The Congressional Range and Test Center Caucus

The Congressional Range and
Test Center Caucus (CRTCC)
March 2013
Mike Wiedemer Maj Gen USAF (Ret)
931 308-1923
CRTCC Background
• 2011 – Major Range and Test Facility Base (MRTFB)
community support groups visiting U.S.
Representatives ask why Congress does not hold
hearings on health and status of MRTFBs when they
are so critical to maintaining U.S. military’s technical
and operational superiority – why Congressional
interest in Depots, Programs and MWR but not MRTFs?
• 2012 – Arnold AFB Community Council (ACC) broaches
MRTF Caucus with Congressional and Senior DoD
representatives - favorably supported
• 2013 – On January 22, the Congressional Range and
Test Center Caucus is established
CRTCC Registration Letter
CRTCC Charter
• Mission: To educate members of Congress on the
strategic value of ranges and test centers and
support their operations
• Goals: 1) Support stable budget authority for
long-term investment in range and test center
infrastructure; 2) Provide regulatory relief for
greater flexibility in supporting government and
commercial customers
• Chairmen: Congressmen Black (R-TN) and Kilmer
CRTCC Path Forward
• Recruit membership – Congressman Black will send out formal
invitations to other House Representatives shortly
• Launch Caucus and Website - Congressman Black’s staffer, Tucker
Brown, will be POC for D.C. related issues
([email protected] 202-225-4233)
• Need RCC members to contact their community support groups.
Community support groups need to recruit the maximum number
of Congressional Representatives to join the Caucus
• Community support groups may contact Arnold Community Council
President, Steve Cope ([email protected] 931 212-4093) or
ACC Long Range Planning Chairman, Tom Best
([email protected] 931 967-0751) if they have any
CRTCC Summary
• Extraordinary Opportunity to capture
Congressional support for test centers –
similar to what the DoD Depots enjoy
• Critically needed during upcoming
sequestration and budget battles
• Will energize community support groups to
fully populate Congressional RTC Caucus!

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