Launch Event Presentation_Proc - NOMS Co

Ministry of Justice Commercial and Contract
Management Directorate
NOMS Co-financing Organisation Round 3 Launch Events:
June 2014 – Birmingham, London, Manchester
creating a safe, just and democratic society
1. Introduction + Contact Details etc
Simon Ambrose
Michael Adu – 0300 047 5123
Tony Oloya – 0300 047 5960
[email protected]
Richard Hoy – Contract Manager
Geraldine Green – Contract Manager
2. Overview
To date:
• Prior Information Notice published – Contracts Finder
• Online Consultation undertaken
• 3 x Launch + Provider Engagement events hosted
Next steps:
• Consider feedback received (Consultation + Launch events)
• Finalise Initial Specification
• Publish Contract Notice and First Invitation to Tender (ITT)
3. Process
•Competitive procurement process under Part B of the Public
Procurement Regs
•To be run in line with the Lean Procurement agenda
•Likely to be a two-stage tender process with an opportunity for an (open)
dialogue session between the Authority and bidders
•To be run via the Ministry of Justice eSourcing portal
•Documentation, wherever possible, to be published on the NOMS CFO
website (
4. Indicative Timescales
Prior Information Notice – March 2014
Consultation + Market Engagement – April to June 2014
Publish First ITT – August 2014
First ITT evaluation – Sept/Oct 2014
Dialogues – Oct/Nov 2014
Final ITT – November 2014
Final ITT evaluation – Jan/Feb 2015
Contract Award – March 2015
Start of Delivery – 1st July 2015
5. Key points to note
In no particular order:
•Be aware that ESF regulations mean you can only have a single tier of subcontracting
•The Round 2 contracts are delivered via several models – managing agent, prime
provider-led, consortium etc – we would be happy to see these continue
•ESF monies cannot be used to fund redundancy payments
•ESF Contract Areas (ECAs) do not necessarily align with other delivery you may be
involved in, so please check the regional specifications carefully
•We are keen to well developed supply chains that address the ESF priorities
outlined in our specification
5. Key points to note
•As previously mentioned, this will be competed in line with the Lean Procurement
•This means that it is less likely that we will run a separate Pre-Qualification
process (PQQ) but instead include only the necessary elements within the First ITT
•This approach reduces the number of stages/submissions that you will be required
to provide, but it will make the first one that you submit your initial solution
•Therefore it is important that you consider the scale of your bidding entity vs. the
size of this opportunity – please ensure you adopt a pragmatic approach to bidding
•Lean Procurement relies on the principle of self selection…
6. Provider engagement (Speed dating…)
•This is your chance to form positive relationships with partners
that may enhance any future delivery offer
•The key is to ensure these reflect the particular requirements of
the NOMS CFO Round 3 contracts – regions, priority groups etc
•We will support this process by sharing the details of other
organisations that have similarly expressed interest
7. Drop-in Surgeries
Members of staff will be available later on this afternoon in both “Policy” and
“Procurement” drop-in surgeries
We will be able to talk through anything covered today or that was outlined in the
PIN, Specification, Consultation etc
We will make a note of any common questions so that we may circulate an FAQ
after the final event. Anything that we are unable to answer will also be picked up in
the same way
Please note – as you may expect there may be some questions that we are unable
to respond to; if this is the case we will explain why
And finally – we are not be able to provide insights into the TR Programme or
respond to questions that are broader than the scope of NOMS CFO
If there are any particularly burning questions relating to
NOMS CFO or to Round 3 procurement activity then we
have a few minutes to pick up a couple of them now…
The slides from today will be circulated/made available via
the CFO website

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