U.S. Refugee Policy

U.S. Refugee Policy
Derek Cowart
Juliann Tang
Nargis Sheerazie
Roberto Lorenzo
Junko Oyama
● Refugee: any person who is outside any country of such
person's nationality or, in the case of a person having no
nationality, is outside any country in which such person last
habitually resided, and who is unable or unwilling to return to, and
is unable or unwilling to avail himself or herself of the protection of,
that country because of persecution or a well-founded fear of
persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in
a particular social group, or political opinion.
● Asylee: Asylum is a form of protection granted to individuals in
the United States who have been persecuted or fear they will be
persecuted on account of their race, religion, nationality,
membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.
● In 1940’s, World War II- the admissions of 250,000 Europeans+
additional 400,000 admissions
● In 1950’s, Communist regimes- refugees from Hungary, Yugoslavia,
Korea, China, and Cuba
● In 1970’s, the fall of Saigon- South Asian refugees
● Cold war
● “Refugee Act of 1980” Provided a consistent and systematic
procedure for admissions and resettlement of refugees
 The Federal Refugee Resettlement Program
 Administered by the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration
Office of Refugee Resettlement, and the Department of Homeland
What’s Happened…?
Border Protection, AntiTerrorism, Illegal
Immigration Control
- Compromise Immigration
Reform Act
- Tightening of refugee
Iraqi Refugee Crisis (2007)
United States first reached out to the Iraqis in 1970s. However, the promises
made are no longer being kept.
- 4 million Iraqi refugees from Iraq and other countries such as Syria and
- Spillover has caused…
1. Destabilization to the neighbors
2. The Iraqi War into a regional conflict
As a result…
- largely influences to the United States and Middle East.
- September 11th attacks: Only 700 were able to resettle out of the promised
37,000 because of security reasons
- Refugee resettlement is one of the areas in which the US
government fails to consistently address
- Since 1980, refugee policy has been scarce and limited,
and almost entirely unsuccessful.
- When United States, as a leader in refugee policy, reduces
their admissions level, other countries do the same.

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