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Module 1 – Introduction to Master VAR/Sales Affiliate Program
• Overview of the Master VAR Sales Affiliate process
• Partner Requirements
• Benefits of Change
Module 2- Sales Affiliate Processes
• Agreements
• Customers
• Consultant Set Up
• Zero Value Licenses
• AR Balance
• Add-Ons
Module 3 – Conclusion
• Summary
• Contact Information
Module 1
Introduction to Master
VAR/Sales Affiliate Program
The Master VAR will sign SPA
and the Master VAR addendum
Master VAR will submit the
names of their sales affiliates
Sales affiliates will be assigned as
Consultants to the identified
The Master VAR will place orders
Microsoft will deal exclusively
with the Master VAR
Master VAR
Master VAR
Sales Affiliate
Master VAR / Affiliate
contract, as stipulated
via Master Addendum.
Microsoft is not part of this.
Sales Affiliate Requirements
Terminate existing SPA relationship with Microsoft
Transfer existing SPA customers to Master VAR
Sign “Sales Affiliate” agreement with Master VAR
Provide Sales Affiliate Data profile to Microsoft via Master VAR
Ensure there are NO open invoices
Operate under the unified brand
Additional requirements as determined by Master VAR
Reduced overhead costs & increased purchasing power
Achieve economies of scale by centralizing items that can be effectively scaled
Leverage consistent branding, materials & processes, along with existing customer
Pool resources across a broader cost base & leverage the Master VAR/Affiliate
network for technical and sales resources
Retain entrepreneurial spirit & leadership while working towards a common goal
w/in the Master VAR organization
Module 2
Sales Affiliate Processes
The consultant set up will be completed by the agreements team for each Customer
that is transferred from the Sales Affiliate to the Master VAR
For the Master VAR Sales Affiliate Program, there is no need for the partner (MV) to
complete a consultant request form
When ordering a new license or placing a transition order (through Order Central),
Master VARs will have the option to add a “Consultant” to the account
If a Sales Affiliate has an AR balance with Microsoft that exceeds $2,500, then their
Sales Affiliate agreement will not be processed. However, if it is not overdue then an
exception might be made. Master VAR is to contact their PAM/OAM in such cases.
The Sales Affiliate will have to write a letter granting rights to the Master VAR. The
letter should contain the following –
“Please grant full permissions to range X – X to partner Y”
The letter once signed can be sent to customer care for processing.
Module 3
• The Master VAR will have to place all orders online
• BREP invoicing will follow standard processes
• Master VAR is the Partner of Record for all customers. Microsoft will invoice the
Master VAR & they in turn will invoice the customer for both license & services
• Sales Affiliates will have access to PartnerSource and can submit Operations
• Sales Affiliates will not be able to place orders, renew or see sales information,
invoiced orders and renewal quotes
• Sales Affiliates only see the customers they are ‘Consultants’ on (incl. Reg. Keys)
• Sales Affiliates do get access to Zero Value Licenses
Contract Teams
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Other Inquiries
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