Portfolio Project
Franklin Equipment, Ltd.
Cody Groves
Project Name
Project Abu Dhabi
Project Purpose
Design and fabricate a rock crushing plant for a
Middle East construction company
Project Details
• Project Team
Project Manager: Charles Gatenby
Design Engineer: Bill Rankins
Oversees fabrication and on-site assembly
Cost Accountant: Elaine Bruder
Designs plant and oversees its fabrication
Operations Manager: Rob Perry
Oversees entire project
Oversees all project financial and cost reporting matters
Human Resource Manager: Sam Stonebreaker
Trains host nationals in plant operations
• At this time, a budget and completion date has
not been set
Project Consultant
• Franklin Equipment, Ltd. has decided to use a
company consultant to review the details of the
• Project Consultant: Carl Jobe
• Jobe has hired my assistance after discovering the
situation the project faces.
Current Situation
After performing individual interviews with
project team members, Jobe is concerned about
the following things:
• There is an underlying conflict between Rankins, the
design engineer, and Pelly, the operations manager.
• The cost accountant seems very disinterested in being a
member of the team and has expressed her feelings that
the project will fail
• The project manager is focused on the projects success
and is ignoring the problems with the project team.
Possible Actions
There are three factors we will focus on in
determining our recommendations:
• Will Rankins and Pelly be able to work together
throughout the projects duration without damaging the
projects success?
• Does Elaine Bruder need to be replaced as Cost
Accountant for this project?
• Is Gatenby the best suited project manager for Project
Abu Dhabi?
The Rankins, Pelly Issue
• Interview the two individuals again to analyze the
degree of the existing conflict.
• Determine the best method for addressing the
• Hold a mediation interview with both team
• If a conflict resolution can not be met, the success
of the project could be hindered. We will look
into the possible replacement of both team
The Bruder Issue
• Interview Bruder again to evaluate her disinterest
in project participation.
• Have a “pep talk” with her to try and boost her
morale about the project in general.
• Discuss progress with the Rankins, Pelly conflict
to see if that changes her feelings toward the
• Look into the possible replacement of Bruder as
the Cost accountant for Project Abu Dhabi
The Gatenby Issue
• Interview Gatenby again to analyze his
personality traits and project goals.
• Determine whether or not he is the best suited
project manager for Project Abu Dhabi.
• If he does not express a more focused attitude
towards the project as a whole, it may be better to
replace him as project manager.
Current Recommendations
A meeting will be held with the upper
management of Franklin Equipment, Ltd.
to discuss our current recommendations:
• Keep Gatenby on as Project Manager. He has a
strong relationship with the Abu Dhabi customer and
a positive attitude towards the project.
• Keep Stonebreaker on as Human Resource Manager.
He has positive attitude towards the project and a
desire to work with the host natives.
• Replace Rankins as Design Engineer. Although he
has the expertise required to perform the job, his
feelings towards Pelly may hinder the projects
Current Recommendations
• Replace Pelly as Operations Manager. Although he
has the expertise to fulfill the position, the existing
conflict between him and Rankins could hinder the
projects success. If a suitable replacement is not
available, Pelly can stay on as long as Rankins has
been replaced.
• Replace Bruder as Cost Accountant. Her pessimism
towards the overall project can play an impact on her
ability to manage the financial aspect of the project
Current Constraints
Franklin Equipment, Ltd. assigns team
members based on availability. If there are
not any other associates available, it may
be necessary to pull members off of other
projects in order to create a good team for
Project Abu Dhabi.
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