IQAN CAN J1939 Training

IQAN CAN J1939 Training
GS North America (GSNA) offers a standard two day training course
covering the IQAN product line, SAE J1939, and CANopen
communication protocols.
Additional one day training courses are also available to cover topics
specific to your machine such as closed loop hydrostatic drives,
synchronized lifting, coordinated steering, and additional mobile
Classes are offered on-site at your facility or at GSNA, New Berlin , WI.
Parkers state-of-the-art IQAN system is a unique, totally electronic
approach that replaces mechanical and electromechanical systems
for controlling and monitoring hydraulics in mobile machines.
Electronic Control
Made Easy
Efficiency in focusthroughout the entire
machine life cycle
Our experienced engineering team is ready to assist you with your
hydraulic and electronic control system design, controller
programming, and on-site start-up. We are the control systems
integrator and IQAN supplier to over 50 OEM’s. GSNA is your source
for IQAN/CAN-bus training.
The IQAN System allows
sophisticated applications to
be programmed and
optimized very quickly,
enabling huge savings on
development time - and cost.
Intelligent Software
Total Machine Control
GS North America Integrates CAN Control Solutions for OEMs operating in some of the harshest environments
around the globe. GSNA turns your ideas into reality creating innovative and cost-effective control solutions.
GS North America is a premier provider of electro-hydraulic and electronic control systems for original equipment
manufacturers in the North and South American markets.
Our Customers Can Expect
•Unparalleled technical ability in the mobile electronic and hydraulic systems integration
•Specialized in J1939 CAN solutions for the mobile machinery market
•Standardized components utilized in custom solutions to meet all manufacturer’s needs
North America
Most CAN identifiers are defined by the standard.
SAE J1939 was designed to allow electronic devices from
different vendors to communicate with each other through a
standard architecture.
J1939 is the standard real-time network for control and
diagnostic information used on all heavy-duty and
commercial vehicles in the USA. It is one of the major CAN
high level protocols.
J1939 – Applications
Military Vehicles
Fleet Management Systems
Marine Navigation Systems
Diesel Power-Train Applications
In-Vehicle Networks for trucks and
Truck-Trailer Connections
Recreational Vehicles
And More…….
The key aspect to
IQAN software is the
ability of the Engineer
to design, and
develop systems
without the need of a
C programmer.
The ability to trouble
shoot via simulation
and real time
monitoring on the
machine is
unmatched by any
other mobile control
IQAN training provides you with the information and experience you
need to properly use all of the IQAN products in your desired
applications. This will ensure the long life of the products and the
correct setup for your application.
The IQAN system solution is one of the most versatile and easy to
implement control solutions on the market,
IQAN software
tools cover all
phases of a
machine’s life
cycle, from
production to
after sales.
North America
Day One:
8 :00am to 5:00pm
1) Basic Information
a) IQANdesign Hardware Platform
b) Introduction to IQANdesign Software
c) CAN Bus System Layout & Addressing
d) Input / Output Overview
2) Getting Started
a) Modules, CAN Bus & Addressing
b) Connecting to IQAN hardware
c) Send/Get Application files
d) Measuring & Graphing
e) Measure Groups
f) Adjust Groups
3) IQANrun
a) Login
b) Tools
c) File Operations
d) View Application
4) Diagnostic Tools
a) Measuring & Graphing
b) Logs
c) Simulation
No Programming
Day Two:
8:00am to 3:00pm
5) Application Program Basics
a) Channels & Objects
b) Function Groups
c) Messages
d) State Machines & State Parameters
e) Slope/Filter, PID, Integrating/Limiting
6) Display Pages
a) Text & Text Format
b) Languages
c) Images
d) Lamps
e) Gauges
f) Bar Graphs
g) Page Navigation
7) J1939
a) What is J1939?
b) Parameter Group In / Parameter In
c) Parameter Group Out / Parameter
d) Examples: Joystick & Switch Panel
For Additional Information or to Schedule Training; contact your Account
Manager or contact GS North America at: 1-800-261-8735
If you
North America
GSNA takes CAN controls to the next level…
with complete machine integration
Smart Switch Panel
CAN Create
And Control
SAE J1939 Protocol
Incline Sensor
Foot Pedal
CAN Bus Module
Master Controller
C A N Communication
GS North America (GSNA) provides seamless product integration. We morph our business model around our
customers needs to provide custom control and hydraulic solutions. Each customer has a unique perspective on the
value we bring, that is why we have a team dedicated to our Supply Chain Management, and successfully
integrate solutions to meet or exceed our customers targets and objectives. Some of the value added solutions we
bring immediately to our customers are: Kitting and Pre-assembly, Kanban, EDI, private labeling, bar-code, custom
paint, online order status and more.
GSNA is your source for Total Machine control, we are on the
cutting edge with today’s latest innovation and economic
competitiveness, driving growth and cost savings to our OEM
We are centrally located just 20 minutes from
Milwaukee’s Mitchell International Airport.
North America

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