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drives a car or a bus
translates texts into another language
manages a store
writes books or magazine articles
studies in school or college
sells things to customers
reports the news for TV
takes care of sick people
I know how to speak Spanish.
That student doesn’t know how to type.
Refaa knows how to make her own clothes.
Farah knows how to cook delicious Indian food.
Most of my friends don’t know how to play chess.
Abu Khloud
the man and woman
the tourist
the young man
the businessman
the boy
No, he isn’t.He’s buying ice cream.
No, they aren’t. They’re taking a taxi.
No, he isn’t. He’s skateboarding.
No, he isn’t. He’s looking at a map.
No, he isn’t. He’s talking on the phone.
Abu Khloud
doesn’t finish
Abu Khloud
Who’s that?
What does your brother do?
What does Maha do every day?
When do you study?
Do you know how to cook?
Abu Khloud
1: How often do you play video games?
2: How many hours do you often play at a time?
3: What is one of your favorite video games?
Abu Khloud
Abu Khloud
Abu Khloud
Abu Khloud
1: Teenagers are hanging out, people are shopping, families are eating in food courts, and
children are having fun.
2: There are screams coming from a part of the mall where people are playing video games.
3: They are waving signs and chanting slogans..
4: They are Lim-Yo-Hwan, Choi Yeon-Sung, and Suh-Ji-Houn..
5: They are professional video gamers.
6: No, they aren’t.
7: They are in stadiums.
8: A “bang” is a public PC gaming room.
9: They encourage their children to play video games as a way to relax, as an
escape from academic pressure, and as a fun
way to use brainpower.
Abu Khloud
Abu Khloud
Abu Khloud
1. He feels bad.
2. No, he isn’t.
3. Yes, he does.
4. He didn’t sleep all night.
5. He’s not doing his share, he doesn’t fit in, and he
doesn’t seem to care.
6. He finishes work at six o’clock.
7. He usually has a bad day.
8. He wants to get away and do something
good with his life.
Abu Khloud
Abu Khloud
Patrick takes the bus to school.
Patrick doesn’t ride his bike to school.
Abu Khloud
Jamal plays basketball.
Jamal doesn’t play volleyball.
They eat in a restaurant on Thursdays
They don’t eat at home on Thursdays.
Matt and Alex play video games after school.
Matt and Alex don’t play football after school.
Abu Khloud
Edward exercises at the gym.
Edward doesn’t exercise at home.
Khalid often studies in the library.
Mariam sometimes walks to school.
My friend seldom cleans his room.
Hanan usually practices English with her friends
Abu Khloud
Where are you from?
Where do you live?
Who do you live with?
What do you want to be?
When do you want to eat?
Abu Khloud
Is he talking on the phone?
No, he isn’t.
Are they eating?
Are they playing basketball?
No, they aren’t
Yes, they are.
Abu Khloud

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