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Insurance & Retirement
Our goal is to help you
make informed decisions
which will maximize the
value of your benefits
• Enrollment Deadlines
• How to enroll in Benefits
• Overview of Insurance and
Retirement Plans
• Questions & Answers
Human Resources
• You can sign up for most benefits right away,
no questions asked.
• Health coverage begins after a waiting period
• Some benefits require proof of good health
Human Resources
During your first 30 days:
You can elect any of the following benefits without proof of good health
•Dental coverage for you and
your dependents
•Term life insurance for your
•Voluntary Accidental Death and •Short- and long-term disability
Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage insurance
•Optional term life insurance at
one or two times your annual
•TexFlex Flexible Spending
Account– Health Care and
Flexible Spending Account–
Dependent Day Care
Human Resources
Dental Insurance Comparison Chart
Humana DHMO
•Must choose a primary care
dentist from the list of
approved providers
•Specialist discount of 25%
•No Deductibles
•Unlimited maximum lifetime
for general dentistry
•Copay – vary according to
type of procedure/service
State of Texas Dental Choice (PPO)
•Lets you use any dentist, pay
less out of pocket by using a
PPO dentist
•$0 - $300 Deductibles
•Annual maximum $1500, then
you pay 60% until next calendar
•Coinsurance – percentage vary
according to procedure/service
Both plans are administered by Humana Dental
Human Resources
Dental Discount Plan
State of Texas Dental Discount Plan
Administered by Careington International
Corporation. The dental discount plan isn’t insurance,
rather a program that discounts dental services at the
provider’s office.
• Savings on cosmetic services
• Unlimited use of the discount program and its
for information on participating providers, a discount schedule, plan brochure
and more.
Human Resources
Accidental Death and
Accidental Death
• Benefits are payable only if your death is the direct result of
an accident.
• Benefits are payable in the event of certain bodily injuries.
• Coverage is purchased in increments of $5,000:
• minimum $10,000
• maximum $200,000
• Family coverage available (benefits vary)
Human Resources
Optional Life Insurance
During your first 30 days of employment you can sign up for:
•one times your annual salary (Election I)
•two times your annual salary (Election II)
•three times your annual salary (Election III*)
•four times your annual salary (Election IV*)
*Proof of good health required
Term Life policy – no cash value until death
•Must designate beneficiary
•Costs increase as salary and/or age increase
•Administered by Minnesota Life
Human Resources
Dependent Term Life
• This policy provides term life insurance and AD&D
• $5,000 policy value per dependent + $5,000 AD&D
• Cost - $1.38 per month
• Administered by Minnesota Life
• You are automatically the beneficiary
Human Resources
Short-Term Disability
Short-term disability insurance provides a portion of your monthly
income for up to 5 months
• maximum monthly benefit is 66% of your monthly salary up
to $10,000
• minimum monthly benefit is 10% of your monthly salary
To be eligible for Short-term Disability benefits, you must:
• be certified as disabled by an approved practitioner
• complete the greater of 30 consecutive days or exhaustion of
all sick leave benefits
• Administered by Aon Hewitt
Human Resources
Long-Term Disability
Long-term disability insurance provides a portion of your monthly
income for an extended period of time
• maximum monthly benefit is 60% of your monthly salary (up to
• minimum monthly benefit is 10% of your monthly salary
To be eligible for Long-term Disability benefits, you must:
• be certified as totally disabled by an approved practitioner
• complete the greater of 180 consecutive days or exhaustion
of all sick leave benefits
• Administered by Aon Hewitt
Human Resources
TexFlex Reimbursement Accounts
TexFlex is a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) that helps you pay for
planned out-of-pocket health and dependent day care expenses tax-free.
You can enroll in a TexFlex health care account or TexFlex dependent care
account, or both.
Plan Year 2015 - September 1 through August 31.
• Deducted pre-tax from your paycheck
• Minimum $180
• Maximum $5,000 (dependent care)
• Maximum $2,500 (health care)
• File for reimbursement via mail, fax, online or use of a debit card
with a $15 annual debit card fee.
• For a health care account you can carry over up to $500 to the next
plan year.
• For the dependent care you can continue use of the account until
November 15, 2015 (grace period)
Human Resources
How do I pay for these optional choices?
The University of North Texas has a Mandatory Premium Reserve
Policy (Vol. 1, Employees with less than 12-month
appointments who do not spread their salary over 12 months will be
automatically enrolled in premium reserve. Premium Reserve
eliminates the risk of having your insurance coverage cancelled over
the summer months due to non-payment. In addition, Premium
Reserve gives you the added advantage of pre-taxing your summer
insurance premiums.
Human Resources
Your waiting period for medical coverage
Your health coverage will begin the first
of the month after your 60th
day of employment.
No Pre-existing Condition Limitations
Human Resources
Health Insurance
Coinsurance Max
Lifetime Max
PCP- Required
PCP Copay
Specialist Copay
Eye Exam – 1/yr
Emergency Care
Urgent Care Clinic
$150.00 copay + 20%
$50 copay + 20%
$150.00 copay + 20%
30% coinsurance after
Ambulance Service
20% after deductible
30% after deductible
Find network providers and plan details at
Human Resources
• Prescriptions are $10, $35, $60
30-day supply of non-maintenance medication
• $50 Plan Year (9/1 to 8/31) deductible (per
family member)
• Generics mandatory when available
Maintenance medications are less expensive when
ordered through an Extended Day Supply network
pharmacy or through Mail order.
Human Resources
You may enroll your eligible dependents
in the state’s insurance plans
Your spouse
Your natural child
Adopted child
Your stepchild
Court-appointed ward
-ORchild related by blood or marriage AND was/will be claimed as a dependent
on your federal income tax return in the previous/current calendar year.
Children must be under age 26 for health insurance and can be married or
unmarried. Child must be under age 26 and unmarried for dental insurance
and Dependent Term Life Insurance.
Human Resources
Proof of eligibility needed for dependents
added to health coverage
If you’re enrolling a spouse or dependent children in health
coverage, you’ll be required to provide proof of your dependent’s
eligibility. ERS has contracted with Aon Hewitt to verify every
dependent’s eligibility to participate in the Texas Employees Group
Benefits Program (GBP). Aon Hewitt will mail a letter to you
outlining the steps in the Dependent Eligibility Audit process, the
dependents being audited, the types of documents to provide, and
the due dates to submit documentation. If any dependent is found
to be ineligible, ERS will remove him or her from all GBP coverage.
Human Resources
Enrollment Deadlines
•Add a dependent(s) to your health
insurance during your first 60 days of
•Enroll in optional coverage during your
first 30 days of employment.
Human Resources
Opt-Out Credit
The Health Insurance Opt-Out Credit is for employees who do not
elect the State’s health insurance because they have other health
insurance that is as good as or better than GBP health coverage.
Employees must:
• Use toward dental and AD&D premiums
• Certify comparable coverage
• Up to $60 for Full-time employees
• Up to $30 for Part-time employees
Obtaining coverage at a later date may require proof of good health!!
Human Resources
Long-Term Care
Long term care provides coverage for skilled nursing home, home
health, assisted living, hospice, etc. Coverage available to qualified
dependents (spouse, parent, parent-in-law, grandparent and
The University of North Texas System Human Resources offers LTC
options through a third party administrator, CNA.
• To request an enrollment kit, please send an email to
[email protected]
• Applications accepted at any time.
Human Resources
Teacher Retirement System of Texas
All regular faculty and staff are automatically enrolled as of their first day of
Human Resources
TRS – Cost of Membership
• 6.7% employee contributions
• 6.8% employer contribution
• Disability and Survivor benefits
• Vesting occurs after 5 years of creditable service.
• Tax Sheltered
• Interest on deposits 2%
Human Resources
Optional Retirement Plan (ORP)
• Eligibility based on job code
• Examples: Faculty, upper level administrators, coaches, librarians
• Defined Contribution (Benefits based on performance of
• 6.65% employee contribution
• 6.6% employer contribution
• Vesting after one year and one day of participation
(Vested right to both employee and employer contributions)
• Investments selected and controlled by employee
Human Resources
Will you have enough money in
A balanced financial plan is like a three-legged stool. All three legs are necessary to
provide stable income security in retirement:
 Your pension (State retirement)
 Social Security
 Personal savings and investments (like a 401(k),
457 or IRA)
Depending on how long you live, your debt level, health, and lifestyle choices, you may
need up to 120% of your current income in retirement. Voluntary retirement accounts
such as Texa$aver 457 and 403(b) plans can help you build that stash of cash.
Contributions are pre-tax and earnings are based on investments.
Human Resources
Retirement Manager
• Enroll in Optional Retirement Plan and/or 403b savings plans
• Learn about your UNT System retirement savings plans with the
following approved vendors:
Fidelity – Valic – TIAA-CREF – ING
• Change your deferral amount
• Calculate what you will need to stay on track for retirement
with easy-to-use financial calculators
Human Resources
Do you meet these criteria?
• Are you a Direct Transfer from another Texas State agency?
• Does your spouse or parent work for a Texas state agency and if so,
does that relative cover you for health, dental or dependent life
insurance through the Texas GBP?
• If you meet one of these conditions, please let the Benefits
Representative know. This could possibly waive your 60 day
waiting period for health coverage.
Human Resources
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