Andrews AFB) canceled
• Having adult coordinators is a pre-requisite for calendar events (Day Trips,
Fundraisers, Service Projects, etc).
August 2014 - November 2014
*PLC vote one replacing Honor Flight with Stone Ridge *Timeline for Wreath Fundraiser (beginning October)
5K race service (helping immediate community, Oct 18) *Shenandoah Speedway coordinator needed (Oct. 4)
*Fall AUMC service?? (during troop mtg or other date) *Scouting for Food (SFF) coordinator needed
December 2014 - March 2015
*Select new December Camping Activity (see options
on next slide)
*Spring fundraiser?
*Select Webelos Open House date(s) for Jan./Feb.
*Is there a New Scout campout?
Alternate Winter Camping Option
Cold Weather campout from Suggestion Box:
April 2015 - July 2015
*April Andrews AFB Day Trip canceled
*Virginia Beach for June Beach Campout
*May Hershey Park campout moved up 1 week (now on *Vote on Stone Ridge 4th of July Parade participation
Mother’s Day weekend )
*2015-16 Planning meeting bumped up to July 13
General Business
• IMPEZA: Zach Miller
• Quartermaster: Elijah Sauder has stepped up to be the new quartermaster
and will work w/ ASM Mr. Frias.
• Order of the Arrow: Mr. Frias will organize elections this fall
• Patrol Leader Action Item: Please turn over your monthly Patrol Meeting
schedule to the Webmaster (Miss Gina) before school starts, along with any
information you’d like posted on your Patrol Webpage.
• Sign-Ins: Should there be a sign-in or other form of attendance at Troop
events including meetings, campouts, & service projects? If so, who is
responsible and will it be in place for the 9/9 Troop meeting?
• Fundraising:
• Status on Moe’s quarterly fundraiser (Brad)
• Timeline for Fall Wreath sales
• Spring fundraiser? Mulch?
September Event Planning
• Sept. 9 - Troop meeting planner
• Sept. 16 - Troop meeting planner
• Sept. 23 - Troop meeting planner
• Shenandoah Campout, Sept. 26-28
• Sept. 30 COH (Brad requested to be MC & plan the meeting)

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