Constellations & Cultural Significance

Cultural Significance, and
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Definition of Constellation
• 1. An arbitrary formation of stars perceived as a figure or design,
especially one of 88 recognized groups named after characters
from classical mythology and various common animals and
• 2. An area of the celestial sphere occupied by one of the 88
recognized constellations.
Most Popular Constellations
• Andromeda
• The Big Dipper
• Canis Major - The Great Dog
• Cygnus - The Swan
• Gemini - The Twins
• Leo - The Lion
• Orion - The Great Hunter
• Scorpius - The Scorpion
• Taurus - The Bull
• Cassiopeia
Cultural Significance of Andromeda
• The name of Andromeda
has been taken from
Arabic meaning horse’s
• In Greek mythology
Andromeda married
Perseus after he rescued
her from the sea monster.
Since then the
constellation Andromeda
has been part of Perseus’
constellation family.
The Movement of
• It is located in Northern Hemisphere.
• Best time to see the constellation
Andromeda is in fall.( late November)
• Andromeda is visible only a few hours in
each night.
• It is on 38 North longitude and visible
latitude is between 90 degrees and – 40
Additional Information About
Andromeda is one of the 2nd
constellations. It contains
three major stars. First is
Alpheratz, Latin,
representing a woman’s
head and it is white. Second
is Mirach meaning belt or
waist and it is yellow. Third is
Almak meaning chain foot
and it is orange. Middle of
this constellation contains
the Andromeda Galaxy.
The Big Dipper
I am The Big
I am the tail part
of Major Ursa
constellation and I
always pointed
Cultural Significance of
The Big Dipper
• In the United States, during the
nineteenth century, AfricanAmericans that were being held as
slaves in the south made very
practical use of the Big Dipper's
consistent northern sky location.
The Big Dipper was also known as
the Drinking Gourd and slaves
trying to make their way to freedom
used it as a guidepost to find their
way North and escape the bonds of
The lyrics of folk song "Follow the
Drinking Gourd" served as guide to
help them find their way north and
its chorus reminded them to always
follow the Drinking Gourd, or Big
ongm/1506/music/the weavers Follow the Drinking Gourd.mp3
• The Big Dipper seems to not move because it is
located above the earth’s axis.
• The very best time to look at the Big Dipper is in
the middle of the summer, when it is easily found
on any clear night in the northern most part of
the night sky.
• It is always located near the North Star and near
the constellation Cassiopeia.
• The seven stars of The Big
Dipper are Dubhe, Merak,
Phecda, Megrez, Alioth, Mizar,
and Alkaid.
• The Big Dipper is known as a
constellation to many people,
but it is not a real constellation.
It is just part of Ursa Major,
but The Big Dipper consist of
the brightest stars in Ursa
Major so people think it is a
Canis Major.
Hi I am Canis Major
People Called me a
Great Dog and I am
the one of Orion’s
hunting dogs.
To ancient Egyptian’s Canis Major
was really important, because it
foretold when The Nile River would
• The ancient Egyptians and Romans
believed during hot summers that
the heat came from both the sun
and Sirius, the brightest star in
Canis Major. Thus the expression
‘ dog days of summer’ to describe
the most uncomfortable days of
• There are many myths about Canis
Major. One Greek myth is when
Zeus saw Canis Major running it
was so fast that made Zeus
surprised. Zeus put it on the sky.
The Movement of Canis Major
• Since Canis Major is
located so close to Orion,
you can see this
constellation almost any
time that Orion is visible.
• Canis Major is very easy
to find during the months
of November through
• Located at 24-S latitude.
• It is located near the
earth so it seems larger
than it is.
• Sirius is brightest star in
the sky. It means
scorching. This name
comes from fact that the
star is so bright.
• The names of the other
six stars are Murzim,
Muliphen, Wezen, Adhara,
Furud, and Aludra.
Cultural Significance of Cygnus
• Cygnus is important in ancient
mythology because it appears as a
swan. The gods would often
change themselves into a swan to
attract a beautiful women.
• One myth is one day Zeus changed
his appearance into a swan and
met Sparta’s queen Leda. Later
they had a child known as Helen of
• In another myth, Cygnus is a friend
of Phaethon, the son of Apollo, the
Sun god. Phaethon fell into the river
Eridanus, trying to drive the sungods chariot. Cygnus dove
repeatedly into the water to search
for Phaethon. Out of pity, Zeus
turned the boy into a swan.
• It very easy to find high overhead on
any night during the mid-summer
• The body and wings of the swan form a
• A conspicuous constellation of the
northern hemisphere. It belongs to the
Hercules constellation family.
• It located at 49-N latitude.
Information about Cygnus
• There are four main stars
named, Deneb which means
tail of the hen, Sadr which is
the hen’s chest, Albireo ,
which is the beak, and Gienah,
which are the wings.
• The Summer Triangle is
another sign that lets us know
that Summer is in full swing
here in the Northern
Hemisphere. On any clear
summer evening, the
distinctive triangle formed by
Deneb, Altair and Vega gives
us another good reason to go
outside and enjoy the beauty
of the night sky.
Hi we are
Our nick
name is the
Cultural Significance of Gemini
• The twins are Pollux and
Castor, which are the stars
that represent the heads of
the twins. The twins' mother
was Leda, Castor's father was
Tyndareus, who was the
mortal king of the ancient
Greek city of Sparta. Pollux's
father was the Greek god
The result was Castor was
mortal and Pollux, being the
son of a mythological god,
was immortal.
• It should be easy to find
Gemini any time that Orion
is visible.
• Gemini is visible in the early
morning hours during the
late fall and early winter. It
is overhead during the
winter months.
• It is located at 29-N latitude.
• Gemini, has the peak of
appearance around Dec 13
every year. It is visible on
Information about Gemini
• Two main stars in Gemini
are Kastor and Pollux.
Kastor is brighter than
Pollux and colored
orange. Kastor is colored
• An annual meteor shower
known as the Geminids
appears to radiate from
this constellation during
the second week in
I am the Leo. My nick name is a great or
brave lion.
Cultural Significance of Leo
• Hercules had to perform
12 tasks to prove himself.
The first task was to kill
the immortal lion of
Nemea which lived in the
forest near Zeus’ palace.
After the lion died
Hercules skinned him.
The dead lion went into
the sky as the
constellation Leo.
• It is one of the constellations that travels high
above our heads at our latitudes.
• You can see Leo in the middle of April and it
represents the beginning of spring.
• It is located in the south sky.
• It is located at 15-N latitude.
• Leo lies between Cancer to the west and Virgo
to the east.
Information about Leo
• Leo’s meteor shower called
Leonides is occurs every 33
years. It can be seen around
November 18th. In 1833,
within one hour 10,000
meteors dropped from the
• The largest and brightest star
in Leo is Regulus. This large
blue star shines brightly as the
heart of the lion. Although not
a giant star, Regulus is still
over five times as large as our
Hi my name is
I am the Great
Hunter and I am
the one of the
Cultural Significance of Orion
• In one version, Artemis, the
goddess of hunt and the moon
fell in love with him and
stopped doing her job of
illuminating the sky at night.
Her twin brother Apollo,
seeing Orion swimming on the
sea, dared his sister to strike
what only appeared to be a
spot on the waves. Not
knowing it was Orion, Artemis
shot an arrow and killed him.
Later, when she found out
what she did, she placed his
body among the stars. The
grief she felt explains why the
moon looks so sad at night.
• Orion is visible in the early morning hours
beginning on the August through early
• The easiest way to find Orion is to look for
the three stars in his "belt".
• Orion is really big constellation so it is
located between 90-N and 75-S latitude.
Information about Orion
• When Orion and Artemis were
fall in love her twin brother
Apollo didn’t like that. Thus he
send a Scorpion to kill him.
Still now after both of them
become a constellation
Scorpion still follow the Orion.
• Third star of Orion ,which
names Nebula, is one of the
most beautiful thing in night
Hi I am scorpius.
My nick name is a
deadly killer.
And I am following
constellation Orion.
Cultural significance of Socrpius
• The mythology is very
interesting because in the
legend, Scorpio spent a great
deal of time trying to kill the
great hunter Orion, but they
are on opposite sides of the
sky. According to varying
legends, Scorpio either was or
was not finally successful in
killing the mighty hunter.
• After Orion and Scorpion
became a constellation
Scorpion realize that he can
kill Orion. The reason that
Scorpius can kill Orion is
when Scorpius came out
Orion ran away opposite place
of scorpius.
• Scorpius is one of the real highlights of
the summer sky.
• You can only see the entire
constellation during the months of July,
August and September. The head of
Scorpio starts to peek above the
southern horizon in June, and, after
• It is located at 40-S latitude.
Information About Scorpius
• The real star of Scorpius
is Antares, its giant red
heart. The super massive
star is about seven
hundred times as large
as our Sun. It also shines
with a light that is as red
as a standard traffic light.
• The Scorpio's nine stars
are Antares, Graffias,
Dschubba, Sargas,
Shaula, Jabbah, Grafias,
Alniyat, Lesath.
Hi my name is Taurus
My nick name is The
Cultural Significance of Taurus.
• The Greeks saw Taurus as
Zeus in disguise. The story
went that Zeus fell in love with
Europa, the daughter of
Agenor who was King of
Phoenica. On one day while
she was playing by the waters
edge, she caught sight of a
majestic white bull grazing
amongst her fathers heard.
When she approached the
bull, it knelt down and let get
on it's back. Once she was on,
it sprang to it's feet and took
off to the sea in Crete where
Zeus made her his mistress.
• One of the easiest constellations to see and
it is just northwest of the Orion constellation.
• It is located 17-N latitude.
• Riding between Orion and Perseus in the
bright Milky Way is the constellation of
Taurus the Bull.
• The sun passes through this constellation
from mid-May to late June and it is best
observed in the early wintertime.
Information About Taurus
• Taurus’s three major stars are
Crab Nebula, Aldebaran,
• The Crab Nebula is one of the
most intensely studied and
frequently photographed
objects in the night sky when
it exploded. Almost every
telescope has taken pictures
of it because of its beauty.
This explosion happened
almost a thousand years ago,
the gases are still spreading
out in space at a speed of
thousands of miles per hour.
Hi I am
Cassiopeia. I am
the queen of
Cultural Significance of Cassiopei
• Long ago in Ethiopia
Cassiopeia has been the wife
of Cepheus and the mother of
Andromeda. Because she
thought herself more beautiful
than the daughters of Nereus,
a god of the sea, she
challenged the anger of the
god Poseidon. To punish her,
her daughter was chained to a
rock of the coast as a sacrifice
for a sea monster. Andromeda
was saved from death by
• It is associated with the Perseus
constellation family.
• The constellation of Cassiopeia is one of the
most famous in the sky. It is very easy to
identify the stars that are part of it because
they have the shape of a W.
• It is located 60-N latitude.
Information of Cassiopeia
• The Cassiopeia’s six major
stars are Shedir, Caph,
Ruchba, Segin, Achird, and
• It is one of the 88 modern
constellations, and was also
one of the 48 listed by
• Discovered by Pierre
Méchain in 1781, this open
cluster with an apparent
brightness of 7.4m lies at a
distance of approximately
8,130 light year.
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