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Student Osteopathic
Medical Association
What is SOMA?
The purpose of the Student Osteopathic Medical
Association, an affiliate of the AOA, is to promote
Osteopathic ideals and unity within the profession, to
educate future Osteopathic Physicians, and to
establish and maintain lines of communication among
healthcare professionals in an ongoing effort to
improve the quality of healthcare.
Why Join?
SOMA offers endless Opportunities!!
Leadership Development
Free Gilroy Atlas!
SOMA Benefits
Education & Exposure
Networking & Support
Political Action
Professional Development
Volunteer Opportunities
Leadership Development
Improve your leadership skills, and leave your mark on the
Osteopathic profession!
• National Leadership Positions
National Board: 13 positions
 ANY SOMA member is eligible to apply during the SOMA
Spring Convention in Washington, D.C.
 Visit to view available positions
Board of Trustees: 8 positions
 Eligibility criteria varies (see
 Elections take place at the annual SOMA Fall Convention
Leadership Development
Connection to the AOA
SOMA member sits on the AOA Board of Trustees every
other year (alternates between SOMA & COSGP)
Student positions on AOA Committees
• SOMA is the only student organization with delegation
seating at the House of Delegation
• Relationship with the AOA allows for exceptional mentorship
and guidance and a greater opportunity to let your voice be
heard within the greater Osteopathic community!
Leadership Development
• Local Positions
***Chapter Leaders…Insert your own local positions
including the Executive Board Positions, Committees,
and anything else you want them to know about
leadership positions at your Chapter!! (Don’t just limit it
to one slide)
Make it exciting and make students want to join!
Don’t forget, pictures are worth a thousand words!
Another idea is to insert pictures of your Chapter
attending SOMA events (Conventions, DO Day on the
Hill) throughout the PowerPoint.
SOMA Benefits
Join SOMA at, and log on to take
advantage of member-only benefits in our Member Portal!
Doctors in Training
Thieme products including a FREE
Gilroy's Atlas of Anatomy (courtesy of
the AOA!)
Dr. Smarts
Boards Boot Camp
International Service Learning
Car Rentals
Family Practice Notebook
GL Advisor
Health Insurance
Group Term Life Insurance
SOMA bookstore
Updates coming soon!
AOA Member Benefits
and MORE to come!!
Thank you to our benefit
Education & Exposure
National Conventions:
2014 SOMA Fall Convention
Seattle, Washington
October 24th - 25th, 2014
2015 SOMA Spring Convention
Washington, D.C.
March 2015
Education & Exposure
National Conventions:
• Speakers:
o Leaders in the Osteopathic Profession, Exceptional
educators from all medical disciplines, Military Physicians,
Representatives of the AOA, AACOM, NBOME, AAOA,
OPAC, ACOFP and other professional organizations.
• Workshops:
OMT, Medical Spanish, CV writing, Public Health Forum,
Suture Workshop, Interview skills, Specialty selection, and
Mentorship (and the list keeps growing!!)
National SOMA Research Poster Presentation (Seattle)
Online abstract submission deadline: August 18th, 2014
Conference: Poster Session TBA
Prize: three $500 1st Place Awards
six $250 2nd Place Awards
JAOA Abstract Publication
16th Annual BIOMEA International Seminar (Seattle)
Online abstract submission deadline: September 5th, 2014
Conference: Poster Session TBA
Prize: Monetary and presentation on their work at the Seminar
Fellowship Program for Research Pursuits
Application & poster submission at OMED
Applications due mid spring each year
4 winners. $2000/each
Contact Shoja Rahimian, OMS-III - Director of Research & Development
at [email protected] with any questions
• SOMA is the student affiliate organization of the AOA!!
This means incredible opportunities for networking with AOA
members and benefiting from their invaluable wisdom and
• Guidance & advice from thousands of SOMA members who
can relate to your concerns and struggles as an osteopathic
medical student.
• Students can also serve as Pre-SOMA liaisons at their
Chapter to assist pre-medical students
SOMA’s Network
AOA = American Osteopathic Association
AACOM = American Assoc. of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine
OPAC = Osteopathic Political Action Committee
AAOA / SAA = Advocates of the AOA / Student Advocate Association
COSGP / SGA = Council of Osteopathic Student Government Presidents / Student
Government Association
NBOME = National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners
AMSA = American Medical Student Association
ACOFP = American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians
Joint conventions, regular correspondence & collaboration on
key issues affecting our profession
Political Action
D.O. Day on Capitol Hill:
Annual event where students, physicians and leaders of the
osteopathic profession come to Washington, D.C. to lobby legislators
on issues important to the osteopathic profession, physicians,
students, and patients. It is an amazing opportunity for members of the
osteopathic community to join together and lobby federal legislators
and their staff members face-to-face.
March, 2015
Washington, D.C.
If you have any questions, please direct them to Matthew Smith,
National SOMA Director of Political Affairs
at [email protected]
Political Action
ΩΒΙ Political Action Honor Society
• Omega Beta Iota, the National Osteopathic
Political Action Honor Society, emphasizes the
importance of the work osteopathic medical
students do for our political system.
Induction into OBI requires the completion of several
requirements, including membership in various organizations,
grassroots political activism, and participation in politics at the
national level.
Political Action
OPAC = Osteopathic Political Actions Committee
Two prestigious scholarships offered by OPAC.
$1000 for the most politically active chapter.
$1000 for the most politically active student.
• Political Action Training Course
• OHPI Program (Osteopathic Health Policy Internship):
• Continuous updates on current legislation pertinent to
osteopathic students & physicians
Professional Development
• House of Delegates meetings in Fall & Spring
Resolution Writing
Parliamentary Procedure
• Resources for choosing a specialty
• Medical Ethics resources
• Interview skills assistance
• Assistance in matching for a residency program
Unity Project
• Since 2005, SOMA has hosted an annual “Unity” project in
which osteopathic medical students from across the nation
come and generously volunteer their time and efforts toward
a charitable community service.
• This project allows students to take part in an unforgettable
experience to help enrich the lives of others, while
simultaneously promoting “Unity” amongst the osteopathic
medical schools.
• Previous Unity Projects Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort, Homeless
Shelter Outreach Program in New York City, Give Kids the World,
Habitat for Humanity, Access Life EXPO, etc.
Unity Projects 2013-2014
• Local Service Projects at each fall & spring convention
Promotion & support of local SOMA chapter community
service projects
American Osteopathic Foundation (AOF) Human
Touch Project
SOMA Foundation
Philanthropic entity of SOMA
Provides financial support for SOMA’s
charitable and outreach endeavors
Offers Scholarships & Grants to SOMA
For more information and details about SOMA
Foundation please visit:
• ***New Member Scholarship $500 ***
Humanism in Medicine Scholarship
Marvin H. and Kathleen G. Teget Leadership Scholarship
Andrew Taylor Still Memorial Scholarship
The Ed and Melissa Loniewski Medically Underserved Scholarship
Medical Education Scholarship
Corporate Education Scholarship
Minority Leadership Award
International Health Program Scholarship
International Medical Relief / Medical Missions Scholarship
Chapter Grant Program for funding an Osteopathic Promotional Event
SOMA New Member Scholarship
The SOMA New Member Scholarship was developed for
new members of SOMA
 i.e. students signing up for SOMA during the Fall
Membership Drive
Five $500 scholarships will be awarded based on an essay on
the topic "Vision of Osteopathic Medicine."
Deadline: September 12th, 2014
Application available online at:
Chapter Recognition
• SOMA recognizes great work on the local level by awarding
several honors each spring, including:
(Chapter of the Year)
(Young Chapter of the
**Golden Tibia is available to
chapter <5years old
Chapters are also recognized via region for their excellence in various fields
that facilitate the SOMA mission.
Join SOMA Today!
• Visit
• Fill out ALL required fields, and pay your
membership dues (which cover your entire 4year SOMA membership)!
SOMA Membership Dues: $***(Chapter Leaders please
insert your chapter dues)
Online registration is now the ONLY way to sign-up for SOMA.
All payments will be made online at the time of registration.
Payments will be made via PayPal.
Then what?
Get involved in your local SOMA
• Use your username & password
created during registration to log into to access all of
the wonderful benefits that SOMA
membership has to offer.
Ask your local Chapter Leaders or contact
Mary Mamut,
Membership and Benefits Coordinator
at [email protected]!

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