Miele Vacuum Cleaner Special Autumn Sale BLCCJ

Miele is a leading brand of
German premium household appliances
Special Autumn Sale
Miele Vacuum Cleaner S6250 Cat & Dog
42% OFF
Regular Retail Price: \49,980 (incl. tax)
Special Retail Price: \29,400 (incl. tax)
About S6250 Cat & Dog
 AirClean system with Hyclean Dustbag, motor protection, filters promises the highest
level of hygiene and active airClean filter neutralizes unpleasant odours
 Powerful motor, Miele’s most efficient floor head called airTeQ and Turbobrush suitable
for vacuuming dirt and hairs are equipped
 Miele Vacuum cleaner is tested to the equivalent of 20 years usage*
*Calculated for a use of 45 minutes per average on a weekly basis at maximum output
Conditions of purchase
Eligible person must be member of company, or family members or friends of the employee
Please do not resell the product online for any business purpose
Payment is accepted by Cash On Delivery service only (Yamato Transport)
Delivery Cost (1,575 yen) and Cash-on-delivery fee (315 yen) is charged
Products are B grade appliances (There is only damage on the box, but there is no damage on the
products and functionality)
Products are for sale while stock lasts
Refund is not allowed for this special autumn sale
Miele Japan Corp
Meguro Yamate Place 2-10-11 Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 153-0063 Japan
Tel: (03) 5740-0033
Miele is a leading brand of
German premium household appliances
Special Autumn Sale
Application Form
FAX number: (03) 5740-0035
Special Autumn Sale Information
Product: Miele Vacuum Cleaner S6250 Cat & Dog
Application Period: Dec 4th 2013 ~Dec 15th 2013 (Application Form must arrive or
postmarked by Dec 15th 2013)
Application process: Please fill in and send the Application Form via FAX or postal mail
1. FAX:
(03) 5740-0035
2. Address: Meguro Yamate Place 2F, 2-10-11 Meguro, Meguro-ku,
Tokyo 153-0063 Japan
[Please fill in the following information]
Vacuum Cleaner S6250 Cat & Dog
Number of request
Name of Organization / Company
Telephone Number
Delivery Address
(If differ from above)
Preferred Delivery Date*
(Time slot can not be specified)
*Preferred Delivery date must be specified by December 20th 2013
Sunday and public holiday can not be specified for delivery date

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