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Why are we here?
To see
where we’re
the future
To talk
about what
To paint
a picture of
a bright
future for our
Where is RBS now?
responded to
We’re proud
of what
we’ve done
We’re no
focused on
the business
But this is about looking
The future of your business will look quite
different, so future banking will need to be
different too.
It will be simpler, smarter and built around
our customers’ ambitions.
We’re committed to the future of our
customers and bringing investment, jobs
and growth to the whole country.
We’re breaking the mould, with new
products and services which help our
customers to constantly move forward.
We’re in the business of supporting the
future needs of our customers today.
We’re ready and able to make our
customers’ future a reality today.
We’re focused on your future, not ours.
We understand your business
The future is a place where personal relationships are more important
than ever, and rigorous training and accreditation is the norm. We’re the
only bank investing in our people through professional training and
accreditation from the Chartered Banker Institute.
Our Relationship Managers spend two days every year working in local businesses to
better understand their business - and to help customers meet their challenges and
We’re delivering business expertise
We want everyone to feel that they can start a new business - and
know that we can and will support them in that journey. We’re giving
our Relationship Managers specialist training in key business sectors
and functions.
We have partnerships with the NFU and British Hospitality Association to deliver business
expertise and solutions in the agriculture and leisure sectors and to accredit our local
specialist staff.
We’re making business banking easier
and simpler
Technology is becoming more sophisticated and products easier to use –
and our interactive business banking app is externally recognised as the
best around and Britain’s most used.
Webchat, Bizcrowd, call-me-back services, business banking teams
available 8am-8pm weekdays and 9am-2pm on Saturdays all make
business banking easier.
In the future, all banking will look like this. Customers will be managing their money
absolutely wherever and whenever they like.
We share our customers’ ambitions
We share our customers’ ambitions for the future,
because we can only succeed when they do.
We want to be an integral part of their journey.
This means sharing their futures.
We’re doing this by providing more access to new technology to do
their banking and delivering services to customers to help them grow
their businesses.
We understand our customers’ ambitions and we’re in the business of supporting your
future needs today.
We’re lending to SMEs and we
want to lend more
We’re lending at some of the best rates we have ever offered. We
have £20bn to lend to support growth in our customers’ business.
We are proactively writing to 100,000 creditworthy business customers telling them how
much more we are able to lend.
Where do we want to get too?
• We want to be a really good bank, all of the time
• We’re offering products and services which help our customers to
constantly move forward.
• We’re in the business of supporting the future needs of our customers
• We want to be the relationship bank of choice for SMEs.
We want you to take a look
at your future
Thanks for listening

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