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The United Arab Emirates
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United Arab
Emirates - UAE
United Arab Emirates
• United Arab Emirates can
be abbreviated to the UAE
or shorted to ‘The
• Nationals of the UAE are
called ‘Emiraties’
• The population is
approximately 4 million
• The flag contains the PanArab colours red, green,
white and black, which
symbolize Arabian unity
• The colours also have the
following meanings:
Green: fertility
White: neutrality
Black: Petroleum
Red: strength and bravery
• In 1971 the UAE was
established when the British
rulers withdrew
• Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al
Nahyan was the ruler
• The UAE is made up of 7
Abu Dhabi
Um Al Quwain
Ra’s Al Khaimah
• The capital is Abu Dhabi, which
is also the state's centre of
political, industrial, and cultural
Building a nation
• Between his accession in 1971
and his death in 2004 Sheikh
Zayed transformed the UAE to
an oil-rich developed nation
• Abu Dhabi has 95% of the UAE
oil reserves
• It has 9% of the world oil
• The UAE has 5% of the world
natural gas reserves
Bedouin Culture
• Prior to 1960 the
majority of UAE
inhabitants were
• Bedu is the Arabic word
from which the name
Bedouin is derived
• It means "inhabitant of
the desert"
• The Bedouin are a
nomadic people who
move from oasis to oasis
raising camels, sheep or
Bedouin Culture in UAE today
• In most present day Arabic
restaurants and hotels a
majlis (or meeting place) is
• This practice has been
handed down from the
Bedouin chieftain of olden
Pearl Industry
• Diving for pearls was an
occupation for many in the first
half of the 20th century
• It is estimated that 1,200
pearling boats were engaged in
the trade during the summer
months in search of pearl-bearing
oysters (lulu)
• Islam is the official
religion of the UAE
• Friday is the holy day,
most people will visit a
mosque to pray
• A Muslim can pray up to
5 times a day
• The UAE constitution
allows people to follow
any religion
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Andrew Lopez Sanchez
Anna Zacharia
Rob Palmer
Andrew Lopez Peinado
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