Router Overview (PowerPoint Presentation)

Economical business aircraft routers
for mobile interconnectivity.
Stay connected while mobile. Anywhere. Worldwide.
AML Office-On the-Move 200 (OOM-200)
Less than $20,000 Installed
 Increases data speed up to 300% via integrated compression
 Reduces service provider costs by more than 50%
 Plug and play: Honeywell, Collins, Trane & Trane, Cobham, KU.
 Minimal installation requirements: 12v or 220v power & one RJ45 jack
 Provides all functions of basic router and Wi-Fi hot spot
 Works with iPad, iPod, laptops, any Wi-Fi compatible device
 Portable to multiple aircraft & yachts for continuous connectivity
 Works with all Satcom1 systems – Aircell & Satcom Direct soon
 No STC required – carry on electronics classification
Aviation Modification Leaders, Inc.
• Priority Operating System
• INMARSAT Swift64 support
• INMARSART SwiftBroadband
• Satcom1 AvioIP Bandwidth
• Wide Area Network Manager
• Internet Browsing
• Wi-Fi Manager
• E-mail Support
• File Storage Management
• Security (Firewall and VPN)
• Maintenance Features
• Configuration Interface
• User Interface
Aviation Modification Leaders, Inc.
• Software operating system extensively tested and in
operation on over 100 aircraft worldwide.
• Routers very modest size permits installation in many
locations in cabin, including cabinet drawers.
Swift Broadband Service by AML
AML is the north American activation
agent for Satcom1. This enables AML
to work as a complete solution provider
for cabin internet services.
Where does Swift Broadband work?
Note: This is the high gain map coverage
“KU” Service by AML
Works with KU Service and already
incorporates KA capability.
“KU” systems are easier to manage since they are
structured as flat rate/month.
KU service found on Bombardier Globals and up,
Gulfstream 450s and up, Falcon 900s and up. Airbus ACJs
and Boeing BBJ(s) are also a part of this market.
Flight Billing Services Program
For the Charter Department/135
Costs & Challenges
of Internet Use On Aircraft
3 Ways To Log In
For Service Billing Charges
Credit card payment
Account login
Prepaid Pin card
“Seat-back” cards explaining the process also available (the seat-back cards can be
Flight Billing:
Distinct AML Router Advantages
 Only requires AML/Satcom1 as Service Provider, no need for additional
 Controls Internet in the cabin
 Log on only when passengers requests and is willing to pay
 SATCOM services made tangible
 Can generate profit if sold by operator! (Fleet operators)
 Payment methods (for VIP passenger)
( Predefined cards (e.g. 50 MB, 100 MB, 250 MB cards)
( Create account and pay with Credit card directly to AML/Satcom1
 Small fixed monthly fee(can be built into the cost of service)
 Usage price similar to now (USD per MB)
Aviation Modification Leaders, Inc.
20+ years of business aviation experience as avionics
engineers and installation managers with:
Allied Signal
Midcoast Aviation
Gulfstream Aerospace
ICG (Iridium Satcom installations)
Extensive experience in aviation Internet solutions.
Experienced with aircraft engineering and certification
Customer consultation includes current architecture
analysis, system recommendations, engineering review,
on-site support, delivery assistance, post delivery support
Interfacing with the satcom antenna system already installed in your business jet
the AML new mega-speed integrated compression router will:
-increase apparent download speeds by 300%, up to 900kbs
-compression decreases your service provider fees for minutes of service by up to 66%
-plug and play with any Honeywell, Collins, Cobham antenna system
-provides a cabin hotspot to communicate with any Wi-Fi capable devices
-provides VoIP Codec service for all cell telephones
-facilitates more data transmission
-increases your connectivity system flexibility
-segregate departmental service provider charges as required
-requires only a 12v(or 220v) power supply and an RF45 jack with satellite signal
-facilitates e-mail service with any provider
-enhances and accelerates Internet browsing experience
-permits YouTube and similar video viewing
-increases fax speed and transmission accuracy
-permit user to utilize personal firewall and VPN security system
-provides both a user and configuration interface
-remote maintenance trouble shooting and system upgrades
-portable for use in hotel, boat, home, etc
-standard service provider charges, no premium surcharges
-ground-base use, depending on satellite antenna system (3G/4G fall 2013)
-Satcom1 compliant; Aircell and Satcom Direct by fall of 2013
and cost less than $20,000.

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